Reporting for Punishment

‘I hope you’ll dress smartly for your appointment,’ said Abel as I curled up in my bath robe at half past 10 in the morning.

‘What do you want, a ball gown?’ I said. Nevertheless, I dragged myself
upstairs to put some clothes on. At 11am exactly I was supposed to
knock on his office door, reporting for my punishment.

This used to be a fantasy of mine: hours of anticipation,
self-conscious squirming, minutes ticking away – walking up the stairs
with enough time to spare that I can take a few deep breaths at the
door to calm my nerves. We sometimes role-play with scenes like that,
and I love it. Reality has shown that I’m just so good at
compartmentalisation, that the first time I thought about the
punishment that morning when Abel reminded me to get dressed for it.
Not that I wasn’t happy to get over with it: the punishment had been
hanging over me for more than a day.

We Punishment Book babes get spanked for a variety of reasons, and some times our misdeeds are pretty contradictory. We simply can’t use each other’s experience for guidance. One day I’ll be spanked for working too hard, and then Mija will be spanked for not working hard enough. One day Sparkle is in trouble for not locking the front door – and guess what I get strapped for next.

Abel arrived home the other night to find the front door latched. He doesn’t like this. I always have the latch on, particularly when it’s almost midnight, and I’m alone in the house, but when he’s due to come home from a trip, I unlatch it before he comes back.

Or anyway, I’m *supposed* to unlatch it. Unless I forget. Or put the latch back on automatically. When this happens, I usually hear a crash as Abel tries to open the door, and then some very bad words when he fails.

Only this time, there was a crash – and complete silence. Bad words were mentally provided by me, because I’d suddenly remembered that last time this happened he’d promised me retribution. I wondered whether it would be safer just to leave him outside, but then figured that at some point I’d have to leave the house to get food and stuff, and by that time he’d be really unhappy, so I sighed and trotted to the door.

‘You’ll be spanked for this,’ were his first words.

‘Hello to you too,’ I said. I really wanted to explain to him about serial killers, monsters from the outer space, and maniacs who get into your house *just* as you’re about to have a shower, but thankfully I was too tired to say anything witty, so we just hugged and went to bed.

The next day he didn’t mention it at all. All day.

Until that night, when he suddenly remembered. But then it was quite late, and we’d had a glass of wine, and I reasoned maybe he should put off my punishment to some time when I’m not comatose. I have this thing where I prefer not to be spanked when I’m too tired to understand what’s happening. Although, if you think about it, maybe it would be better to sleep through the punishment, and wake up pleasantly refreshed in the morning, wondering why my bottom is sore and striped…

Anyway, my spanking was put off again. Only this time Abel told me to report to him the following morning.

At exactly two minutes past eleven I was touching my toes in the spare bedroom, in the middle of a vast space he had just cleared for his swinging needs.

He had picked out a strap – not the scariest we own, but one of the pretty scary ones, with a nasty wooden handle and a nasty black leather tongue, and announced that I was getting six strokes.

Well, that’s not too bad, I said to myself, I can take six; I’ve had six before – I’ve had many more; no big deal, I though: it’s only six.

When you need to tell yourself something so many times, it’s because deep inside you know that it’s a lie.

I knew it was bad after the second stroke, which bit so heavily into my skin that my ears rang before I could even feel anything. I couldn’t stay in position for anything. After each stroke I shot straight up, hollering and clutching my bottom. I went straight back to touching my toes, though, because I wanted to get through this, and I didn’t want any extra strokes: it was hard enough to get through the strokes I’d had.

I didn’t cry, but I came close to tears, particularly after the last stroke, when I crouched on the floor, thankful I didn’t need to present my bottom to the strap again. I had a band of fire across my cheeks, so sore that I didn’t even look at it in the mirror. I just didn’t want to see it.

Abel gave me a hug – a really long and warm one – and I gingerly pulled my trousers back on.

I’m still going to keep the door locked, thankyouverymuch, but maybe I’ll put a big sign on the inside of it, saying something like "Husband Alert, Take Off Latch."

22 thoughts on “Reporting for Punishment

  1. Tasha

    It’s SO not fair to get spanked for being afraid of being hacked into little bits by a grinning maniac with an ax! Of course, you COULD have screamed when you heard the crash, then waited to hear his voice and run to the door in hysterical tears, letting him in and clutching him tight. “OMIGOD, I’m so glad it’s you! There was this guy before who opened the door while I was standing in the kitchen in my undies and he had a blood-soaked knife in his hand and I slammed the door and locked it! Oh, thank God you’re home!”
    Or maybe not.

  2. Iris

    Either that, or you could hire someone to come in when you’re *both* home. Someone who looks crazy and has a blood-soaked knife. Got any neighbors/friends with a spirit of fun?

  3. sparkle

    Haron! I really try to suppress my “This is so unfair!” reactions for the sake of our collective partners, but (caps intended) THIS IS SO UNFAIR!
    You’re right, the whole thing goes to prove that our partners do not think alike, huh?
    Tell Abel that if you take the latch off the door, you’ll have to lock yourself in the bedroom with nothing but a vibrator to entertain you until he gets home, so that you feel safe.
    Or wait. Maybe it would be better to ask him to call you from the airport or car and simply remind you 🙂

  4. Abel

    Sparkle – I’m sure Haron is about to post a comment noting that I *had* called her ten minutes before getting home 🙂 But I’m still wondering how vibrators are supposed to protect a girl from knife-wielding maniacs…!

