…But What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Dear Readers,
Please be patient with me as I hash out one of the age old questions of kinky people: What is the purpose of punishment? I am sure you've all seen articles and opinion pieces about this before, but I'm not asking it in general. I'm asking it for myself. Why do Master and I include punishment in our relationship?

Well, the obvious answer is because it's my kink. I've known from the time I was old enough to think about these things that I was oddly interested in punishment, especially spanking. When I went searching for someone to fulfill that fantasy with as an adult, I bumped into Master. Of course, I was not really looking for a Master/ slave relationship. I really just wanted someone to spank me. The fact that we were discussing my submissive mindset was a totally separate thing for me. It still sent shivers down my spine, though, the first time Master told me, "If I am not available to ask, and you use the tools available to you to do what you think I would want, you won't be in trouble." Woah. You mean, I *could* be in trouble? Yeah. Serious shivers.

Fast forward six years and I can tell you a few things about this kink of mine – 1. I'm not a masochist, and apparently needing to be spanked doesn't make me one. 2. I would do almost anything to avoid being punished at any given time. I will do everything in my power to argue my way out of it, because I am very afraid of the reality of punishment when it approaches. 3. I am still insanely turned on by the whole thing. That sure is a predicament.

We've gone through some ups and downs with the punishment thing. At
the beginning of our relationship it was a somewhat frequent occurrence
to find me bent over for the belt.  In a way I think of this as the
honeymoon period. Although I wasn't trying to get in trouble, I was
still learning Master's expectations and I fell short fairly often.  The
power that getting my needs met and the reality of being punished held
over me was enough to overshadow any issues, though I was always afraid
of the pain. I never argued about being in trouble,  I just trembled and

Over time, this shifted. I stopped being punished with any sort of
regularity because mostly I did what was expected of me, and Master
isn't one to nit pick every little thing.  We fell into a space where
the status quo was that I would not be punished. CC was also very rarely
punished for anything.  Yet, I felt a twinge of sadness, maybe a bit of
jealousy, when he would punish a new girl he was seeing. I would wonder
if he just didn't care enough to correct me anymore.

On the other hand, if I ever did get into trouble for something I
would buck against it and feel frustrated much of the time. I'd be upset
with Master for not seeing that such and such a transgression was
mitigated by x y and z. I often felt very put upon when it came down to
it. I think perhaps I was overwhelmed with all the hats I was wearing,
but either way I didn't like to hear I'd failed.

To Master's credit he never let me off the hook once he told me I was
to be punished, but I think I encouraged him not to make an issue of
something unless he wanted to fight about it. And, who wants to fight
with a grown woman about something she claims to need? The result was
that he eventually he chose the path of least resistance. We'd discuss
it once in a while, and I would be sad, but it was extremely rare for
anything to come of it. On the rare occasions that he did decide to push
something, I ended up feeling very angry, and that he only punished me
to let off steam etc. It was a very viscous cycle.  And, life was so
busy we didn't really have time to fix it.  We would talk about fixing
"our dynamic" but really, we just kept on with the status quo.

Then, CC left. I know I've written the following paragraphs in various
ways on this blog and my own, but it's still very much a part of my
reality and I'm still working through it. Thanks for your patience as I
repeat variations of it again and again.

One thing that is arguably better now is that we
suddenly had a lot of time to focus on each other and our relationship.
We only have the kids 50% of the time now, and Master is currently not
involved in any other serious relationships.  And, as a result of the
breakdown of his relationship with CC Master and I are both quite
focused on figuring out what works for us, and making sure we are on

The major down side to CC leaving is that we both feel tremendous
loss and grief.  We are both dealing with the grief process in our own
way, and unfortunately our cycles don't always match up, which has led
to some interesting fireworks over the last year and a half.  The
combination the anger I already felt about our punishment dynamic united
with the anger I feel over losing CC and the life we had led me to a
point where not only was punishment risky, but all bdsm play became a
potential trigger.

During one conversation Master told me he felt punishment was no
longer productive for me, and he didn't want to do it anymore.  He
pointed out that I don't really like pain and do all that I can to avoid
it. He also pointed out that I am extremely angry any time he tries to
punish me. He was right.  It was broken.  It didn't work anymore.

I wondered if our own relationship was ending. I wondered if I was in
fact vanilla. I wondered so many things, but mostly I was devastated
and sad about the loss of this dynamic that meant so much to me. I just
couldn't let go of it, and spent long hours on the issue. Finally I
decided that this is definitely something I need in my life, and I told
Master so. I told him that I do need to be corrected, even if it makes
me angry. I am continually thankful that he heard me, and was open to
pushing through this with me.

We tread carefully now. Things aren't the same as they were in that
honeymoon period, but somewhere deep inside me a light switch has been
flipped. I can allow myself to accept correction, and Master is willing
to provide it.  We've done some things to let the pressure off.  Master
no longer feels he has to make a big "production" out of things. More
often than not if I've gone off course a quick spanking over his knee is
all it takes.  I know his belt and other implements are available if
it's something he sees as warranted, but usually he doesn't.

I'm not so angry anymore. I can't claim that I won't ever be triggered
again. Fear, anger, sadness, all of it finds it's way out eventually.
But, for the first time in over two years I can say, "Master punished
me, and it worked." I can't claim that I'm on the other side of my
personal mountain. But I think maybe I've found the path again.

6 thoughts on “…But What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  1. Mija

    I liked this entry a lot, Bridget. Felt like I understood it too, even though my resistance is a little different. I think what touched me most was the want, not want and the idea of acceptance as a feeling.
    As we’ve talked about before, I don’t want to be punished, but it’s an important component in my attraction to Paul that he is the one who can punish me, even if (or maybe especially if) it doesn’t really happen very often.
    Anyway, not sure I’m being clear at all, but I really liked this and related to it in a lot of ways. It made me feel happy for you both.

  2. dykegrrl

    This really resonates for me, too. My issues with W are different, but there’s some similarity in the dynamic. We’ve been on a sort of hiatus for the past few months, and a lot of it has to do with the kind of shift you’re describing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bridget

    Thanks guys, it’s nice to know I’m not alone! Sometimes I feel like I’m the weirdest kinky person in the world!
    In other news, I just found out I’m in trouble for something that makes me scratch my head a bit, so we will soon see how it works out.

  4. Pandora

    This really resonated with me. “Punishment” isn’t a core of my D/s in the same way as it is with other people – I’m fundamentally a good girl, and enjoy play for its own sake, or to please my Dom, far more fulfilling. But despite that difference, I feel like I’ve gone through similar journeys in both my relationships. I especially identify with the pride and anger you describe. I’m still working through that in myself. It’s such a weird, contradictory place to be in, where you know what you need but resist it anyway.
    I’m really glad that you’ve found your path out of the woods. (Or is that back into the woods?) Thankyou for being so honest in sharing your story with us, it made for very thoughtful reading.

  5. Claudia

    with interest I have read many contributions here. DD is surely important and helps the continuance of the partnership. I think only that the corporal punishment not always is the right way. Certainly a box on the ears shakes awake. I find, however, better to begin with the cause of the mistake. Why is excessive vanity not punished with it to have to go to the job without make up and unstylish? Why do not punish cheeky speech by mouthsoaping?
    Greetings from

  6. sixofthebest

    The purpose of giving a naughty lady a punishment spanking is because it might be a deterant not to err in that naughty way again. Besides, I have always believed that when a bride say’s “I do” at the altar on her wedding day, her bridegroom has the right to take up her wedding dress, pull down her silk panties, and spank her blushing bare bottom bright red.


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