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Just because I haven’t been posting much doesn’t actually mean I haven’t been getting spanked. I just haven’t had anything especially insightful to say about them (for the boring details, you can feel free to check out This Thing We Do, or my blog. W has been asking me to write about punishments and maintenance spankings right afterwards, but that doesn’t lend itself to good writing, so I haven’t been posting here.

Anyhow. There was a point to this post: reader participation!

W likes to spank to music. We had been using various music channels through our cable company, but that can get annoying, either because it distracts one or the other of us, or because they have a string of songs that just aren’t good for spanking.

So, what is YOUR spanking soundtrack?

If you made a mix for spankings, which songs would be on it? Some of it’s about finding songs with a good beat (pun not intended, but there it is!), some of it’s about having songs with good lyrics, and some is about pacing the spanking. Once we’ve gotten our playlist set up, I’ll post the songs in a comment here. Feel free to add your own, either as an entire soundtrack, or just songs you’d have on the soundtrack, in no particular order.

11 thoughts on “Spanking soundtrack

  1. Hermione

    We don’t use music with spanking any more. It used to be a ‘must have’ for me, sort of a distraction in a way. I couldn’t bear the silence. But I have come to realize I want to be able to concentrate on the experience without the distraction, and I can now lose myself in it.
    As for a song, although I don’t know if one would actually spank to it, I always think that Behind Closed Doors by, I think, Merle Haggard, describes us very well. We both look and act very vanilla-ish; no one would ever guess what we get up to when we’re alone.

  2. Dyke Grrl

    We use music for two reasons. One, W has a hard time paying attention throughout the spanking (yup, I have a top with ADD. Why do you ask?). The other reason is kind of silly, but… W is concerned about disturbing our housemate and/or neighbors. So she puts on music in the hopes that it will distract them from other sounds that might be going on in our bedroom.
    Logically speaking, I doubt that the sound of the music is really going to sufficiently cover the sound of a spanking, but it does make us feel like we’re doing *something* about the noise.

  3. Megs

    Our soundtrack: “Ow, ow ow…” Ok actually we don’t usually use music, not because we dislike playing to music but because we don’t usually think of it. We used to use it a lot more and then it would probably be some kind of low techno or dark music (Vampire chamber music, you get the idea). If I’m being flogged I NEED music, in headphones, because flogging is so loud that I keep flinching out of head space if I don’t have something to counteract it. Unfortunately we can’t do flogging at the moment because we’re in an apartment type setting and like I said: loud. For punishment we don’t use music period, I suppose because it would make things more bearable.

  4. Dyke Grrl

    Interesting. I find that most of the time, I just don’t hear the music once the spanking starts. Although I do generally joke a little about how being subjected to the showtunes channel should be punishment in itself, without needing the spanking to go along with it.
    I guess it’s not completely accurate to say I don’t notice, since W tends to spank to the beat of the music, and I’m often quite grateful when the music channels play something slow and quiet, since that means she’s going to go more slowly and lightly in response. (This is part of why I kind of dread the thought of her having a soundtrack, because that would mean spankings had a more steady pace, without unplanned breaks!)

  5. Drizzt

    The song “Hear my name.” Also, its a great must see video…two women spanking hundreds of people otk, one after another. Excellent beat…Just search for “Hear my name” in and enjoy!

  6. Ms. Betty

    If it’s not to late to add my votes, I tend to like a nice selection loud, rollicking Celtic music to get a good rhythm going. It also works well as noise cover.
    Some of my favorites are Andy Stewart’s The Rambling Rover, Pat Kilbride’s Whiskey From the Field, and just about anything by Gaelic Storm: Bonnie Ship the Diamond, Beggarman, McCloud’s Reel, etc.

  7. Dyke Grrl

    Ooooh. I hadn’t thought of Celtic music. Not sure if W would like it as well, but you’re right, it does a really good job of covering noise. Thanks for the suggestion: we are *always* adding to the soundtrack!

  8. SpanCox

    If I am to discipline my wife of course there will be no other music then the implement across her naked bottom.
    But for motivational spankings and spankings to help her relax and leave the troubles behind, there is a great full soundtrack I often use.
    It is the soundtrack from the movie “Cal”, by Mark Knopfler.
    Simply really great music, give it a try!

  9. Jigsaw Analogy/Dyke Grrl

    Thanks, Ms. Betty, for the recommendation of Gaelic Storm. I was recently putting together a “Sunday Workout” (aka SPANKING) playlist, and browsed through the comments here for reminders. I’m not sure whether much of the Gaelic Storm will wind up on said playlist, but it’s definitely made it onto my regular listening, since it’s *just* the kind of music I’ve been in the mood for lately.
    And it turns out that W agrees it’s good for spanking to, although I did express some concern that the tempo is rather brisk for a spanking. She claims that if she uses it, she’ll go half time. We shall see. Her comment, as I mentioned how much I was enjoying Gaelic Storm was, “We’ll see whether you *still* enjoy it, after you’ve been spanked to it!”


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