  5. sparkle

    Abel – She’d be locked in the bedroom, so you’d be on the other side of the door… and wouldn’t be able to get it. Consider it an experiment in whether it would get her in trouble at yet another door.

  6. Megs >

    I just want to second and third the “not fairs.” I like Tasha’s idea especially although I have to admit the ten minute warning phone call from the airport does make the “not fair” just a little weaker. Still, that’s ten whole minutes when… what was it? A “a grinning maniac with an ax” could come in with “a blood-soaked knife in his hand” (so he’s got an ax and a knife) while Haron is “standing in the kitchen in [her] undies.” Unfair. Totally.

  7. Kayley

    Yes, it’s not fair to get spanked for being too cautious! Jack is the one making me lock the door and all that, cuz I mostly forget. But sometimes when I’m alone, usually very rarely, I get so freaked out that I sleep with the knife next to me – ok, that happened when he were living in a very big house and I couldn’t keep an eye on all of the rooms. lol
    Oh, you want me to freak you out even more? Have you heard of guys climbing to the 10th floor even and breaking in through windows and/or killing? I have!! lol Lock your windows! hehe 😉

  8. Mija

    LOL! Poor you Haron, though the phone call does make a bit of a difference. Speaking of turn-arounds however, if it were our house, I would get to smack Pab. I come home to find him locked inside with the chain on pretty often.
    … asuming it’s the one in one hundred times that I’ve remembered my key. He’s definitely the one who locks our doors.

  9. Dyke Grrl

    Heh. I generally prefer to have the apartment door locked; but there are two locks: the one that will unlock from the outside, and the one that won’t. Once or twice, I’ve forgotten that not everyone was home, and locked the one that only works from inside. Whoops.
    But the more annoying (to me) version of this is the following: W. often forgets to take her keys when we go out. This would be fine, except I’m the one who is responsible for parking the car (being the one with the driver’s license). So I give her my keys, and ask her NOT to lock me out, even though it can take 20 minutes or so to find parking (lots of one-way streets, which requires a great deal of driving around). And then I get home, and find the outside doors locked. Perhaps this is due to someone else having gone in or out in the meanwhile. And then the apartment door is locked. ARRGGH! Especially if W. doesn’t hear her phone.
    I admit, it hasn’t happened much, but boy, is it aggravating! (ESPECIALLY because W. *generally* *forgets* to lock the door when we come home!)
    This reminds me that I need to put the spare keys on my key chain, in case I need them.

  10. Natty

    Hmm…don’t know that I have much to contribute regarding to lock or not to lock.
    But having to report to the office for punishment…well, lemme just say, YUMMY! 😉

  11. Janey

    Hi Haron,
    I am not sure what you actually DID wear for your punishment but I was instructd to don my posh frock today for mine. I wonder whether this ‘ballgown’ thing is unique to the English way of life as is possibly reporting for punishment at a very specific time and place?
    Love and hugs from a sore-bottomed (though well-dressed) girl in England
    Janey XXX

  12. Tiggr

    No fair doesn’t begin to cut it… what happened to men fearing for OUR safety, not their convenience?
    Besides, doesn’t the man have a key? Seriously Abel, come up with a better excuse than this… ROFL
    Something tells me that after those sic, you may not even need the sign on the inside of the door!
    Big hugs to Haron and a nasty face to Abel, LOL.

  13. evelyn

    So nice to find this site! I’m 53, have been getting spanked by my husband for 25 years. I’m glad to see that there are still some husbands/partners who are aware of the benefits of this system. Today we are more in love than ever.
    I was trained by my husband early in our marriage to be at the door waiting whenever he arrived home. I do it without fail to this day. (Now, with cell phones, it’s so much easier.) This good habit would eliminate your problem. Next time, be mindful of the time, and be at the door, appropriately dressed and ready to serve him, when he arrives. The benefits far outweigh the inconveniences.

  14. Haron

    Tiggs – Ah, you see, when the door is latched, a key is no help! Because I’m sure that the only thing that would stop a monster from the outer space is a *latch*.
    Evelyn – Nice idea, but our house is small enough that even when I’m not *literally* at the door, I’m still at the door. LOL (We’re not too big on the serving bit, either.)

  15. Stephen

    I thought I should let you know that Janey is to be punished tomorrow. She has been overspending despite repeated warnings and so she will be spanked, strapped and finally caned. How many pairs of boots can a girl need?

  16. Mountaingirl

    I think you guys are lucky to have partners who discipline you in this way. My former partner was good at keeping me in line with his leather strap, but I think my husband would be mortified if I told him I needed him to take more control of me through the use of corporal punishment. I think it helped to keep me under better control and it definitely helped me to be better disciplined in my life, which I have a very hard time with!!!

  17. sparkle

    By my count, *at least* five. Black ones, brown ones, a funny cute pair of pink or orange ones, high heel ‘fuck me’ ones, and perhaps a well-worn pair that can actually be worn in places like barns and paddocks. But I can see where one might need more, especially low heeled ones and high heeled ones in several colors, a sexy silver pair to go with the cowboy dancing skirt and denim shirt, and waders for trudging through the rain.
    In other words, a girl might need quite a lot.

  18. Janey

    My punishment took place at 11.30 this morning.
    Casual clothes were not allowed Haron, instead I had to wear my short white frilled skirt and matching accoutrements.
    And even though I tried to get my word in about your boot collection Sparkle – it was to no avail.
    When S says I deserve to be punished. Punished I have to be.
    But thanks for looking out for me anyway!
    Janey XXX


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