How sparkle and Chris did not save my ass

It doesn’t really seem fair to get spanked when one has company.  I mean, hospitality and propriety mean something, right?  So it seems even less fair to get spanked in front of company.

Even if they’re kinky company.

Even if they’re kinky, into-discipline company. 

Even if both members of said company have spanked me in the past.

I think it just felt good to be around other kinky people again.  And perhaps being around a four-year-old brings out my natural ebullience.  It certainly ensures that any earned punishment must be deferred until said four-year-old is asleep or out of the apartment.  (And you know, any deferral also carries the chance for a memory lapse.)  Whatever the reason, I got a bit rambunctious and stuck out my tongue at M and Chris several times.  Apparently more than five times.

So M decreed that I was to be hairbrushed.  No surprise.  But this spanking had a twist: it had to be in front of Chris and sparkle, because they had witnessed my misbehavior.  Eep.

All joking aside, I’ve never been punished in front of anyone else before, so this pushed my comfort zone a bit.  But as I said, both of them have spanked me and seen me spanked, which made it ok.  Standing in front of M while he pulled down my pajama pants and panties was hard, but thankfully I was soon over his lap on the couch and could hide my face.  A short warm-up by hand, followed by a sharp, stingy hairbrush, and ending with the dreaded ebony hairbrush.  Scolding throughout, of course.  About how tongue-sticking-out is not allowed, and even if punishments get postponed, they still happen, and how sorry I was going to be, etc.

I was finally allowed up and permitted to cuddle with M.  But not before I repeated (verbatim) the following phrase: "I’m sorry I was such a naughty girl today."  To the audience.

Speaking of said audience, neither of them helped get me out of the spanking at all.  I think their sympathy extended to Chris saying, "Well, what did you expect?  You’re lucky you didn’t get more," and sparkle giving me a wan smile and saying she was sorry but she was pretty sure I deserved it.

I think we’re getting a dog.

9 thoughts on “How sparkle and Chris did not save my ass

  1. Fireman Chris

    I suppose I should point out that this was after a rather lengthy and hard spanking from me earlier in the day (mainly because I hadn’t spanked her in awhile).
    I should also point out that at least two of the tongue-sticking-out episodes (one with me and at least one with M) occurred *after* said spanking.
    Sparkle also watched the proceedings sitting against my legs on the floor and will tell you I had to turn her head back to watch a few times when she looked away (in sympathy or nervousness, I’m not sure). Pour encourager les autres and all that.

  2. studentdiscipline

    Oh Iris, I’m so sorry! I shudder to think how awful it would be to be punished in front of others, even if they *are* like-minded.
    I hope you got lots and lots of cuddles afterwards.
    Have to admit though that your last sentence made me laugh out loud and therefore our resident four year-old to ask me what was funny. And then ask me again and again when my replies proved evasive. If I wasn’t feeling so sorry for what you’ve already gone through, I’d be tempted to tease about you already making trouble again 😉

  3. sparkle

    I didn’t actually *see* any of the above-mentioned tongue-sticking-out. However, I do know that said rule is not exactly new, and M generally does notice when Iris goes around with her tongue in front of her lips instead of behind them.
    Of course, I’m not saying she didn’t do it! Just that I didn’t actually see it myself, and therefore felt no need to be apologized to.
    And, my dear Iris, it did kind of seem like if you did it the number of times that M said, then you might have been – a little teensy bit – asking for attention more than simply just flirting with him because the princess was there to prevent any immediate consequences.
    I still wanted to say, “No! Don’t hurt the poor girl! Pleeeeaasse…” But of course, Chris’s fingers pinching my earlobe convinced me this might not be a great thing to say.

  4. Fireman Chris

    Unlike my occasionally selectively observant wife, I personally witnessed at least four of the tongue-sticking-outs in question and was the recipient of at least one of my own. And while I’m not sure Iris quoted me exactly, she did get the sentiment correct.
    And yes, Sparkle dear, that would not have been a great thing to say.

  5. Natty

    Yes, Iris my dear, I think a faithful dog — the protective sort that never leaves your side — would be very handy in your dual-mean-tops situation. 😉
    I got spanked once, many years ago, in front of an audience (Haron and Domino actually) for being late (I, um, have tardiness issues), and I have to say it increases that feeling of being very very naughty to exponential levels. Though your spanking sounds like it was much, much harder than mine, and for that you have my deepest sympathies.
    Sticking my tongue out often gets me spanked too. But then again, I tend to do it in more of a Clint Eastwood-go-ahead-make-my-day sort of way. ::grin::

  6. Dyke Grrl

    Interesting, this theme of getting spanked for sticking out one’s tongue. I guess it’s one of the few bratty behaviors I don’t do too often. Of course, I’m (slowly) learning that saying “whatever” gets my mouth washed out with soap, which isn’t any too pleasant either.

  7. Iris

    sparkle, my dear, thank you for the sympathy!
    SD, I’m so sorry that my post made a four-year-old ask too many questions! Though given the nature of four-year-olds, I’d say they were prone to such behavior (just ask Chris and sparkle–they have one themselves).
    Yes, Raven, I am tragically forbidden from any protrudance of my tongue, even when the situation (and by “situation,” I mean, “M and Chris”) so richly deserves it. Sigh.
    Natty, if you promise not to tell, I often do it in the Clint Eastwood way too. Especially if there are vanilla/minor type folks around and I am temporarily immune. Must be some kind of brat insanity that makes me forget the later consequences. Oh, and BTW, do you have a particular breed of dog that you can recommend?
    DG, I understand that we all have different misbehaviors. This one is something that is mildly bratty without being wildly transgressive; I think that’s part of its appeal to me. Though you’ve prompted me to think a bit more about it. Perhaps even provoking a new post…
    And Chris? All I can say (from an extremely safe distance) is: Pbbbbbttt!


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