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Boneheaded OR Where is The Punishment Book?

Some of you may be wondering what's happened to The Punishment Book and why all the old links are directing to a porn site.  There's an answer.  I made a dumb mistake and lost the original domain. 

How did I do this, you ask?

Last year I decided to move my domains from GoDaddy to another host registration because, well, there are a lot of reasons to leave GoDaddy.  Among the domains I moved was The Punishment Book (which I've had since 2005 — a long time in the world of blogs).  However, it seems somehow I only moved one of the PB domains (we had the .org and .net both) and the one I moved isn't the .org one, which was the one that was mapped.  

Following so far?

Since I generally register the blogs for two years when I do them, I wasn't even thinking about it expiring this year.  But expire it did, in January, as I found out today.  In addition, the PB has been sadly neglected of late.  Dykegirl emailed the PB authors yesterday to ask what had happened to the site.  I went and discovered the crappy porn redirect I mentioned above.  When I went to check on the domain, I discovered it had a new owner. 

A number of emails and phone calls later and what's become clear is that in January, the day the domain expired, someone else bought it.  They then kept the old domain mapping active until far after the 45 day grace period during which time I could have reclaimed the domain.  Sure they'll sell it back to me for a price — too high a price for a site that doesn't exist to make any sort of money — or s/he gets our old traffic.  I hope they choke on it.

Right now I'm working to move the content, which fortunately hasn't been lost, to the domain  The site will be there by the end of the week. The site is back! Some great people out there have already volunteered to help by changing the links on their sites and I'll be busy doing my part to make the change known.  The new link is

To everyone whose ever written a single comment on or about the PB and most of all to the other PB authors, both current and former, I'm sorry this happened. I'll make up for it the only way I know how, by writing more and encouraging others to write too.     

Loving Our Lurkers

love-our-lurkersHow do we love our Lurkers? Let me count the ways.

sparkle loves her lurkers enough to keep writing even if they keep lurking.

Zille loves you enough to search porn sites for spanking content.

Haron goes to munches to meet you.

Dyke Grrl set up and runs This Thing We Do.

Bridget shows you how she looks dressed as a scarf.

Angie shares her life, the light and the dark.

Natty and Iris come out and play whenever they can.

And me, Mija wants to know your favorite song.

Welcome to Love Our Lurkers Day 2011!  And many thanks to the amazing Bonnie for her fantastic feats of organization.


Bloody housework

Bloody housework. Did I mention that this place is huge?

So today Q asked, ‘Where is the vacuum cleaner and when was the last time you used it?’


‘That’s what I thought. Has it been used in the last two weeks?’

I looked at the floor.

‘It looks like you’re going to have something to post to the Punishment Book today, doesn’t it?’

(This always seems to happen when we’ve just been to Abel and Haron’s place.)

‘Yes, sir.’

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