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Life Imitates Art

I hate writing these
entries. I really do.

Last week I was
spanked for not doing housework. Again. This is the only thing I seem to get
spanked for. Never mind that visitors often remark how clean and lovely the
place is (and I’ll say it again – it’s a huge bloody house!); it’s never clean
enough for his Lordship.

I’ve become Colette.

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Bloody housework

Bloody housework. Did I mention that this place is huge?

So today Q asked, ‘Where is the vacuum cleaner and when was the last time you used it?’


‘That’s what I thought. Has it been used in the last two weeks?’

I looked at the floor.

‘It looks like you’re going to have something to post to the Punishment Book today, doesn’t it?’

(This always seems to happen when we’ve just been to Abel and Haron’s place.)

‘Yes, sir.’

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Little again

I haven’t felt really little in ages. RL punishment just hasn’t been a part of our relationship for a long time. But I think that’s changing. It’s weird how something so gentle and loving can regress me so much in age.

It’s my job to clean the house. That’s fair enough. And Q is usually pretty understanding. It’s a big house, after all, and at least he’s not a neat freak. But it’s nice to sweep the dead things out of the corners once in a while. The kitchen is the only area he comes down on me about. He says it’s a hygiene issue. Hygiene, shmygiene. I’m not that fussed, to be honest. I mean, I don’t understand why the floor needs to be clean enough to eat off it. Even if it IS that clean, I’m not eating off it. And anything that gets dropped on it goes straight in the bin. **sigh**

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Yes, well…

I hadn’t been punished for anything RL in ages. But about 2 weeks ago Q saw the state of my fingers after some nervous nibbling and threatened me with the ultimate sanction: strapping my hands. Instead, he was lenient and only (Only!) paddled me. Then he told me to post an account of it on the Punishment Book. Well, if you never saw that post it’s because I never made it. 🙁

And so… we had dinner with Haron and Abel last night and Abel was cheerfully talking about how certain punishments in their house were enhanced by Haron’s having to report them here. Which of course prompted Q’s memory.

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The Girl Behind the Masks

My contributions to this site have thus far been rather sparse. For that I apologise, but I haven’t had anything specific to write about. However, Mija’s post, ‘So, Does It Work?’ has got me thinking. (Especially since I’m writing this instead of the story whose deadline is just around the corner!) Mija, I couldn’t agree more with your answers ‘Yes, no, sometimes and it depends’ in response to the question about whether RL discipline works.

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Blurring the Lines

I always thought RL discipline was such a hot idea and I fantasised about it being a part of my life. Then I experienced it. And of course reality can’t compete with fantasy. At various times I’ve felt absolved, conflicted, ambivalent, resentful and turned on by RL discipline. I’ve never quite been able to reconcile my feelings about it. Then Mija invited me to join this blog. At first I declined because RL discipline hasn’t really been a part of my life lately. I mentioned this to my partner. He raised his eyebrows and said, ‘Oh? Isn’t it?’ Well, fair enough.

We’re basically roleplayers. Obsessive roleplayers. We have a stable of different personae, some recurring, some one-offs. Which brings me to a favourite phrase: blurring the lines. One of the ways we’ve circumvented my resentment of RL punishment in the past is through roleplay. By way of introduction I’ll share one of those stories.

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