Broil It

I did something really stupid last night. It was inexcusable, particularly in our house. That being said, I had a terrible headache (i.e. edging to a migraine) which to this moment in time hasn’t gone away completely.

What did I do? Put a slab of London broil on the boiler, put it in the oven, set the oven to low, and went and sat down on the couch with the princess. She climbed up on my lap and we got all cuddly and watched Scooby-Doo.

And I fell asleep.

I woke up to the smoke detector blaring at full volume.

Now, if you’re going to say I deserved a punishment, I really already know that. Chris wasn’t home at the time, but he was expected, so I got the somewhat-charred meat out, aired out the living room (where the smoke tends to gather), put the hunk-o-meat in the microwave for safekeeping (from the dog), and went with the princess to read stories and fall asleep.

I confessed first thing when Chris got home. Even before I asked how his meeting went.

As might be expected, he was not pleased.

Throbbing head or not, I was to be punished after dinner. Not having any objections, I asked if I could lay on the bed instead of flopping around over his knee on a chair or his lap. I cited my throbbing head, which is still somewhat throbbing behind my right ear. He agreed.

After the dishes were finished, I wound up naked from the waist down, my ass propped up by a rolled blanket, my head resting on a pillow.  He did ask if I’d prefer to wait until Tuesday night (tonight) but no… I don’t thinking putting off punishments is good for my state of mind.

What he described as a warm-up I’d describe as seriously hard handspanking. I whimpered and squirmed. I screamed into the mattress when he switched to the bathbrush. Several times he had to tell me to stay in position or to get back in position. For a few minutes he locked his arm around my waist and held me down. And he told me to count the last ten, after I – in a gasping voice – gave in and asked him to please stop.  (I don’t like to do that; in fact, I rarely ask for spankings to end but try to take as much as he planned.)

Afterward, he cuddled me for a couple of minutes and helped me climb under the sheet, blanket and duvet. He tucked me in, kissed me goodnight, and told my head to feel better.

My bottom hurt, but I was still asleep within five minutes.

13 thoughts on “Broil It

  1. Bessie Granger

    I once left a teapot on the stove allllllll night. I found out the next morning when he came into the room and woke me up saying, “BESSIE, you left the stove on ALL NIGHT.” I know how you feel. I think I hate getting in trouble these kinds of things so much because they make me feel so stupid, you know? Anyway, I’m glad the worst that happened was the smoke alarm going off.

  2. Rob

    I know I am ABSOLUTELY NOT meant to say (or even think) this, but I have to say I would have operated on the ‘need to know’ basis! I know how bad those migrainy headaches can be. Hope that you are feeling better.

  3. Amber

    Hi Sparkle, thanks for sharing, nice writing, I am glad your house is safe. I hope you are feeling better. Does Advil not help?
    I have to say that I enjoy a good dash of domestic discipline myself, in fact just got some yesterday for what my husband called “our house is a mess and your work is not done, is that good?” (He recently began keeping a switch in his desk for occasions like this, you see). Needless to say my work was finished later that night and my house was next to spotless today. I even managed to serve dinner at 6, as planned, and not half an hour later, as it happens more often than not. Well, I better go before I get myself in trouble!
    Take care,

  4. Fireman Chris

    It probably didn’t help that I spent most of the afternoon at a house fire here in town. Turned out to not be too serious…smoldering insulation in the attic and no real structural damage (other than the holes we cut in the roof), but definitely was a reminder that fires do happen.
    Also didn’t help that while driving home, I had one of those “terible thought” moments with a vision of coming home to a house full of smoke because she fell asleep with the stove on (I kid you not). Walking into the house and finding out that actually did happen was definitely not a good feeling.

