Tomorrow afternoon I leave work early and head to the Shadowlane Pary
in Vegas for the weekend. I’m going to be dressed in my new English
school uniform. This means I get to go through airport security, the
trip to Vegas, and the cab ride to the hotel dressed as a school girl.
Am I embarrassed? Hmm a bit. How did this come about? Well, let me tell

On Tuesday evening I received a package from my good friends Pablo and Mija.
They warned me it was coming,but Mija said she was sworn to secrecy
regarding the contents. I inititally suspected it was something
horrible to beat me with, but Mija said it was not. I was rather hoping
for a stuffed animal to befriend the bear they bought me last year, but
I never suspected it would be a school uniform(though anyone who reads
Mija’s writing is probably laughing right now because it is something
one should expect from her household).

So, when I arrived home Tuesday evening, Master told me I had a
package. I love getting packages. I really am like a child about this.
I tore into it gleefully and reached in to see what they had sent me.
What I pulled out was a large squishy envelope, which opened to reveal
a black gymslip. I immediately started laughing, while Master
said,”What is that?” This is one way you can tell that Master doesn’t
have a school girl fetish, or at least, not an authenticity fetish.
Included in the package was the entire uniform, from the shirt and tie
to the knee socks and gym shoes. Also included was a letter detailing
every item and instructions to wear it for traveling(It did have a note
indicating that if Master didn’t want me to wear it I didn’t have to,
but when has he ever let me off the hook?).

Anyway, I tried everything on. It’s all high quality stuff,and Mija
assures me that all of it is intended for current school children
attending real schools. I have to admit I find that incredibly hot.
Real uniforms are so much better than costumes. I also love the fact
that it actually fits modestly. Sure, I love the sexy schoolgirl with
the short skirt and the white panties as much as anyone, but I also
love the authentic schoolgirl who tries to stay out of trouble and just
can’t avoid it.  Even better, I’m told that my Mija has an identical
uniform. There are so many possibilities there I can’t help but get a
bit giddy (even if I secretly wish she would dress as a boy and ravish

I’d say this is a pretty good way to get started with the weekend.
I’m hoping it will allow me to transition from my world of work and
parenting and financial concerns into a world of naughty boys and girls
who need limits and a firm hand to keep their world in order.  I sure
wish the rest of my life was that simple right now. For one weekend at
least, it will be.

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