Soap or Lines?

A. has developed this new affinity for including soap in any punishment he delivers over the phone — much to my consternation (though, thankfully he hasn’t been savvy enough to make sure the bar is wet or that I bite down on it, so it basically just gets on my lips, but still…).

When I whined about it this evening, he told me I should just be grateful I wasn’t getting lines.

"Uh, I think I’d rather go with the lines," I grumbled while wiping my lips yet again.

Not that I really get to do any picking, but my question for you all would be to ask what you would pick: soap or lines?

40 thoughts on “Soap or Lines?

  1. Haron

    The process of writing lines is highly pleasurable for me (almost a turn-on, in fact), though the time wasted in writing them can be a pain.
    Soap is highly icky, but quick.
    I suppose, soap would therefore be a more effective deterrent, unless I had to write lines in place of something else I’d rather be doing.

  2. Dyke Grrl

    For effectiveness, or for you “learning the lesson”?
    Actually, I think they are effective for different things.
    Soap works for me as an effective deterrent for saying mean, nasty things (well, it works when W. enforces it). It’s distinctly unpleasant, but it’s also over before too long; I think were my mouth to get washed out consistently when I am thoughtless and unkind about how I speak, I’d pay a lot more attention to how I speak.
    Lines are very good for drilling a more complex lesson into my head. My 14 year old part got lines yesterday. One set was “I will try to articulate my feelings when I can. I am upset today.” The other, and a lesson she’s having a very hard time learning, was “W. *wants* to help because she loves us. *All* of us.”
    I think discipline is a combination of any number of things, and soap and lines and spankings fill different roles.
    That said, given a choice, simply based on personal experience? Soap is easier to take! It’s over relatively quickly (maybe this is just in our house, because W. hates doing it!), and the lasting effects are mildly unpleasant, but they’re done. Lines, especially if there are a lot of them, are tedious, take *much* longer to do, and can make my wrist uncomfortable because I have carpal tunnel.

  3. angrylittlegirl

    I get lots of phone-punishment soap too. And my top (yeah! I found one! I converted him!) DOES make sure my mouth is wet, and he makes me move the damn thing in and out my mouth, bite down and put it as far back as is humanly possible. Over quick? Hardly. He lets me rinse my mouth out and then does it again. I’m wishing for lines lately.

  4. Terri

    LINES!! I hate having to sit still and do one thing repeatedly, so for me it would be a pretty good deterent.
    Soap makes me gag, makes me resentful and puts my head in all the wrong places.

  5. Rob

    Dear angrylittlegirl,
    Congratulations! I remember you well from the post on feminism and I’m so pleased you are happy (although not about the soap). That’s quite a conversion, soap and all. I converted one too, but thankfully he doesn’t have much time to read this stuff, so I’m hoping that he never finds out that soap is an option!!!

  6. Natty

    See, I definitely agree that there are things like deterrence and effectiveness and all that about each punishment. But I was thinking more about which one you’d hate more.
    To be fair, I have never had to actually write lines (well, not in any significant way), so I suppose I can’t make an honest comparison. But if I could write the lines with my nice arthritis pen while laying on my bed, I’m not sure that I’d mind it nearly as much as soap.
    Though, I suppose soap does put me into a more “I’m so unjustly treated!” little girl frame of mind, which is *kinda* cool. But only kinda.
    Oh, and congrats angrylittlegirl! Yay!

  7. _spankable_

    Another vote for lines. I *HATE* soap. It might be over faster and not as boring, but it’s still worse in a thousand different ways.
    Particularly when it’s antibacterial soap.
    In our set-up I tend to *ask* for lines (not that I’ve had any for over a year, actually – touch wood!), they tend to be set to drive a particular point home and the repetition’s good for that. Soap, on the other hand, is a punishment that I absolutely hate. Although I have to admit it is *very* effective…
    And fortunately my Master also doesn’t have time to read blogs like this!!