  5. Dyke Grrl

    Sparkle: This is why I haven’t been cooking lately. ;P
    Okay, it isn’t *really* why I haven’t been cooking lately, but it’s a side benefit. Forgetting something in the microwave is less of a problem, because the worst that happens is some food gets wasted (because I am leery about eating something that’s been in the microwave for more than, say, 24 hours).
    As for the headache, I have much empathy. I can take a bit of the edge off with Excedrin Migraine, or with that nasty feverfew tea. I also used to get some help by taking Zomig, but that cost me $6 per PILL, even with insurance covering 70% of the cost. And since I get migraines three or four times a week… it just wasn’t cost-effective. But if you’ve got decent prescription coverage, it’s worth a shot.

  6. Rob

    Fireman Chris, When you put it that way it sounds endearing – protective and ‘how could I live without her’ sentimental. In my scenario, I would have felt guilty and fragile all evening. In your scenario, your wife got the sleep she much needed. Aren’t you the clever one!! (I’m new to this, but learning fast.)

  7. Haron

    I have to say, I would have opted for the “what he doesn’t know can’t hurt me” scenario… particularly if Abel were a fireman!
    You’re very brave, Sparkle {{{{hugs}}}}

  8. sparkle

    Bessie: I can see how that wouldn’t go over very well! I hope you’re doing okay – I know you’ve been busy with life but I hope it’s all good stuff.
    Amber: Advil doesn’t even make a dent. Taking more than the recommended dose of Aleve provides some relief… As for ‘enjoying’ it, I’m not so sure that’s how I’d describe it. I’d say that, emotionally, I need the structure and security, but it’s more complex than that. Still, it’s more of a need-based thing for me, rather than something that turns me on by itself.
    Dyke Grrl: The headaches are completely stress-related. They go away when the stress is solved. Or when it moves to another art of my body, so this morning the headache is gone and I’ve nauseous since I woke up. And really, there’s no prospect of ending some of the stressors until the end of the year.
    Rob & Haron: Don’t get me wrong, I considered it (don’t we all give ‘hiding it’ a moment’s thought or two), but my good sense came to the rescue. Even Chris said to me later, “It would have been worse if you’d tried to hide it.”
    Tried being the operative word here, as I had both a charred hunk-o-beef on hand, and I had to move a small piece of furniture to turn off the smoke detectors, which was clearly still moved when Chris got home – and only a few minutes after I got the princess in bed.

  9. Tiggr

    Ouch… for both of you… scary for Chris and very unfortunate for you, bottom not excluded. But it could have truly been ever so much worse… a small smoldering fire in your tushy that was extinguished in a day or so was far better than what could have been.
    And I’m betting on a lesson learned… that’s what they make those damn annoying kitcjen timers for!

  10. alison tyler

    You’re married to a fireman and you set off the smoke detector… it would make such a delicious sex story (“Four-Alarm Fire,” maybe?) I’m just dying to write it up for you…

  11. sparkle

    Everybody: Really, to be frank, the stupid smoke detector goes off when I cook bacon. It’s not such an unusual occurence. The real problem, to my mind, is that I fell asleep while broiling meat in the oven. … At least, to my mind. I’ve certainly never been spanked for setting the smoke detector off before. As I said, the crazy thing is simply sensitive.
    Tiggr: Don’t remind me about the kitchen timer! I just replaced it, too! *groans and hangs my head*
    Alison: I’ve so tried about writing a fantasy along these lines, thinking at one time that Chris would find it erotic… over the last year or so I’ve come to the realization that whatever fantasy I would create regarding sparkle-getting-in-trouble over fire safety would probably not amuse him. And the notion of fantasizing about really upsetting Chris… isn’t really a fantasy at all to me, so I think the whole concept of me writing a fantasy story about me getting in trouble for setting the house on fire (or at least a very small part of it like a *cough* paper towel or two) is best left for someone else.
    In other words, if you want to write a fireman/fireman’s wife spanking/punishment/erotic fantasy, be my guest! Chris might even enjoy it if it were written by someone else. *laughs* He is conscious of the ‘men in uniform’ phenomenon that occasionally exists in his corner of the universe ;).


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