A Nail-Biting Story

Last night I caught myself chewing my nails. I haven’t done it since I
was about – oh, six or so – and decided that coming back to the habit
twenty years later wasn’t something I wanted.

"Uh-oh," I said to Abel, with my mouth full of nail. "I think, I need a beating."

This is exactly the sort of matter where any initiative from Abel would
have been firstly, impossible, secondly unwelcome: if he had seen me nibble on the nail, and forbidden me to do it under the threat of a punishment, he
would have been invited to take a hike. However, helping me with an
issue that I brought to his attention myself is a sort of husbandly
duty. (The poor guy is so exploited.)

He sat on the bed, bent me over his lap and tugged down my knickers, and gave me a few experimental swats with his hand.

"Ouch," he said. "This hurts."

Hmm, no bloody kidding. I nearly said "this is supposed to hurt", but I didn’t want to convert a sort-of disciplinary spanking by my own request into a solid walloping for untimely cheekiness. In the meantime, he reached out to the night-stand and grabbed a hairbrush.

It was the same brush I had been tearing through my hair five minutes previously. It’s a fine, effective brush in both senses. I yelped and owwed for a few strokes, and cursed myself for turning his attention towards my nails. There are so many things with which I can deal without any painful encouragement from him, I thought – why not this? It was too late, though. A dozen swats into the punishment I gave up trying to contain my wailing, and howled in earnest.

"What are you crying for?" asked Abel in a very surprised voice.

I couldn’t work out whether he was being evil, or genuinely didn’t understand just how much a hairbrush spanking can hurt.

"I’m letting you know the spanking is working!" I squealed.


I would that all questions were so easy to answer.

Abel gave me a few more whacks, and put the hairbrush away.

"Up you get," he said. "What do you have to say?"

I scrambled onto my feet and yanked my knickers back up. "Um. I won’t bite my nails again? And thank you for punishing me?"

He nodded. "Good girl. Get ready for bed."

On the whole, that was probably the most effective spanking I’ve ever had. I have no doubt that I really won’t bite my nails again. Whatever fluke had urged me to chew on them in the first place seems a thing of the past now. So does the pain of the spanking, for that matter – but the memory of it remains, as does the warmth from the hugs I got afterwards.

I wish spanking worked the first time for every kind of behaviour I’ve ever wanted to change.

10 thoughts on “A Nail-Biting Story

  1. Mija

    Do you think the effectiveness might be not just that it was an issue you raised, but that you raised it in the early days of spotting the problem?
    That said, I admire your bravery in asking for a “beating.” I don’t think I’ve ever been tempted to use either that or “thrashing.”
    Not that I don’t deserve them sometimes. :-/

  2. Megs

    Haron- don’t you think saying “I wish spanking worked the first time for every kind of behaviour I’ve ever wanted to change.” is kinda asking to fall off the wagon? I hope you knocked on wood. I get in trouble for that too, but you’re a step ahead of me… he’s got to catch me at it if he wants to punish me for it. On the other hand I HAVE been biting my nails since I was six so I doubt the habit will drop away so easily for me.
    Mija- Really? I always ask for a “beating.” Not because I’m brave but because honestly I still feel kind of silly asking for a “spanking.” I’m getting over that rapidly though.

  3. Haron

    Mija – absolutely, it only worked so easily because I caught myself doing it the first time, and didn’t let it develop into a habit. As for saying “beating”, I guess we use it as a generic term for corporal punishment, whereas requesting a “spanking” is just asking for trouble. “I think I need a spanking” – “No, actually, I think you need a caning.” Asking for a beating sort of shows I don’t presume to point out the manner of the punishment I’m about to get. (Because I’m ever so humble an unpresumptious LOL)
    Megs – I’m too good at not being caught at naughty behaviour, that the fact alone of being caught is enough of a punishment for me. No further reinforcement necessary. 😉

  4. Rob

    “…..he would have been invited to take a hike.” That’s interesting because my husband is never short of a suggestion as to how I SHOULD be doing things – from hanging up my keys on the hook when I walk in the door to strategic thinking on the most important of issues, and everything in between. Whilst I very rarely am in trouble for something I’ve done, I’m consistently in trouble for inviting him to take a hike. Apparently I’m just not polite enough about that. Which shows I guess, every household has a different spin on all this……..

  5. Dyke Grrl

    Good on you. And good luck avoiding the nail biting. I admit it’s not a problem of mine, but that’s only because I put *other* things in my mouth (pens, paperclips, necklaces… at least I’ve gotten past putting coins and batteries in there!)
    Maybe it’s because W. isn’t naturally inclined to order and structure, or because she’s not a spanko of her own accord, but she pretty much never suggests arenas for discipline on her own. Heck, she often doesn’t follow through even on the things *I* suggest. And if one of us were getting a spanking (beating, what have you) for things like failing to hang up the keys or, for instance, failing to keep track of where they put their paychecks… well, I’d be the one doling it out.
    I agree with the wish that a single spanking (or the threat of one) would manage to wipe out every behavior we’d rather not do. It’s something to wish for, but I guess I should learn not to beat myself up about it when I fail at self-discipline and need something external. ;P

  6. domino

    Saw this late…
    One real *good*, embarrassing cure for nail-biters (post-spanking, of course, is being required to chew on a pacifier (US) or dummy (UK)
    domino (who has *never* bitten *her* nails 🙂

  7. El

    *sour face* my girlfriend recently discovered that using her ruler on me hurt her hand a lot less and stung me a hell of a lot more.
    Be kind, she’s a little slow. (She’s also going to kill me for saying that.)
    For some reason (low pain threshold?) I get the picture pretty quickly when she uses the ruler. Now to why it’s relevant: recently, when she says things to the effect of “I’m hungry” or “I’m tired” I have begun to answer “hello, Hungry”. Every time. Perhaps it’s funny a few times, but I swear to God it’s annoying me more than it is her, because I can’t stop it! My inner child has her fist around my vocal chords and she won’t let me!
    So, briefly, I asked for a spanking and got one. Useful. I still haven’t stopped, though… it’s stupid. I hate it.


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