How my sister’s dog saved my ass

Tuesday night I was dogsitting for my sister for a few hours when A. called for our daily chat. And in the course of our chat I had to confess that I had gone to bed 40 minutes late. Which was bad, but especially naughty as I had gone to bed that late the night before and gotten off with a warning.

"I think your sister’s dog is going to witness a little domestic discipline," A. said. "Better fetch the ping pong paddle." (Which I was surprised he was even bothering with as he said the day before he can never take it seriously as an implement.)

"But," I whined. "I can’t do this in front of the dog. She’s looking at me."

And she was too. A tan, medium-sized, short-haired dog with big floppy ears sprawled out at the end of the bed who raised her head up and turned it toward me with big dark chocolate eyes.

"Bare bottom, please."

I pouted and pulled down my leggings and underwear. And felt weird
as hell as the dog stared at me while I laid down on the bed, paddle in

"Right, start off with six on each cheek."

I looked at the dog. She was gazing intently at me. I closed my eyes and started whacking. It was with my left hand so they weren’t very hard whacks. But they certainly made a lot of noise. Before I knew it, the dog was practically on top of me licking my face.

"Why is she even on the bed?" A. asked.

"Because I like cuddling with her."

"You shouldn’t let her up on the bed," he scolded. "It’s important for dogs to know you’re dominant."

"But it’s like I’m the auntie. I get to spoil her and send her home."

"No, you’re going to confuse her. Now make her get off the bed."

I pouted some more. Looked at the dog. "Down," I said with only a tiny bit of firmness as I pointed to the floor. The dog looked at me completely bewildered. I ordered her a few more times to get down and finally she did, though not without looking totally traumatized. And lord knows I felt totally traumatized. Was I scaring her emotionally? Was some dog-whisperer going to coax this horrible event from her psyche down the road?

I took a deep breath and resumed whacking. Or tried to. Within a smack or two, the dog was back on the bed licking my face.

"This is clearly not going to work," A. sighed. "Right, well, we’ll just have to finish this tomorrow."

Except, the next day he forgot.

He did remember on Thursday. But then he went for a smoke when I said I needed to change phones (my headset only works on my cordless-sans-Caller ID phone), and when he called back, my dad had stopped by for his weekly visit (which I warned A. about before he went for a smoke).

I answered the phone with a "ha!" and taunted him with "you’re too late…you’re too late."

"Saved by the dad," he said with a chuckle.

Yesterday we didn’t get a chance to chat at all because of various scheduling conflicts (it happens when you’re 7-8 hours apart).

Tonight he didn’t mention the missed spanking, and I feel fairly safe in saying that I think my sister’s dog saved my ass.

Not that I’ve needed a spanking. I’ve been very, very good since. ::grin::

9 thoughts on “How my sister’s dog saved my ass

  1. Dyke Grrl

    Um, isn’t A going to be right there in your apartment in a little more than a week? Me, I’d probably try to get any punishment spankings out of the way before he is there… but that’s just me.
    Glad the dog saved you this time, though. ;P

  2. Mike

    Yep the dog saved your bottom.
    And your blog offered it up for ritual sacrifice.
    Ummm… A reads your blog, right? And if not, how long until you confess…?
    Like your blog and have linked to it. Maybe you’d like to link to mine? (

  3. Natty

    See, A. reads my personal blog, but not necessarily this one unless he knows I’ve posted something here. And, well, I already confessed to my crime. If he can’t remember to spank me, I chose to just chalk that up as a close one. ;-P
    As for linking, that’s usually a decision made on a consensual basis among the eight of us.
    And I’m with you, Dyke Grrl. I do like to get them out of the way also. Hell, there has been more than one spanking where I’ve actually been relieved it was over the phone!
    I think at this point, though, it’s good and forgotten about. There’s a slight chance he might remember later, but the odds are very low, and I’m willing to take my chances (plus, I mean, I did get, like, 4 or 5 swats already — it’s a good reminder, right?). Believe it or not, his memory is often even worse than mine — which is both good and bad. It can make for some confusing conversations, lemme tell ya.

  4. hermione

    It probably doesn’t apply to a self-administered spanking, but some dogs can get very protective of their main caregiver if they perceive s/he is being harmed (as in spanked). Face-licking is pretty minor compared to a more agressive reaction.
    I liked ‘Saved by the dad’!

  5. N

    I’m a little envious that A is apt to forget a spanking–S NEVER does. And bold of you to blog about it!!
    Though, I think you have a good point–you DID get a few whacks, and those ping pong paddles are nothing to sneer at!

  6. Natty

    Sigh. Alas, there is one thing that does jog his memory: me missing another bedtime in quick succession. As soon as I confessed on Tuesday that I had missed my bedtime again he immediately remembered this interrupted one and promptly attended to both the past and present punishments. 🙁
    Though I totally agree with you, N. I think I’d already sorta been punished. Er…I suppose one could argue that the fact I re-offended so quickly means the four or five whacks I got were clearly not enough. But, I mean, logic is so overrated, ya know?
    Your point, Hermione, about the protectiveness of dogs is right on. While I’m not my sister’s dog’s primary caregiver, she does love me a lot (::grin::) and I think she sensed that the spanking — even if self-administered — was hurting me and wanted to comfort me at the very least.

  7. Kayley

    I know how it is: I feel embarassed getting spanked in front of my cats! You were lucky, but I ain’t. If it’s my butt getting tanned – no problem for Jack. If it’s sex – cats need to go out of the room. Life is unfair… 🙁

  8. caitlen

    What a timely post. I have a puppy staying with me temporarily too. I was a little concerned with how she would react to spanking activity, but I have to admit I never expected her reaction which was to wriggle herself under my head and lay there.
    You just cannot concentrate on a spanking with a puppy under you. Not Possible. But it was very cute of her 🙂


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