  8. Mija

    Also “me tooing” Haron, I’d rather do lines *unless* I was having to do them instead of something else.
    That said, it would depend on the number of lines. If I had to write something out 500 times before being allowed back on the ‘net, or something like that, I’d probably pick the soap just to get it over with.
    Horror of horrors? Imagine having to finish a certain number of lines before being allowed to do a good rinse. Yikes. I better stop as I’m scaring myself. =8-0

  9. Janet

    Mija, the not being able to rinse well before writing a certain amount of lines…..has happened to me. It was not fun, and the soap taste lasted for a long time after that.
    Effective I guess…I was swearing anymore after that… but oh not fun.
    I definately would pick soap. Hate writing lines. Hate it alot, and I always get long, complex, bombastic lines to make it more painful. Since I grew up on the computer my hand writing is painfully slow, and I swear my hand muscles must be underdeveloped too.

  10. Megs

    “Since I grew up on the computer my hand writing…”
    Now Janet, are you really old enough to be looking at this site? *grin* Just kidding, but really, I didn’t have a computer in my house until I was twelve or so, and then only a discard from a rich guy… I’m only 25.

  11. angrylittlegirl

    I have to keep a list of times when I’m naughty so my top can punish me later, and I was remiss in starting it, last night I had to do it item by item (there were, umm, 9, including not having done the list) with freaking ivory in my mouth. It SUCKED.

  12. W.

    Hi. I am W. Am I allowed to post here? 😉
    I hate giving soap cause it makes me want to barf, just LOOKING at uhh whatsername up there. Dykegrrl. Yeah.
    I like lines cause they don’t require for me to be in character or anything.
    And cause they give me a chance to show off my teacher handwriting.

  13. Rob

    Dear angrylittlegirl,
    You can’t fool us! Your fella has taken to spankville like a duck to water (probably revelling in the fringe benefits) and you are loving every minute of it, despite your protestations. However, suggest you shop for high quality soap with palatable flavours!!!!

  14. angrylittlegirl

    I love it before and after, right when the soap’s in my mouth not so much 🙂 Although it feels SO safe, and this is the most okay about me I’ve ever felt. Ever.
    And he DID take to it quick, as he’s an OCD scorpio, I’m not shocked!

  15. Janet

    Ha, yes I’m definitely old enough to be here.
    My father is a computer nerd and has been one since before me.
    I was the first person I knew to have computer, to get the internet back when it was intensely underdeveloped (of course the first thing I tried to find where spanking websites).

  16. Natty

    Of course you’re welcome here W.! ::hugs!::
    Thanks for giving your perspective on the other end of the Ivory bar, as it were 🙂
    See, I think for A. punishment (as well as non-punishment kink activity) is almost a way of letting out his sadistic side in a controlled manner. Which means the fact that it looks so disgusting is sort of a plus for him. Well, at least that’s been my take, but I think it’s pretty accurate. 😉
    Now, while on the one hand, I wish he’d get over this soap phase of his as I really really hate it. On the other hand, I also like that he’s not squeamish and can channel his pent up sadistic side for my benefit — and getting to bed at a decent time has definitely been a benefit, Ivory-slicked lips notwithstanding.
    Oh, and I bet you have kick-ass teacher handwriting. 🙂 Again, I haven’t actually been given lines as a punishment, but I do like handwriting from time to time because I think I have really pretty handwriting. 😀

  17. Rob

    angrylittlegirl: Educate me. An OCD scorpio???? Scorpio the star sign? Me too. We’re supposed to be a pain in the neck, aren’t we? When I begged to differ with someone on this one, she assured me it was just male scorpios that had to have everything their way. That sounds more like it!! LOL

  18. Rob

    Natty: Did Abel pass on some info from me? If he forgot, I could send it to Haron to pass on perhaps?? (and she can pick up a free pass card)

  19. Rob

    Natty: OK I’ve sent it to Haron and asked her to forward it on as I couldn’t locate an email address for you on your blog, and I wanted to give you some info.
    Kind regards

