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I was just researching dates for a rather unusual calendar that I’m giving someone for Christmas (you can personalize it with anything you want) and I discovered some dates for 2007 that might be of general interest to this group.

February 10: National (International?) Plimsoll Day  —  And I know just how to celebrate!

April 30 (USA): National Spank Out Day  —  No idea what this is, but it sounds delightful.  It also happens to be National Honesty Day, which might not be as good for some people.

These are the ones I found so far.  Anyone else have any fun ones to add?

8 thoughts on “Spanko Calendar

  1. Fireman Chris

    Well, according to The Center for Effective Discipline (, SpankOut Day is a day where “all parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to refrain from hitting children on this day, and to seek alternative methods of discipline through programs available in community agencies, churches and schools.” There’s quite a bit of information at
    Here’s a few others that may be appropriate:
    January 7 – I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day
    January 21 to 27 – Women In Blue Jeans Week (I find jeans very spankable)
    January 28 to February 3 – Catholic Schools Week (goes without saying)
    February 1 – Bubble Gum Day (how many spankings has this product provoked…Haron?)
    February 4 to 10 – International Coaching Week (kinda goes along with the previous week). It’s also Dump your Significant Jerk Week.
    February 5 to 9 – Intimate Apparel Market Week (go panties!)
    February 12 to 18 – National Flirting Week (interestingly followed by National Condom Week starting 2 days later)
    March 5 to 11 – National Cheerleading Week (I’m a pervert, what can I say) and National Procrastination Week
    March 15 – True Confessions Day (confession is good for the soul, but sometimes bad for the bottom)
    April 6 – Tartan Day (what would schoolgirl skirts be without tartans?)
    May 1 – School Principal’s Day (what would schoolgirl skirts be without someone to flip them up?)
    May 15 – Nylon Stockings Day (preferably with lace tops and a seam up the back)
    June 3 – Cheer Coach Day (see March 5 to 11).
    June 21 – Watermelon Seed Spitting Day (sounds rather bratty)
    June 27 – Happy Birthday to You Day (and we all know what happens on birthdays)
    July 3 – Stay out of the Sun Day (I know a few young ladies who need to remember this one)
    July 7 – Cherry Pit Spitting Day (first watermelon seeds, now this?)
    July 9 to 15 – Nude Recreation Week (may not be spanking, but sounds like fun)
    August 8 – National Underwear Day (go panties again!). It’s also Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch Night, which could be very perverted if done properly.
    September – Pleasure your Mate Month (use your imagination)
    September 15 – Big Whopper Liar Day (fibbing is naughty)
    October 8 – National Kick Butt Day (with one word substituted, it’d be great)
    October 27 – Cranky Co-Workers Day (for all those with workplace fantasies)
    November 1-7 – National Fig Week (oh, I thought it said “figging”)
    November 19 – Have a Bad Day Day (and get spanked for it)
    December 26 – National Whiner’s Day (and get spanked for it)
    These were all from

  2. Bonnie

    Iris (and all),
    I think we can hijack Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, complete with lashing to the yardarm and floggings all around.
    So, while we’re at it, why not invent our own holidays? After all, every holiday was invented by somebody, right? Here are some of my suggestions:
    February 24th – Leather Lifestyle Day
    April 3rd – World Ankle-Grabbing Day
    May 29th – Switch Stripping Day
    June 6th-10th – Bottom Marks Appreciation Week
    August 11th – OTK Awareness Day
    November 21st – International Fire-in-the-Hole Day
    December – Bun Toasting Month
    If we work at it, we might be able to fill the entire calendar!

  3. Iris

    Chris, I found those dates at the same website! LOL. And as for your not-so-subtle reference to July 3, all I can say is: Pbbbbbttttt. 😉
    Bonnie, I LOVE your idea. I would throw in a few like:
    February 25th: Burn a Hairbrush Day
    May 12th: Pick a Corner Day
    June 1-7: Erotic Spankings Week (can’t have just one day!)
    December 23rd: Naughty Spanking Day
    December 24th: Nice Spanking Day

  4. sparkle

    The problem with July 3 being Stay Out of the Sun Day is that the reference Chris made refers to events that occurred on August 31. In other words, celebrating July 3 wouldn’t have made a different in August, see?
    sparkle… trying to muddy the waters

  5. Fireman Chris

    Haron – Don’t let Abel hear that, or else he’ll consider that another reason to ban gum.
    Iris – “Stick out your Tongue Day” isn’t until July 19 (I checked…add it to the list), so no celebrating early, young lady! 😉 And good luck getting this firefighter to issue any burn permits for February 25 (though I could probably help you out with December 23 and 24).
    Sparkle – Perhaps if you get a hard enough spanking on July 3, you’ll still be remembering it by August 31 (and on all the beach-going days in-between). Or perhaps a pre-beach trip spanking each time would be best.

  6. Rob

    Dear Chris,
    It is a long way from California but in my part of the world tomorrow is ‘Pants Down Friday’. We don’t have nearly as many celebratory days as you, so if you don’t mind, we are going to keep this one for ourselves.


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