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Responding to Wakeman

Natty got several posts up about this before I managed to, but I'm not
bitter or anything. 😉 But since Natty got her posts up before me, I feel *totally* justified
in focusing on the things that really bugged me about the article.
There were some good sides to the piece, and for a moderately
mainstream examination of DD, she did portray a couple of different

HOWEVER. Whether because she wound up writing for Bitch Magazine, or
because of her own biases, the structure of the article, the framing of
quotations from her sources, and her choice of sources she quoted at
all really reinforces one end of the spectrum of domestic discipline.

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Take it all, Bitch

BitchAs you might imagine, What It Is We Do can be a bewildering concept for both kinky and vanilla feminists alike. Hell, it’s a bewildering concept for us feminists who engage in it, as the epic thread that followed my post from a little over a year ago at the Punishment Book can attest. In her article, “Slap Happy,” in this month’s issue of Bitch Magazine (Spring, No. 39) author Jessica Wakeman doesn’t necessarily provide any answers to make it less bewildering, but she does give the reader plenty to think about.

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