  20. angrylittlegirl

    Rob-yes scorpio star sign, the males tend to be ultra controlling/dominant types. Which can be annoying, or can be harnessed for good instead of evil. If you believe in all that. Which I don’t admit to 🙂

  21. Natty

    Heya Rob,
    Actually, if you go to “view my complete profile” on the left margin right under “about me”, it will show “nattyspanked” and yahoo meaning that my addy is nattyspanked [at] yahoo [dot] com.
    Not sure if it showed up correctly earlier. When I changed over to the new Blogger, I had to use my Google account ID which used my old Newsguy address. So, even though I still have to log in now with that old addy, it should show my yahoo addy in my profile. 🙂

  22. Natty

    Oh, and I should also note that anybody can email any of the authors here at the PB by clicking on the little penny stamp in the right hand column under “the authors”.

  23. raven

    Lines. Definitely lines.
    The only time I have ever had the soap thing was within the context of a 24/7 relationship, when mid scene one afternoon, the f-bomb managed to slip out, and he soaped my mouth then flipped me over for a rather intense spanking/paddling, more of a punishment experience than the fun, cool, sexy bondage and scenes we had done up until that time.
    Wow. Ick.
    And yet — every time I manage to use that word since then (and there’ve been too many to count), that moment still crosses my mind 10 years later. And, horror of horrors, every time thereafter that I really stop to think of that experience, the dominant feeling that comes up first, even more than my distaste for Zest, is a profound sense of safety and security.

  24. Pegus

    Soap for certain. I had to write lines often at school and hated it. As a child I never got the soap although I was threatened with it . I fantasized about it and started doing it to myself and then masturbating. Now I have a partner who is all to willing to indulge me in this ‘clean’ perversion.

  25. Rob

    Raven: Thanks for sharing a memory that obviously has such resonance for you. It made me feel all cuddly and warm just reading it. When you mentioned the “f-bomb” I suddenly realized that soaping a girl’s mouth isn’t likely to happen too often in my country. The f-word is so part of language here that for us it is really just another adjective. I’ve actually only heard of one time in endless years of educational experience where a student had to write lines, and that was a boy in Year 9. A female teacher made him write 100 times, “I must not beat my bare chest with my fists in Miss Wong’s class ever again”. Reading all of these comments I’m starting to feel underprivileged!!!

  26. El

    Soap would just make me throw up, but to be on the safe side I’m keeping my girlfriend away from this site.
    Lines I could do too easily, so it’d be pointless.
    I get tickled… that isn’t nice. But I suppose it works, mostly because I’m far too exhausted after to do anything other than collapse. Why do women have to be so damn ticklish?

  27. Kate James

    Soap IS quicker…but tastes awful and the taste lasts forever! It’s just terrible. I actually like to write, just about anything, with a pen on paper…and lines imprint the lesson on your brain as you write it over and over….:)

  28. Mija

    Hmm… topping from the bottom a bit? 😉
    Seriously Frank, we’re not really disciplinarians — you might want to see a domme, pro or otherwise, if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you stole something, you should either take it back or pay for it.

  29. SoapyOne

    I would take a mouthsoaping anytime. If anyone wants to give me their soaping punishment in place of them having to take the soap, I am volunteering.

  30. Vanellope

    I’ve known I was into BDSM for about five or six years, but I haven’t really done anything. I don’t exactly have a boyfriend at the moment, either. But lately I’ve been thinking about just doing some basic BDSM stuff by myself. Why do I need to wait for a guy? So while my mom was at her parents’ the last couple days, I’ve ordered a pair of handcuffs off eBay, researched how to make ginger suppositories and bookmarked a bunch of pages with the ingredients I will need, and locked a bar of soap. And now I can weigh in on this, because as a kid, my dad made me write lines! I have to say, I would rather have the soap. It would taste awful, but writing lines is boring and the mouth soaping would not be boring. Plus I feel it would a way more effective tool. And the idea of being forced to hold soap in my mouth gets me kind of excited (but scared at the same time).


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