Rules of the Lashes

A. finds the darnedest things while websurfing. Like this list of rules from a nineteenth-century American school — along with the number of lashes delivered should the rule be broken — in a manifesto about what’s wrong with public education. “We’re going to play a game,” he said when he first told me about the table below. “You’ll have to memorize each of the rules and number of lashes. And if you get the number of lashes wrong, you will, of course, receive that number of lashes.”

He’s not kidding either. Once he gets here next week, he’s planning a session with these rules, a cane, and me in my school uniform. I can’t wait.

Except I don’t know which will part of me will win out — the Lisa Simpson in me or my spankophilia. Indeed that’s always my problem when playing a schoolgirl: I can never decide if I want the “A” more or the spanking. However A. assured me this afternoon that there are always plenty of spankings for being a smarty-pants.

I wonder how many lashes Wm A. Chaffin would ascribe to that misdemeanor? 


Rules of the Stokes County School, November 10, 1848
Wm A. Chaffin, Master (click on the table to see it in full)

I think the biggest shocker in this list was the penalty for playing cards. I mean, why the hell is playing cards worse than betting in any other form?

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7 thoughts on “Rules of the Lashes

  1. Mija

    Thank you so much for posting this Natty. It’s wonderful.
    As to your quandary, if it were me I could try all I wanted to be as perfect as I could and my carelessness would still make for plenty of lashes. I find they sting all the more when I earn them so unwittingly.

  2. Natty

    You’re most welcome, Mija dear.
    Yes, I suspect that my short-term memory will probably get me whacked at some point. Though it’s so arbitrary, particularly when it comes to completely trivial bits of information. Usually I can remember the trivia. It’s all the little things I need to do before getting into the bathtub I can’t remember (i.e. take my clothes off and headband out, put my earplugs in, get a washcloth, etc.).
    But A. always says that clever girls particularly need to be spanked, so that there’s that. Though since we switch, maybe we’ll do it so that if I get them all right, he gets spanked. ;-P

  3. Gretab

    Okay, I’ve done a lot of histiorical reading and I’m still not sure what “time of books” would mean. Is that their reading period, do you think?
    Also, why do the boys get less strokes for going to the girls play places (3) than the girls would get if they go to the boys’ play places (4)? Something isn’t fair here!

  4. Ally

    Why is quarreling at school only 3 lashes (compared to regular quarreling, which is 4) when fighting at school is 5 (as compared to regular fighting, again at 4)? I’m so lost as to the logic here. I don’t know whether that would make it easier or harder to memorize… either way, with a list that long, I could count on an interesting game no matter how hard I tried.


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