Refreshing naughtiness

I was bad yesterday, and it felt really good.

Even after I was punished for it, and even after I assured Abel how sorry I was, I still remember how good it felt to be nonchalantly naughty.

The story is simple (Abel has told it in more detail here): we were at a church wedding, and I fancied a mint.

I had no mint, but there was a pack of gum in my bag. When I reached to get some (this was, I must underline, after the solemn part was over, and the newlyweds were having pictures taken with the registry tome), Abel asked what I was doing.

I really wanted to tell him that it was none of his business what I was
doing every second of my waking day. But that would have been rude and
hurtful, so I just told him I wanted some gum.

"Don’t you dare," he hissed.

Now this here was enough reason in itself for me to reach for the gum
immediately. I felt a little tingling thrill of naughtiness going
through my heart. Abel can be very prim in a uptight English way. Most
of the time I like to take tips from him about things that are done or
not done in polite society (nobody likes to be a rude foreign type!),
but we’d already discussed the issue of chewing gum in church, and I’ve
privately decided that this was the sort of hang-up I wasn’t going to
copy from him.

I proceeded to get my gum, while he spluttered and threatened me with disastrous consequences.

I decided that it wasn’t my day for being told what to do.

The gum was really good and refreshing.

By the time bedtime came, I’d forgotten all about it; but Abel informed
me, just as I headed off to clean my teeth, that he was going to deal
with the incident just then. I cringed a little bit, and wondered if it
had been worth it after all. It was now too late, though.

I walked into the bedroom, and saw that he laid out a tawse in
preparation for the event: it isn’t the most severe implement, but it’s
got a healthy sting. To minimise the lecturing, I got into a comfy
position face-down on the bed, and waited, reading a book in the

Abel, as usual, wanted to know what I’d been thinking when I
deliberately disobeyed him earlier. I could have gone for the pitiful
version, like ‘my mouth was really dry, I was dying for a mint, it was
an emergency!’ It was sort of true, too: I really needed that gum…
But I decided to tell the truth: that I simply felt like being a little
bit naughty. Even though this magically grew my punishment from six
strokes to twelve, it felt better to let Abel know what was going on in
my head.

He swung the tawse quite hard, and I struggled not to make a fuss, but
it was one of the quicker punishments I’ve had. I told him I was sorry,
and at the time I was. Well, maybe almost sorry. Sorry that he has
never learned to enjoy gum, I guess.

I could have been sorrier for not being sorry (if that makes sense) if
I hadn’t subsequently find out that Abel’s mind during the punishment
was on placing all twelve strokes across the same strip of flesh on my
bottom. Seriously, he was having target practice. What did he think
this was, the Olympics?

Anyway, it feels refreshing to have walked into a punishment with my
eyes open, and to have dealt with it so quickly and fairly. Given the
time we spend apart, it’s actually quite unusual to have something over
with the same evening. I think, I like that.

I don’t think I’ll feel the need to be naughty again any time soon. Not
because the tawse hurt so much (although it did), but because I’ve been
there now, and paid for it, and can now go back to being mostly good.
(Yes, Abel, good. Stop laughing. Now.)

14 thoughts on “Refreshing naughtiness

  1. Em

    Hi Haron,
    Thanks for sharing. I’m quite envious of your getting the whole thing over with in such a timely fashion. Due to current circumstances I often have my punishments hanging over my head for months which is really quite unpleasant. I certainly know what you mean about feeling sorry that you don’t feel sorrier. One of the by-products of not getting spanked for something until months and months afterward is that for the most part I’ve already sorted it out in my head and moved past it; thus I have a difficult time being suitably contrite.

  2. K

    What a delightful tale. I just love that sort of naughtiness. Lucky for me I don’t get punishment spankings for it, only sexy naughty spankings. Hubby likes my naughty side… usually. O:)

  3. Indiana

    I agree with you about not encouraging that sort of excess primness. I’m not much of a gum-chewer anymore, but I were ever to find myself in church with Abel, I’d have to get back into the habit. At least temporarily.

  4. sparkle

    Hi Haron,
    I think it’s important (emotionally) to be naughty once in awhile. We actually have a couple of rules that I think were put in place just so that I could break them when I am feeling rebellious.
    I’m glad it was the tawse and not a terrible hairbrush or other wooden nonsense.

  5. Haron

    Well, Abel doesn’t like hairbrushes, so I was pretty safe there. I think he likes them even less than I do.
    There’s an argument that neither side of a punishment spanking should be enjoying themselves, so the top should stretch beyond the implements he’ll normally choose, but I’m just *not* going there.

  6. Megs

    I’ve heard that argument too, and I don’t agree at all. My fiance and I are both kinky but I’m the only one with a punishment kink. So if he didn’t ENJOY punishing me at least a little bit, I’d have to feel guilty for being punished as well as whatever I was being punished for. In our case I really don’t think that would last very long.

  7. sparkle

    Haron, I don’t subscribe to that idea either. If I’m the one in trouble for messing up, then why should he have to suffer or sacrifice his own preferences? If I’m going to put him through my guilt, regret, emotional pathos, etc. then at least he ought to take some solace from the physical, er, chastisement. (And, at least for Chris, he actually enjoys the hairbrush while I hate it, so punishment is one of the few instances in which he does get to indulge in it without feeling much sympathy for my pain.)
    Now, to an extent I can see the logic in the argument you mentioned. After all, if the spanker enjoys punishing, he might find/exaggerate reasons to do it. But that’s sadism and not discipline, at least to me.

  8. Suzanne

    Hi Haron,
    I loved your post. Just wanted to share that in our home I would have received a punishment spanking not for the gum chewing or whatever but because I directly disobeyed him. He considers that “bratting”, a definite no no here.

  9. Danielle

    I just HAD to chuckle the whole way through this one. Sometimes you just get that itch, and it’s almost as if the “don’t you dare” is really a “dare ya, go ahead” instead! I probably would have done the same thing. Sometimes those little instances of deliberate disobedience are necessary reminders of…what?…just how much this lifestyle makes us thrive. Anyway, thanks for the giggle!

  10. Alex Birch

    Hi Haron, while I admire your spirit of independence, I do have to say I admire even more Abel’s attempts to maintain STANDARDS (I cannot emphasise that too much) in the true English tradition. Chewing gum at a wedding indeed!! Good Lord! And as for arguing about it!!
    I think the application of the tawse was probably appropriate and I trust you have learned the error of your ways!! (Peering into the heavens at this point for signs of flying pigs)
    Alex xx

  11. Stoltz Sinatra

    This made me laugh, but it is also so true when I look at my own relationship. Having a disobediant submissive gives this Master a reason to live and continue his cause to correct her – And to be honest about it; He enjoys every second when his sub is being disobediant. It is a natural dynamic in a relationship with BDSM into it.
    Keep up the naughtyness – But don’t tell Able that I told you that 🙂


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