Monthly Archives: January 2007

Kinks in My Punishment Kink: The Bad Girl

As I return to my punishment kink, I’m running into a problem that’s been there since I first started getting spanked as an adult: getting punished. Yes, I know. Getting punished is sorta the point, right? And a part of me really likes the getting punished part — or at least the before and after. But for another part of me it feels profoundly unhealthy as it heightens my primeval fear of being bad.

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Be careful what you wish for

It seems like only yesterday that I was posting here about desperately needing to be spanked.  So given the title of this post, guess what I’m writing about today? 

Yep, I’ve been spanked.  Several times, actually, and not fun ones either.  Serious punishments.

But if you’ve been paying attention in the last few months, your next question might well be, "Who could have punished Iris, given the fact that she’s no longer in a disciplinary relationship?"  Or perhaps, "Who could have punished that sweet angel Iris?–she’s absolutely delightful!"  Or maybe not.  😀

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