SCAM Artist Alert OR I Feel So Dirty!

A year or so ago "Katie Spades" wrote to the Punishment Book authors telling us how much she liked the PB (including some dreck on us having "inspired" her and her partner) and asked us to link to her as she was starting a career as a spanking model.

Now we never do the "I’ll link to you if you link to me" thing but a couple of PB writers liked the blog and said they were following it (that’s always our criteria).  So a link to her blog went onto our sidebar (no  need to check, it’s gone).

Today one of the other authors sent me this link from the A.S.S. blog.

Apparently Katie’s been scamming us all.

(Katie: from the quoted podcast)
Here was the deal, like I wanted to make money. And to get a name for myself, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it, and I didn’t want to go like straight up porn. So I looked around… and I saw the, well it’s like this little community, the spanking industry… and for the most part… I mean there are a couple of pretty models… but for the most part there aren’t many. So I looked at it as like okay, here is an easy way jump to the top of an industry like that, because I can totally take it over with the way I look. So I decided to do that.

I haven’t actually listened to the whole podcast yet –I’m at work– but I’ve heard enough.   A friend had pointed me to her "SAVE KATIE" campaign which was raising money to supposedly off-set expenses brought on by an "illness." The interview doesn’t seem to mention that, but there’s no reason to think that’s true either.

As my grandfather would have said, what a piece of work! My sympathies especially go out to the kindhearted folks who were taken in by her "SAVE KATIE" scam to get money out of the community for help during her  supposed "illness."


PS: Sending even more love out to the real models in our scene. You’re 100X more fun to watch anyway.

26 thoughts on “SCAM Artist Alert OR I Feel So Dirty!

  1. Wintermute

    If you read a lot (newspaper, magazines, books, the web) you tend
    to build your world view from the written word. I know that in my
    case much of my work view, from reality, such as it is, to sexuality
    (spanking) comes through the written word. I have a theory that
    viewing reality through the written word also makes you vulnerable
    to scams that come through the written word. Even those of use who
    would like to think that we’re grizzled old skeptis find that we
    tend to believe what we read. After all, most of what we read it
    true, or at least a version of the truth.
    I swallowed Patty’s stories about her life hook line and sinker.
    When she wrote about her son getting into MIT I even wrote her
    about good summer programs for science students. As we now know,
    it was all lies. I could have forgiven her for making thinks up
    about spanking, but it was the “real life” inventions that really
    hurt. To a degree she sucked me into her life and then I found
    out it was all a fraud.
    I also believe Katie Spade (the spanking princess, by her own
    description). She did get some pretty hard spankings. You can’t
    fake that sort of thing. Her web site seems to have gone dark.
    I assumed it was health issues. She would disappear for a while
    and then reappear again, because of health issues (or such was
    the claim). I certainly did not give any money. There was a
    similar scam on DailyKos which took a bunch of people for money
    and turned out to be lies. My wife lost a little bit of money
    to this.
    My beloved points out that it’s not wrong to have a good heart
    and want to help someone. While it’s easy to feel stupid because
    you got taken by some weasel, it is the weasel that is at fault.
    In thinking of Ms. Spade I will simply assume that she deserved
    all of those hard spankings she got if she’s been lying.

  2. Philip James

    Unless I have concrete proof or at least very persuasive circumstantial evidence that it is not so I always take at face value what people say. The result of this can be disappointing of course, human nature being what it is.
    As for Katie Spades. Yes she clearly went into the spanking model thing for the money and no doubt because it was easier than other routes. Is or was she a genuine spankee – I guess the jury is out but the spanking videos I got to see of her were pretty good [I always thought Jake was the weak link there].
    With the “Save Katie” appeal – which I got sent a link to by Jake – I think the circumstantial evidence is growing against this couple. If Katie is very sick, and she may be, I wish her a speedy recovery – but I am sure that there are plenty of more deserving cases than hers. Not to her and Jake there aren’t of course.

