A bedtime vignette

Well, one of us had to break the silence, and I thought I'd do it with a short little disciplinary vignette.

It was very late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, and I was reading through my email. 

"Time for bed." A. sat next to me on the bed with his tray of tobacco and cigarette papers.

"I know." I nodded and continued reading my email.

Bedtimes hadn't been enforced as much during the preceding days because I had been sleeping even more than my usual 12-14 hours. It's hard to go to bed at midnight when you just got up seven hours earlier.

A. finished rolling his fag and went out to smoke. I sat on the bed skimming quickly through my email as I wanted to try and get it all read before going to sleep.

When A. returned from smoking, I still had two or three more emails in my inbox and was riffling madly through them.

"Bedtime for you, lady," he said as he took his coat off.

"Yes, Sir," I replied even as I continued scanning an email about ME/CFS research.

"Off," he ordered, pointing to the laptop. "Computer off."

I looked up and, upon seeing the stony determination in his eyes, quickly hit "Turn off computer" with a feeling of giddy impishness mixed with gratitude.

"I like it when you're strict," I said with that same mixture of mischievousness and appreciation as my laptop went through the shut-down process.

A. grinned.

"Right. Into bed. On your tummy."

That last clause made me let out a bit of a gasp. And then a pout.

"But you already spanked me tonight," I sulked as A. grabbed the wooden ruler. Not that it made any difference. He took my pajama bottoms and panties down anyway and delivered twenty-four strokes to my backside.

It was just stingy enough to make me think twice about ignoring A.'s bedtime admonitions.

For those 700 or so of you who only saw the first sentence of this post when you first read it, you can now imagine how that happened: I started to write the post, A. told me to go to bed, I abruptly hit "save" without even thinking to click "draft" under publish status and closed my laptop right away. So, you know, I did learn my lesson from the other night…Sorta.

6 thoughts on “A bedtime vignette

  1. Iris

    Hooray for posting something and breaking the ice, Natty!
    A very sweet story, with just the right touch of strictness from A. Thank you.

  2. Stoltz Sinatra

    Never good to not follow orders, but sometimes it becomes an enjoyable naughtyness to both. Then if the punishment has the addition of a public embarassement by clicking save instead of saving a draft – Then it is even better 🙂


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