Monthly Archives: July 2008

Men want to be little boys too

Some of you might remember back to this spring when Bitch magazine had an article about domestic discipline that featured Mija and I. And that I, at least (I haven’t talked with Mija so I can’t speak for her), complained a bit that the article genderized the practice too much. That it considered a woman disciplining a man as merely "theoretical" when I knew that it was very much practiced (as is DD among lesbian couples).

About a month or so ago I was interviewed again about domestic discipline, and when I asked my interviewer if she was going to look at Femdom disciplinary arrangements, she said no because she couldn’t distinguish that from traditional BDSM.

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How to describe a long, hard punishment spanking





I keep wishing I knew how to put into words what a really long, hard punishment spanking feels like. I mean, obviously it hurts. The hairbrush, ping-pong paddle or even his hand stings so much that I whimper and squirm and kick and desperately wish it would end.

And while I might be cheeky and even a little impudent to start off with, by the end I’m usually penitent and chastened. Not to mention meek and obedient. And sore. Very sore.

But I’m also happy. Gratified. Serene.

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