  3. Emilie

    Hey, Mija…she actually does slip in the fact that she has gastric peresis in the final minute of her interview…when she is promoting her fundraising website.
    We obviously have no way of knowing if she really has health problems, but on her myspace blog Jake made an entry today to try to “clear things up”. He states that her illness is very real…
    Even so, his entry really doesn’t clear anything up for me! You should check it out (cut and paste this)

  4. Cathy

    Very sad
    Katie is a young woman who gave her ass to the insatiable spanking community. Not one of her consumers can claim she took their money and failed to deliver a spanking video either.
    Certainly they don’t disclose it, but there is no question that every pay spanking site has models giving their asses to varying degrees of spanking punishment for money even though they don’t enjoy it exactly. Where’s the scam folks?
    Wintermute’s vehement response is predicatble. He has, after all, been banned from discussions on other sites because was too pedantic questioning the freedom of Russian and Near East model’s choices. Not to mention critical of US consumer’s lust and willingness to pay to see the extreme consequences.
    With this Katie thing? Who has been scammed? Seriously? Do you really think Katie is alone out there? She gave her ass, she took some serious whippin’s, charged a few bucks for the privilege of seeing the whippin’s, and had enough return traffic she has a fan base. She’s outed and ruined for now. She did it to herself. Honest to goodness, surely we have more heart and understanding? I’ve seen it before though, and I know; this rabid intolerant spanking community has chewed her up and spit her out as they have so many others.
    As for Wintermute’s remarks about Patty. Wake up and smell the coffee pal. You’re wrong there, as an avid consumer of her talents, you know they are genuine. Patty’s not a cute ass flash in the pan. She came to this community seeking kinship. She gave much more than she took trying to in earning it. She hasn’t just been honest with us (a thing she never had to do) about her history, she’s resisted advice to go away, change her name and come back as someone else. She kept her name, owned her mistakes, took her lumps and held her head up. She continues to regularly and freely share her unsurpassed artwork and writing with us. We’re all better for her presence among us.
    Katie’s story is still open. Watch without judging please. By all means cease offering your cash. Just please suspend the indictments. I beg you.

  5. Mija

    Wintersmute & Phillip James: Something I wrote elsewhere when someone asked what the harm really is in this sort of situation is that when people are lied to and taken advantage of it gets really hard to trust the next time. This does bother me because I’ve seen this “little community” as Katie called us, come together to offer some rather amazing help to people who needed it. Not because they asked, but because the need was there and we trusted that they were telling the truth (bookbabe from soc.sexuality.spanking is the example nearest to my heart). When people like Katie or others lie about their circumstances to get what they want (be it attention, free press or money) it makes it less likely that people will be willing to give the next time around. 🙁
    Is she really sick? Yeah, I think so. How sick? Who knows? From long distance and going from the sketchy information they’ve given, the problems she’s having are pretty consistent with long-term bulimia nervosa. It would explain every physical problem (including her teeth issues) to her anxiety issues and manipulative behaviors. It’s a dangerous illness and people do die of it. Hopefully, if that’s the problem, she’ll be able to take responsibility for her life and behaviors — that’s where the only successes in treating eating disorders are.
    Cathy: You take issue with my claiming Katie “scammed” the spanking community? Perhaps you didn’t understand my entry.
    I don’t have an issue with someone modeling for money –whether they’re into spanking or not– it’s honest work and they earn every dime they make. That’s not the scam Katie ran. Her scam manipulated me into doing something I wouldn’t have done if she was telling the truth.
    The scam was her writing to those of us with free (not selling anything and, in the case of this one and some others — actually paying hosting costs ourselves) sites claiming to:
    1) have been inspired by [insert name of blog she was writing to] in her personal relationship.
    2) be into domestic discipline in her personal life
    And on that basis saying asking if we could please put up a link to her new blog. She got a lot of advice and convinced a lot of people in the scene to give her their time and energy with the same story about being an enthusiast trying to make some cash doing something she loved.
    She was successful at manipulating people into doing what she wanted us to do.
    Did she do it because she’s too fucked up to know what’s true and what isn’t anymore? Or is she bright enough to have been that consciously manipulative? That’s the only part of this story that’s still open for me. I keep trying to look away, but it’s like a car crash. On some level I can’t keep from watching from between my fingers.

  6. Mija

    Emilie: Thanks for the link and the correction (clearly I didn’t listen through to the end) — and yeah, I’ve been following the MySpace entries too. They do raise more questions then they answer. I was especially bemused by Jake’s entry as he makes it sound like he wasn’t there for the podcast and didn’t hear it until later. This seems odd because she actually asks him a question during the interview so one assumes he was in earshot.
    Where’s the truth? I sure don’t know. But on some level it doesn’t matter. What the interview and rebuttals show is that she’s got some basic issues with honesty. As I said above, I know I should turn away. Whatever happens, this won’t end well.

