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Finding Your Someone

Over on her lovely blog, Ruby Red posted the other day about the problem of finding the right person.  You know, not just a playmate and / or spanking friend (though we love those too), but a life partner. 

She writes:

I’m so damned picky. Even then, I’ll meet someone in a moment of weakness and continue to meet with them until that moment of clarity that says, "He’s totally wrong for you, dummy!"

Whether it’s differences in politics, religion, familial ties… or if it’s completely spanko-centric, there are a lot of reasons why people might be incompatible. It’s not enough to share an interest in spanking. We all know how faceted the world o’ spanking is… There’s domestic discipline, roleplaying, erotic, bondage, BDSM, hardcore spanking, light spanking, good girl, daddy/daughter, M/F, F/F, F/M, M/M… there’s spanking for fun, spanking for punishment, spanking for the hell of it. There’s costume choices, implement purchases…decisions, decisions, decisions! It’s all about finding the partner that comes closest to what you’re actually interested in.

Ruby isn’t the only one to bring this up — we get email from a lot of women (and men!) looking for partners.  I know some of us have mentioned stuff in passing, but the question of how one gets into a relationship with discipline / punishment is maybe worth addressing in an entry of its own.

(Besides, I’m having trouble getting my comments to stick on blogger today.)

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SCAM Artist Alert OR I Feel So Dirty!

A year or so ago "Katie Spades" wrote to the Punishment Book authors telling us how much she liked the PB (including some dreck on us having "inspired" her and her partner) and asked us to link to her as she was starting a career as a spanking model.

Now we never do the "I’ll link to you if you link to me" thing but a couple of PB writers liked the blog and said they were following it (that’s always our criteria).  So a link to her blog went onto our sidebar (no  need to check, it’s gone).

Today one of the other authors sent me this link from the A.S.S. blog.

Apparently Katie’s been scamming us all.

(Katie: from the quoted podcast)
Here was the deal, like I wanted to make money. And to get a name for myself, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it, and I didn’t want to go like straight up porn. So I looked around… and I saw the, well it’s like this little community, the spanking industry… and for the most part… I mean there are a couple of pretty models… but for the most part there aren’t many. So I looked at it as like okay, here is an easy way jump to the top of an industry like that, because I can totally take it over with the way I look. So I decided to do that.

I haven’t actually listened to the whole podcast yet –I’m at work– but I’ve heard enough.   A friend had pointed me to her "SAVE KATIE" campaign which was raising money to supposedly off-set expenses brought on by an "illness." The interview doesn’t seem to mention that, but there’s no reason to think that’s true either.

As my grandfather would have said, what a piece of work! My sympathies especially go out to the kindhearted folks who were taken in by her "SAVE KATIE" scam to get money out of the community for help during her  supposed "illness."


PS: Sending even more love out to the real models in our scene. You’re 100X more fun to watch anyway.

Examining My Conscience

quia peccavi
nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa.

(Okay, this starts out like an account of a play scene, but isn’t. If
you’re looking for that you’re going to be disappointed.  Fair warning)

Here I’m going to digress just a little bit.  I’m Roman Catholic —
have been since birth.  My first 13 years of education were in Catholic
schools, mostly taught by nuns.  In my own weird way I’m quite
religious.  I’m not very spiritual however — in fact I have almost no
faith in God.  It’s the ritual that attracts and comforts me.  I’ve
been away from the Church for a while — the typical lapsed Catholic.
There are a number of reasons I’ve absented myself — disagreement with
RC politics and my own personal choices (marrying after a divorce and
outside the Church being chief among them).  Being away and not
attending Mass or joining my local parish have been my doing and I
mostly don’t feel inclined to return.  But right now it’s May and the
roses are blooming.  There are alters to Mary all around. 

Right now I miss my religion*.

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