The convenient kink

When I first explained my punishment kink to my godfather (I have an, um, unique relationship with my godfather as I explain in this post), the first words out his lips were, "what a convenient kink!"

As this article in the New Yorker demonstrates, people do all sorts of stuff to help with their procrastination issues. It reminded me that it is a rare person indeed who needs no assistance with self-discipline.

We, of course, include hairbrushes and canes, in addition to software, to limit our time on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “The convenient kink

  1. dykegrrl

    What struck me (naturally) was the discussion of the different “selves” that contribute to procrastination. It makes me wonder whether there *would* be a way for self-punishment to work when external discipline is unavailable (self-punishment as in topping yourself, not as in castigating yourself for failure).

  2. Natty

    Yes, I found that part interesting too! What I find for me is that I’m good at scolding Natty (and yes, berating/castigating too) from a sort of Nanny Bea perspective. Actual punishment, however, is another matter. I might be able to manage it once, but not maintain it with any consistency.


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