Welcoming Zille: Changes to the PB

1-to-9A quick look at the right sidebar will tell you the basics — we’ve added another author to the PB — something not done often or lightly.  This puts our number at nine, which the science (and here I use the word science quite wrongly) of numerology says represents the beginning and end of all human experience.

Great, so no pressure on the new girl.

Who is this new author?

::drum roll::

It’s Zille Defeu.  (Zille is pronounced as rhyming with “Jill” — not “silly” or “file”.)

Zille has her own website and blog with a lovely “about” page in case you want to get ahead of things.  She will, no doubt, be introducing herself in the coming days.

Several of us have gotten to know her over the past year and then discovered that, of course, we have mutual friends.  In my case, I started reading Zille’s Twitter feed at about the same time she started reading mine.  Tweets turned to emails and some phone calls before we met at Shadow Lane this past September and ended up talking about life, the universe and spanking.

There’s a lot I like about Zille and what she brings to the scene and ‘net.  I want to go into some detail here, but keep deleting everything I put down because I don’t want to force her hand in what she writes about or when she writes.  I’ll stick with teasing — there’s a lot she can say here and I’m excited just thinking about her saying it.   When will be up to her.  So stay tuned.

Most importantly though, welcome Zille.  Nine is a great number and we’re very glad to have you here.

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

4 thoughts on “Welcoming Zille: Changes to the PB

  1. Zille Defeu

    Oh, goodness! I’m totally bowled over by this wonderful introduction! Any time I’m ever feeling bad, I’ll just come read this to cheer up!
    And, heh, yeah Mija, no pressure at *all*!
    But I’m delighted to be Lucky Number Nine, and will get right on contributing to this lovely blog! 😀

  2. Bridget

    Welcome Zille! I can’t wait to see what you have to say here. I for one have enjoyed getting to know you since the Shadow Lane party and I feel a great deal of excitement about having you here with us!
    Now I just have to hold my breath and wait for your first post!


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