Demon Torrents

[My dad is currently out of town for a week.  The plan was that I’d be spanked each night.  Nice spankings though.  Except, well, I got in the way of that lovely plan.]

criminal-mindsAs Paul reported in a not-at-all cryptic comment on Twitter:

Not meant as ooo-look-at-us, but @eltercerojo went to bed genuinely scolded and spanked tonight. Both real and surprisingly resonant.

That’s the short version.  All of it is true.  This is going to be the longer story, one maybe that will keep something like it from happening again anytime soon.  As I’ve reported repeatedly in the past, most of my being in trouble and punishments happen not because of anything willful, but because I either don’t think things through or am not paying attention to what I’m doing.

So what happened?

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I did a final check on my computer before letting it go to sleep for the night.  Paul noticed what it was busy doing and asked me what I was downloading.

“Criminal Minds” said I.  My mother recently got me hooked on the show, which I’d never seen.  It combines two of my favorite things — the police procedural and serial killers.  As is the case with me when I find something I like, I’ve become obsessed with the show, recording the new episodes and the ION and A&E reruns on our DVR, watching them as fast as I can.  Definitely enjoying each episode.  Except for one thing — the reruns aren’t being broadcast in the original order, at least not exactly.  Thus I’m only able to get a rough idea of the series arching plot lines.  So Wednesday I decided to somehow download the episodes onto my computer so I could watch them in order.  I was so focused on my desire to collect these episodes that the lack legality / ethics of what I was doing never crossed my mind.

I know.  What an idiot.

The legal issues did not escape Paul who at first thought I was joking. He doesn’t like Criminal Minds anyway and has been patiently exasperated with my obsessive viewing.  So blinded was I with what I wanted, I didn’t get why he was cross and scolding at first.  I thought he was just annoyed I was going to be watching even more.  My first hint was when he said:

“You’re doing this from my account?  The one with my name on it?”

Oh yes. Oh no.

It’s not often that Paul scolds me.  Last night he really did.  I tried to justify myself at first, but then like a flash of light I realized how wrong and careless I was being.  And not even using my own accounts, but using Paul’s.  What had I been thinking?  Not very much was the answer to that.

He told me to finish getting ready for bed (brushing teeth, washing face, taking meds) and then to go stand in the corner.

“Which corner?” I asked, kind of stalling.

“You know which corner.” His no nonsense tone made my stomach flip-flop.  Still, even while I stood there for however long it was, even when he took me by the ear and pulled me to the bedroom, I imagined he’d use his hand.  After all, that was what we’d talked about earlier.  A long hard one maybe, but a hand spanking.

Except the heavy ebony hairbrush was on the nightstand next to the bed.  This was serious.

I immediately went from feeling sorry for what I’d done to being worried about what was about to happen.

Paul sat on the edge of the bed and put me over his leg.  On the one hand this position is easier to hold than being over his lap on a chair.  On the other hand, he can pin my arms and legs easily.  I’ve never managed to escape or even effectively block smacks. I went over his leg and buried my face in the comforter.

My pajamas were tugged down.  A hand spanking started hard over my panties, followed by an even harder hairbrushing.  Adding to my intense discomfort was the fact I could hear our new neighbors upstairs.  Were they hearing my spanking?  I struggled to stay quiet and block the brush, only to have it move to my thighs until my hands were again pinned. Paul pulled my panties down and continued, this time on my bare bottom.  I forgot about the upstairs neighbors and screamed into the pillow.

“I’m really sorry.”  And I was too.

“I know” and the spanking continued.  There was nothing more I could do or say — my tears began in earnest and I stopped trying to escape.

He finished with some hard final smacks with the brush as I cried and struggled to stay still.

And then it was over.  We hugged and I curled up against his chest, sulking a bit. Not because the punishment was unfair or undeserved. But because it happened at all. Yet as I think about it today, I can’t help but imagine what would have happened without it.  Paul’s resentment of my thoughtlessness.  My guilt coupled with the resentment feeling guilty creates.  The hours or even days it might have taken for life to be back in balance.

I hate stories about spanking that end in feeling of gratitude.  But I am grateful. Not to Paul, who enjoyed last night, but for this scene that exists between us as both play and reality.  It’s not at all a bad life.

(And even though I offered, he said I didn’t need to delete the CM episodes.)

8 thoughts on “Demon Torrents

  1. Zille Defeu

    Sorry you messed up with thoughtless torrenting, but so glad you and Paul have this way to make things right, and had the chance to use it!
    Love this post — which is WAY better than mine! [sticks tongue out at you]

  2. Playtoyspuppy

    I could relate to alot of what you wrote in this post. My punishments arent from out and out defying Mistress but from having a brain fart and forgetting my place. I hate being pusnished but I feel happy afterwards because its all over so Mistress and I can go on with a clean slate.
    Im also a huge fan of criminal minds…I watch it on “tudou”. How I access them is google criminal minds full episodes..then I click the video option…then click the “longer than 20 minutes” option…then click the “” option. It lists them in random order but each one states what season and episode it is from.
    I hope that helps 🙂

  3. Natty

    Yet another lovely account of the wonderful, if painful, interaction between you and Paul. What I always enjoy so much — and perhaps something only other punishment kinksters appreciate — is the depth of caring you both have for each other. It always leaves me with such a warm fuzzy feeling at the end – an authentic one rather than the sappy ones that are so prevalent these days.
    As I’ve reported repeatedly in the past, most of my being in trouble and punishments happen not because of anything willful, but because I either don’t think things through or am not paying attention to what I’m doing. .
    I always used to think this was something I shared – a sort of unfortunate naughtiness. However after dealing with my misdeeds last week, I’m beginning to realize I’m far more willful than I thought I was.
    Who knows? I might even write a post in response if I’m awake long enough. 😉
    Thanks again for a great read.

  4. Kaelah

    Mija, thank you for sharing this account! 🙂 I quoted some parts of it in my new post about trust because real-life punishments are something that is difficult for me to understand but your account reminded me that no matter how different our kinks are, one thing that is a basic ingredient for any kind of spanking is trust between the people involved. Hope it is okay for you that I used your account as an example!

  5. Aslyn

    Just for future reference, instead of illegally downloading, you could try streaming the videos online – I’m a big Criminal Minds fan myself, so I always watch the new episodes on Sidereel whenever they’re on (usually get broadcast on a Wednesday night in the US, so I see them Thursday morning here in the UK). Might save you getting spanked again in the future…
    Glad to see that Paul’s keeping you on the straight and narrow with regards to this issue, though! A lot of people are getting sued over torrenting, so it’s not something you want a piece of.

  6. Hester

    What’s so completely retarded, is that all he had to do was say, “don’t do that, it’s illegal”. Has he never done anything without thinking or without realizing it wasn’t smart? I’m sure he has.
    If he loved you, he’d care, not beat.

  7. Jen

    This reminds me of something that happened the last time G. was here. We were at my apartment, and on the way to his hotel where he was staying, he told me I was going to be punished when we got there. I had NO idea why, and no matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with anything. When he told me why, after I had given up trying to guess, I was floored. I live with my mom, (which is why the hotel LOL), and being stressed about G. coming in, I had gone off on her about something stupid just before we left for the hotel. I had done it without thinking, which was why I had no idea why I was about to be spanked. Once he told me, I understood why, but that doing without thinking thing is usually what gets me in trouble.


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