  7. ToddnSuzy

    Hey Kathy… you ask who was scammed, and we can answer “us” (my wife and I). We’re just regular middle-class Americans. Kid, job, mortgage, dog, church… etc… that happen to be spankos. We have no ties to the “spanking industy.” Have very little interest in it, actually. We think *many* of the models are beautiful (despite Katie’s claims) and we think its great that they can make money at the kink by providing something that is wanted. That some might be taking a spanking they in no way would ever take without cash being paid… is fine with us.
    Here is our major issue with Katie. She went to tremendous lengths to convince people like US that she was a spanko that used DD in her relationship FIRST… and then a sometimes spanking model on the side somewhere much further down the list. She did this to LOTS of people… including Mija… because she knew folks like us wouldn’t link to ‘just another spanking model’.
    Her scam tricked us into blogging (and offering links to her different sites) on four seperate occasions. Each time we did so, we told our like minded readers, basically… she’s one of us!
    Now though, she BRAGS how she was able to manipulate the spanking community into buying her made up story. She never was a spanko, at all. She took the spankings she did (drunk or high) only to make money. She even points out she went to forums (like this one and our blog) and tricked people into linking to her sites.
    That’s who was scammed and how we were scammed. The crime of the century… of course not. But when this same girl comes around and asks these same people she brags about having “manipulated” (her word) to give her $650,000… we think it’s time to put out the red flag. Don’t you agree?
    We also don’t like how negative Katie is about the spanking community. Talking about the “foul” things “these people” like are… how dare her. She puts an ugly face on spanking community. We know too, that some spanking models are upset not only at being thrown under the ugly bus by Katie… but also by her charges that “all” models lie about how into spanking they really are.
    Stuff like this… and there is more… is what has created animosity towards Katie from many spankos.
    Hope that answers your question!

  8. patty

    I didn’t, and I don’t scam any one. I just draw and write.
    I posted my about life. My real life. I still do.
    Why are you people sucking me into this? I don’t even know this Katie person?

  9. Mija

    Todd and Suzy: Thanks for posting your thoughts here — I really appreciated how your blog called attention to the Katie Spades situation. I wasn’t following it until someone pointed me to your blog and I was glad to know so I could take the here link down.
    Patty: AFAIK, Wintersmute was referring to events last year (I certainly was in my reply) on your old blog — Cathy was following up with her take. There’s an older thread on this blog already about that situation. You only need to be sucked into this if you choose to.

  10. Sexy Sadie

    It is a terrible shame when a tainted soul like Katie Spades comes along and messes with a beuatiful community like the one that you have here. I have found you to be warm and comforting this past year. To hear about this is highly disconcerting, and quite frankly, downright disgusting. Please know that not everyone in the world is like that! As a licensed master of social work I will corroborate that she is clearly a “sick” individual, and needs help.

  11. patty

    AFAIK?????????????? Huh? Forgive me I’m not up on internet acronyms. Again, Why m I sucked into this???????????????
    For the official record again…. Wintermute was referencing lies told by others that I have offerred to clarify for him in person giving him my phone # and begging for his direct contact to answer his concerns
    I never got an answer though Ive read many of his hatred posts on several blogs and venues. Frankly the fact that not one of you who have joined him in gleefuly and with a unique kind of hatred when judging me have even asked for, spoken out about about or sought out my truth is interesting to me.
    The rabid attacks on sincere members of this community – led by you, you and your ASS or SSS friends Mija, and yes focused by your opinion voiced first, are just not OK. NOT ok. You may preface your thoughts with a pseudo essay, but you’ve NEVER once invited the subject of your essay into you expose, nor do you seem to even care that you’ve seized on details that are just plain wrong.
    I have and probably will continue to have respect for what gets posted here, but you just plain have NO right to hate me and allow hate messages to be posted by people like wintermute who have been given deeply personal details about me and still won’t/can’t come up with more than bullshit.
    I’m probably one of the most sincere spanking writers on line, and all of my writings speak to realities I know and have lived. That pisses lots of people off. Fine. Let it. Life is what it is and my future is going to take me past that stuff.
    p.s. Thank you Cathy. You already know me & my side.

  12. Mija

    Patty: AFAIK = “As Far As I Know”
    You know, until you stood up and waved that it was you, none of the authors on this blog had ever named you, even when discussing the situation that happened when much of Creative Spanked Wife was revealed to be fiction, or at least, seriously misleading. Those events raised questions for me about why this blog exists and why it’s important to me that the (now) 9 of us know that the details of circumstances, good and bad, posted here are true.
    Why didn’t I contact you last year? First because in your posts on SSS you made it rather clear you didn’t desire the contact. Nor did I think I could really be supportive given my feelings of mistrust and you clearly needed help / support. Plus, for whatever reason, you tend to be at the center of a lot of drama and I tend to try and avoid it as much as I can. Thus I don’t know what’s going on in your life now — but I hope it’s happier.
    As I said above, you don’t need to let yourself be sucked into this. However, if you wish, you’re welcome to keep posting here. It’s your choice.

