I hate wooden spoons

The tops of my thighs are quite stingy at the moment. Especially with my sweats rubbing against them. Or rather, with my sweats rubbing against my pajama bottoms rubbing against them.

Wooden spoons really are evil. As are drafty apartments.

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I got sixteen on my bottom with the wooden spoon for staying up Saturday night when I was supposed to be in bed. Then ten more for forgetting to do my asthma inhaler last night (it’s a preventative thing we added to the discipline regime because I kept forgetting). Except, I’m not sure if it was ten or twenty. It was supposed to be five on each cheek but A. says it sounded like I did ten on each cheek.

"But it also sounded like you started counting at eleven," he said. Oh the mystery…

I dunno. The whole thing was a bit of a blur. See, I think if I have to do the actual hitting, I shouldn’t have to count. I mean, counting, hitting, processing the pain — it’s too much I tell you!

"I think you so wanted to be spanked," he teased.

Nuh uh. Not like that. ::pout::

At any rate, he made me finish with three on each thigh – the tops of my thighs. And they were cold (gawd I need to get insulating curtains or something!). But, all in all, I can’t really complain.  Indeed, I think he was in a fairly merciful mood tonight.

Well, except the whole wooden spoon thing.

4 thoughts on “I hate wooden spoons

  1. Amber

    I sure agree with that. Especially the salad type. I probably got my worst bruses with those, and now the salad spoon is off limits. Or the thin ones with holes. Just that special nasty quality of burn, different from being spanked with a heavier object like a hairbrush. One time a friend gave me a whole set of wooden and plastic utensils for Xmas – incidentally, that happened to be my only vanilla friend who accidentally found out about my kink back in college. God knows what he was thinking (the spoons are sure useful in the kitchen), but my husband since used every single wooden tool from that set, including the pastry brush, on my poor bottom.

  2. Natty

    “I probably got my worst bruses with those”
    Yeah I realized in the wee hours of this morning that the problem with this post was that I didn’t explain why wooden spoons suck so much. And you’re right. They bruise horribly. Granted, when I’m doing it I don’t bruise too much. We were a bit reticent to use it because of my being prone to bruising because of the blood thinners, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. But frankly I think they hurt worse than hairbrushes or canes.
    “including the pastry brush”
    LOL – the pastry brush? How…?

  3. amber

    I agree that spoons are worse than hairbrushes – since in the case of the brush the weight is spread over a larger territory, while spoons tend to target too small of an area with their entire weight because, unlike brushes or paddles, they are spoons and are not flat. As to the pastry brush, very simple – it was turned around, with the brush end in His hand and the handle striking my bottom. It’s a rather thick handle, you realize, so works as a 3/4 inch thick ruler. It was only used once, since we found it was a bit too thick for the job.

  4. eheck

    I agree – I’d rather be beaten by the hairbrush than by the salad spoon any day – but guess what the favourite tool is in our house?
    Nearly earned 10 extra spanks tonight – I was typing so fast my fingers got twisted and I nearly mis-spelt ‘the’! Ten spanks for every mis-spelling is severe when I’m on-line a lot!


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