Love Our Lurkers IV

keyholeBeloved and community minded Bonnie, over at My Bottom Smarts gives us a chance each year to remember we’re not talking to ourselves — that you’re here reading too. And we all know that for every comment to the blog, there are hundreds of visitors who don’t comment. We know you’re there and it’s always good to know there are readers, whether you choose to comment or not.  Yet it’s so much more fun to write for a blog where there’s lively discussion.

I know this blog has been quiet lately. This is partly due to many of us blogging elsewhere (see the list of our other blogs over to the right). It’s also due to the PB blog having become less of a place to discuss the idea of punishment in a relationships and more of a place to record actual punishments received.  (Believe it or not, that we’d record our punishments here never occurred to me when we were first building the blog.)  Since most of us aren’t punished very often, there ends up being long gaps between entries. Add to that my neglect in not realizing sooner that postings here were tapering off.

And yet you’re still reading here — even when the PB goes weeks and even months without new entries, our stats tell us that hundreds of people visit every day. So this is what I want to ask of you today — keeping in mind the style of the blog (that is, this isn’t going to suddenly become a place full of pictures of spanked bottoms, lovely though they might be and that we can’t write about punishments that aren’t happening — give us some thoughts about what you’d like to find when you come here. What discussions would be useful or interesting?

Thank you in advance for your ideas. And as always, thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers IV

  1. Indy

    OK, so I’m not exactly a lurker, but I thought I’d chime in to answer your question. The truth is, I started reading this blog long before I delurked anywhere, and I loved not *because* you all posted about punishments, but kind of in spite of that. Though I later became more relaxed about finding some of those descriptions hot, the main reason I read PB is because of the incredibly interesting group of women who write for it. The quality of the writing and the thoughtfulness of the discussions that occasionally appear around the posts are quite wonderful. I guess I’m saying that I don’t really care so much what you write about as long as you write!

  2. Season

    I have been a reader here for years and this was the first blog I read on a regular basis. Before that I was fond of The Treehouse and all of Mija and Pablo’s stories as well as those of Molly B. I think that any aspect of TTWD that the wonderful group of women here would like to write about would be wonderful to read.

  3. Cara

    Thought I would wave hello and say Thank you for a very interesting and intriguing site to visit once in a while. I like the variety of perspectives found here and I appreciate you for sharing them.

  4. Mija

    Thank you all!
    I’m really fortunate to be able to have this project going with such good friends. As you can see (well, unless you’re using a feedreader) its look and structure are evolving. Hearing from you is definitely inspiring me to work on it.
    Please feel free to write to the blog (just hit the stamp) if you have any suggestions or questions you’d like us to take a stab at.

  5. Kiva

    Glad to see some activity here. Have to say though, the new format is difficult to read and hurts my eyes. Print on left is too small, and the alternating colours make it hard to read also.
    Love it here though.

  6. Mija

    Thank you for the feedback Kiva. I’m always worried (because I work on a rather small MacBook) that I’m using font sizes that are too big. I’ve got more room to work with in the sidebars now so I’ll make the fonts bigger.
    I’ll also look into the color issue — visually more pleasing should not equal harder to read!

  7. s

    “we can’t write about punishments that aren’t happening”
    Well, one of you could be the “whipping girl” each month, who could get an exemplary punishment from her partner, write about it and then nominate next month’s vcitim;-)

  8. Al

    S is clearly thinking this thing through.
    Honestly though, I like most of your posts, and I miss it when none of you updates (here or your blogs) for a while. This is my main source as far as links to the portions of the internet dedicated to TTW(or, mostly, Y, because I am far too embarrassed to give my s.o. any more of a clue as to my interests than I already have)D, mostly because you seem to have sifted out all the junk I don’t want that turns up when I use a search engine and I’m left with intelligent discussion by people who have clearly given this issue some *thought* and yet still come back again and again.
    Mostly I like the idea that I’m not a horrible excuse for a feminist just because this thing turns me on, and reading your posts lets me know that I’m not completely alone in struggling with my thoughts about it or in actually *having* those things.
    Though, from a gal who isn’t going to be living the lifestyle any time soon, I wouldn’t mind a little more vicarious punishment – current or past, real or imagined, serious or silly. A girl has to have something to dream about, and some of you don’t update your fiction blogs nearly enough to keep my overactive mind occupied.


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