  13. Kessily

    You said ” but you just plain have NO right to hate me and allow hate messages to be posted by people like wintermute” so I want to point out to you that, being an American, they DO in fact have the right to freedom of speech.
    The post was NOT about you. You were mentioned in passing as an example and would probably have gone unnoticed if you hadn’t responded. If you don’t want ‘hate’ messages and info brought up about you it would probably have been better to keep quiet. You have, fairly or not, angered a lot of people so this is going to happen.
    I don’t know you all that well, you seemed nice enough to deal with, until things blew up. I was frustrated over our last dealings, but not really critical or condeming of what you did. The facts of your situation weren’t quite as clear as the one with Kate (who admitted everything in a rather nasty way on a podcast and so can’t retract) so who knows if your situation can compare to hers.
    I DO know that you were accused of similar things…taking donations for something that didn’t happen. I do understand you said you didn’t ask for them, and you donated the money but…having found other things you said weren’t true, people aren’t just going to take your word for that.
    My advice, just let it go because people aren’t going to forget about it and move on. Sorry, that’s the way it is.
    As for Kate, I think she turned out to be a real sick b*tch. Not for charging to see her spanked, or even pretending to enjoy it when she didn’t (etc.) but because she felt just fine in ridiculing the people who enjoyed and welcomed her.

  14. Wintermute

    Have you ever done something where you think to yourself “this
    is probably a mistake?” Well, continuing this dialog is probably
    a mistake. We’ve spanked that poor equine creature. Still, I will
    march forward into folly…
    I do believe that truth is important. At least truth as close
    as we can get to it.
    Human relationships, whether they are professional, financial or personal, are based
    on honesty. Most people are at least mostly honest. If this were not the case everything
    would break down. Credit cards would not work, bank loans would not work, professional
    life would not work. The on-line world makes dishonesty particularly easy. Lots of people
    complain that people lie in their personal ads. Some people build entire fraudulent personas
    on-line. Patty was once (and perhaps is) such person. A writer, who went by the name
    of Nasdijj was another. In the case of Nasdijj/Tim Baruss the lies were not only literary but
    branched out into financial fraud when he claimed to be raising money for “Refuge House”
    a home for boys with HIV.
    Assuming that the falsehoods stop before fraud, what’s wrong with making up a life story?
    In my view the problem is that it breaks the covenant that people base their relationships on.
    When Patty lied about her life and sucked me into her fictional story I felt stupid and betrayed.
    It had nothing to do with spanking, it was the real life stuff that she wrote about. If someone
    writes that their son is at MIT and I write to suggest summer internships I assume that what
    I’m responding to is the truth. If not then the person I’m corresponding with cannot be
    trusted. I learn that I cannot believe anything that they say, since they have already lied to
    me. Why would I want to waste my time with them.
    People lie for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most common is to get them out of
    an uncomfortable situation. I’m not such a saint that I’ve never been tempted to lie.
    But if you lie and are then found out, you destroy one of your great assets: your
    reputation for telling the truth. I work in science and if your reputation for truth is
    gone, so is your professional reputation. Truth, or at least truth as we believe it,
    is our stock in trade.
    In the case of Kathy “The Spanking Princess”, people were not complaining that she
    made money off her spanking videos. People felt betrayed because Kathy pretended to
    be a member of the community and was not. In the interview she made it clear that
    she held us in contempt. People felt (and were) lied to.
    Others are welcome to have people in their lives who are not honest. My choice, however,
    is to try to stick with honest people. I have had the good fortune to meet many fine people
    in the on-line spanking community and most of them have been honest and honorable. In the
    case of Patty I view her as a damaged but talented person. The
    idea that I hate her is simply bizzare, however. To inspire my
    hate you have to do something really bad, like shatter the
    romantic concept I used to have of my country and its values. Fortunately I have not met
    anyone in the spanking community who
    sinks to this level. Certainly not Patty. But this does not
    mean that I desire any further dialog.
    So ah, yeah, what Mija said. Except with lots more words.

