Monthly Archives: January 2010


I've had this plan for a while now to write about topics other than
specific punishments. There are a lot of things that float around in my
head and some day I will have some spare time and be able to actually
sit down and write about some of them. I was just thinking this week
that I needed to make time to write a post for the PB.

From now on I am not going to allow myself to think this thought. It clearly jinxed me. I fear this will be especially long winded story telling, but the back story really does lead up to the conclusion.

My old nemesis has returned, and it's name is toilet paper. Yeah, really. Running out of TP is Master's biggest pet peeve and it's gotten me into trouble in the past. In fact, it is the only offense I can ever recall being punished for more than once. Two nights ago mark the third time I've been punished for it.

This was especially hard for me because there was a guest in attendance. Master is dating someone right now. They've been seeing each other since October.  We'll call her J. She is wonderful and I hope to
see great things from this relationship. However, last night her
presence worked against me because she used the last of the toilet
paper in the main bathroom and there was no spare under the sink.  Her
natural response was to come out and say, "I am going to steal toilet
paper from the other bathroom." Master's natural response was to give
me the look of death.

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