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Wrong Focus?

“Am I in trouble Sir?”

“You need to stop asking that question.  I will let you know if you
are in trouble. If you are focused on that you’re focused on the wrong

Um… oh.

That was the conversation we had this morning. I’m really not even
sure how to respond to it. I have a feeling he thinks I am in a
different place than I am.  See, the reason I always ask if I am in
trouble isn’t because I focus on punishment, or that I’m trying to do
the minimum to avoid getting in trouble. I realize that part of being a
slave is failing at times and that my focus should be on serving him
the best I can rather than avoiding punishment.

So why do I ask, then? Well, because I need more processing time than he does.

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All About Bridget!

Hi there everyone! As Mija mentioned already I did indeed write this intro recently in anticipation of being added to this site. I’m pretty excited to be here, so I hope I have something of value to add! Anyway, all the relevant details are bellow. I will wait nervously for your feedback!

I’m a young woman in my early twenties. I live in the middle of the USA
with my family. My family consists of three children and three adults.
No, we don’t have grandma living with us. We have what is called a polyamorous
relationship. Both myself and the other woman are involved with the
same man. Are you scandalized? My parents are. This is an ongoing
source of drama in my life. I’m sure you will hear about it again.

Most relevant to PB readers- what we have together is a Master/slave dynamic. In this instance He is the
Master, and we are the slaves. In the most simple terms this means that
He gets to control whatever he wants and we get to, well, obey.  When
we fail at the obedience thing is when discipline comes into play. Yes,
it’s usually painful.

There are some external things that go with being a slave. We
address Him as "Sir." We sleep on the floor.  We (read I) take care of
most of the housework.  We usually don’t get to watch what we want on
TV.  Most of these things are actually more subtle than you might
expect, though, and except for there being three of us we don’t look
that different from any of those sappy 1950s TV shows.

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Introducing Bridget as Our Birthday Present

Three years ago today the first entries to the PB went up!  Woot!  And to celebrate, a present for our readers and ourselves.

It’s my pleasure to introduce a new PB writer today.  She’s both thoughtful and delightful and her name is Bridget.  I know my procrastination in getting her added has been long enough that she’s already got her introduction written so you have that delight to look forward to — if you can’t wait, the link to her blog is here.  But I’ll post a few of my own details about young Bridget just as a teaser.

Bridget is in her 20s, part of a poly family and in a Master / slave relationship.  There have been occasions where I’ve heard What It Is We Do contrasted with BDSM and specifically the M/s dynamic but from what I’ve seen we’ve got a great deal in common, specifically in the area of being held accountable to an external authority.  But anyway, I’m looking forward to Bridget’s entries here and everyone’s discussion of them.

Happy 2008 and happy birthday to us!