  15. patty

    Little brain did not make mention of me in passing, he made his post ABPOUT me. He carries his hatred and seeks to use it as currency.
    Kessily, I became overwhelmed and was unable to keep drawing the F/F spanking images for you any more. How could that become frustrating? I NEVER once failed to come through on a request you made of me that I responded and said yes to. I never once made a comittment to draw in perpetuity for you, and I NEVER EVER said I would do something I did not do. When I could not keep up I either told you know or did not answer your request. NOT ONE TIME did I ever make a promise and fail to produce for you. NOT ONE TIME! Fine you and mija call me a liar and plan to keep me in that role forever. I can’t change that, and because of that can’t fathom a time when I will be able to change it.
    The whole business about KS is an idiot tempest in a teapot. I have now heard what she said on the pod cast, and excuse me?????? Didn’t any of you people listen to her Howard Stern interviews? It’s not news that she’s on the edge. It distresses me that this community is so consumptive and intolerant. We attack and prolettize so we can be 1st with our opinions. 1st to dsiclose the dirt.
    Mija, I never ever made not wanting contact clear in any SSS or any post I ever made. NEVER! I let everybody have their say on my old blog until people started repeating themselves with their venom. I’ve not deleted nor censored any comment, and obviously I can’t censor anything posted to SSS. How you could say I dismissed contact escapes me. I never have and I continue to try to answer every one.
    For the record I’m telling you again, though I know it’s useless & the amazing man in my life now wishes I’d dismiss all this shit and not care about you people (I have to, you helped me find security…. but fuck you for being as cruel instantly judging and hard as you’ve been) – Fred was real. I am the pain slut little brain loved and always have been. If you read Eamon & Sheila & most of the entries on my old blog like fuctard, you are reading real events. They happened & I can prove they did.
    Yes I understand that trust is key when it comes to communication in any medium. With that in mind,I’ve VOLUNTARILY given the community reason to question their trust in me. I posted the truth. I didn’t react to some post somewhere else. I made the disclosure because I needed to. No one forced me into it. It was my choice to try to change my personna into someone living now instead of someone living a life that died half a decade before. My disclosure made me a monster. Am I alone? Not in misrepresenting the truth, but in coming clean about it, yes I am alone. I’m the monster of the universe in the minds of some, yet I’m still the most honest and forthright soul in the minds of thousands when it comes to how DD works. Odd I know. The fact is I NEVER lied about any of that. NEVER.
    I’m a real human being and I shared very deeply intimate parts of my life with readers. I just wanted contact with people like me when it started. I never once dreamed of or intended to do anything but share anything but us as we were.

  16. patty

    Look at little brain’s last post. He doesn’t even know the name of the woman who prompted his intrusion into this subject with his resurected venom. He calls her Kathy. I say again he had no interest in her at all but found & sought a venue to resurect his hatred of me. He’s VERY wrong & not only has ‘Todd’ done well at the college he’s gone to he’s netted a coveted internship.
    People were and continue to claim she cheated them and the fact is, she didn’t! She gave them spanking on video, and how much would you like to bet she’s a spanko in a bad place? You folks are so damned cruel. You’ve all got everything about spanking needs/desires/thoughts figured out. There’s no room for those struggling with accepting it, those with deep fears about it, or those who can’t face that secret about themselves at all, yet live and breath among you; no room at all. And you’re really mean to newbies. REALLY mean.

  17. Kessily

    Patty, had you replied to me only in e-mail I wouldn’t have said anything else about this subject, but since you’ve chosen to post this here too I will respond.
    *Kessily, I became overwhelmed and was unable to keep drawing the F/F spanking images for you any more.*
    Yes, and that was fine. It happens all the time. People burn out.
    *How could that become frustrating?*
    It didn’t
    *I NEVER once failed to come through on a request you made of me that I responded and said yes to.*
    That’s not exactly correct but I’m not going to argue the point, because I think you are making a ridiculous amount of fuss over a small comment. As you did with the earlier post where you were barely mentioned.
    *I never once made a comittment to draw in perpetuity for you, and I NEVER EVER said I would do something I did not do. When I could not keep up I either told you know or did not answer your request. NOT ONE TIME did I ever make a promise and fail to produce for you. NOT ONE TIME!*
    If you say so, fine. Again, no big deal. I have different recollections but I’m not concerned enough about it to really worry. The fact is, you are a good artist, I enjoyed your work and working with you. You are not the first, nor the last writer or illustrator who will cause me a little frustration. It’s a monthly occurance actually.
    Again, you’re overreacting.
    *Fine you and mija call me a liar and plan to keep me in that role forever.*
    Um, huh? Where in my post was there any implication that you were a liar? I went out of my way to say I was NOT saying one way or the other my opinions on your situation. I have no opinion on what you did or did not lie about because I don’t think I have enough facts to make that decision.
    What I do know: calling people names and reacting hysterically to any mention of your name will NOT help people forget, or learn to accept you again. Which was the point of my post in the first place.

  18. Mija

    Patty: The reply I mentioned was on SSS. A copy of it is archived here:
    Reading it over, it’s pretty clear you wanted nothing to do with me. Had you wanted to mail, my email address is all over the place — including in the thread you were replying to. That you didn’t want to is fine btw — I’m not interested in corresponding privately either.
    As to the rest, Kessily said it pretty clearly.
    You say it’s not what you intend, but the way you’re coming off as right now is as attention seeking, bringing all of this around to be about you yet again. This blog entry wasn’t about you — in the course of multiple replies there had been one mention of you — until you and your friend Cathy made it so. The entry where the truths and fictions of CSW were discussed happened over a year ago. Your name and the name of your old blog were never mentioned — until your entries, no one Googling for information on “Creative Spanked Wife” or “Patty” would have found anything on the PB.
    As to Katie Spades, I’m not sure if you’re willfully misunderstanding this situation or you really just don’t get it. But as I’ve mentioned (and Todd and Suzy have as well) the problem with Katie isn’t whether or not she did spanking modeling and wasn’t into spanking. It’s that she lied to a number of us in order to get us to put up links to her blog / business. Dishonestly manipulating someone into doing something they otherwise wouldn’t do, whether it’s sending money, buying a product or giving free publicity is what running a scam is.
    As to newbies? I try and be helpful and encouraging. Some become friends, some don’t, as is true in every aspect of life. I’m as truthful with them as I possibly can be and expect the same in return because honest exchange is the basis of friendship.
    The topic is still open and you can reply if you want. But I don’t think I have any more I want to add to this subject.

  19. patty

    There is really nothing to add. I freaked when little brain made this about me, and to say he didn’t is just not genuine. I freely admit that I could have handled things differently. But since none of you understand the degree of fear and pain I’ve experienced this past year, I’m not going to do more than say I wish I’d listened to friends and left it alone…. I just couldn’t. I’ve done my best to try to move on, and finding his comment here sucking me in and resurrecting the things I have worked very faithfully to repair, did hurt me very deeply.

  20. Liz

    “I just wanted contact with people like me when it started. I never once dreamed of or intended to do anything but share anything but us as we were.”
    Patty, that is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a long time! You didn’t stop at making contact and sharing what you were. On a forum I belonged to with you, you created an account for “Fred,” made posts as him, allowed “Fred” to become a moderator, used him to attack people who didn’t agree with you and make excuses for you when you threw tantrums. I could go on and on! And every time I see you trying to defend yourself and put that “poor pitiful me” spin on your lies, it makes me so sick that I want to tell everyone of all the damage you did. It wasn’t just a simple lie to get your foot in the door or tell us about your DD life, it was continuous lying and creating drama for no good reason.
    And you didn’t come out with the “truth” because you were tired of living a lie. We both know the truth about how you revealed yourself before you got revealed. I just wish these people really knew the truth about you.
    Btw, say “hi” to “cjandryan” for me. Aw heck, might as well say “hi” to the rest of your fantasy friends, too.

  21. lilpinkgirl

    Patty is still a scammer. I cannot believe how many people are willing to overlook the fact that she is an admitted (albeit reluctant) liar. Go away, Patty. You are a disservice to not only the spanko community, but the world.

  22. Tamara

    Wow, there is a lot of drama going on on this feed. I think Katie kind of screwed herself on this one. I had no idea that her life wasn’t real until recently. That being said, I really like some of her clips that are out there and have a few in my collection. I’ve been a fan for years. The first time I saw her bent over a table in her kitchen getting disciplined for a speeding ticket, I became an instant fan. It’s to bad she had to manipulate so many people just to make a name for herself though. She would have been smart to just keep making clips and not talking so much.

  23. Sceptic

    Anyone who has watched a Katie Spades video and contemplated the possibility for even a second that there is any actual spanking worthy of the name going on is delusional and probably retarded. I watched the preview when she started her site up and promised myself never to waste good bandwidth on her again – it was patently obvious that the physical contact was completely counterfeit. As I recall she wasn’t even particularly attractive, especially once you heard her voice.


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