Life Imitates Art

I hate writing these
entries. I really do.

Last week I was
spanked for not doing housework. Again. This is the only thing I seem to get
spanked for. Never mind that visitors often remark how clean and lovely the
place is (and I’ll say it again – it’s a huge bloody house!); it’s never clean
enough for his Lordship.

I’ve become Colette.

Well, last week he told me to write about the punishment here. (Don’t bother scrolling back; I didn’t do it.) So today he called me into the bedroom and asked me how much cleaning I’d done in the past week. I said I’d dusted a couple of things and vacuumed the porch, forgetting to mention that I’d also scrubbed the bathtub, toilet and sink on one floor. He also asked if I’d posted about it here. I could see where this was going, so I didn’t argue.

Over his knee for a nasty dose of the hairbrush. Then a hard hand spanking and another exhortation to write a post for the Punishment Book. Afterwards I felt very petulant and a little resentful, but he held me and comforted me, as he always does.

I ought to be studying my Latin, not chasing after cobwebs with the duster. But I suppose he’d say I’m getting above myself and that’s probably a punishable offence too. **sigh**

12 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art

  1. Abel

    Awwwwwww…. sends big hug.
    As for: “I hate writing these entries. I really do.” Isn’t that part of the point? If having to write a Punishment Book entries after a spanking is something that the site’s members “hate”, this presumably acts as an additional deterrent. Thus the site in itself should be lauded for improving the standards of behaviour of its posters and thus reducing the number of spankings they have to receive….
    But anyway, aside from the philosophical / logic debate – sends a second hug…

  2. Haron

    Abel, see, the site was *intended* for highbrow theorising about the subtleties of discipline relationships, not to take up our valuable time with silly old posts about silly old punishments 😛
    Tasha, if His Lordship isn’t happy with the state of the house, I’m sure he knows where the vacuum cleaner is! {{{hugs}}}

  3. Abel

    My darling Haron, I know what the site was *intended* for. It’s the perhaps-more-unitended side-effects that I find quite interesting. (Like, perhaps, the forthcoming side-effects for a girl who hasn’t posted entries here for her most recent punishments, as she is supposed to have done…?)

  4. Iris

    Awwww. It seems to me that doing so much housework is enough of a punishment in itself, Tasha! I haven’t seen your house, but others have verified your assertion of its hugeness. So to have to clean it AND get spanked seems over the top. Poor Colette.
    And because I’m feeling brave (both His Lordship and M are some distance from me at the moment) I’ll second Haron’s suggestion that other people in the house (ahem) are capable of finding the cleaning supplies. 😉
    (Giving you a quick hug and ducking for cover.)

  5. sparkle

    I’m with Haron and Iris – given the size of the house (which we know is larger than the absolute minimum), it seems … incumbent … upon the one with the higher standards to help maintain its state.
    Of course, in our house, I’m the one who wants to hire a housekeeper, so perhaps I’m not the one who should be commenting ;).
    As Haron said as well, PB was intended to be a place where we could post about punishments if we chose to – how our tops got involved in making it a requirement is beyond me. Note that I haven’t posted about my last punishment either, partly because I have conflicted feelings about it that I haven’t resolved yet, but also because I’ve been blogging on other topics. And because I’ve been busy with non-online stuff.

  6. Bessie Granger

    You know I didn’t have many problems keeping it clean… of course it was novel for me, *and* I didn’t have anything else I was meant to be doing! It’s ok Tasha, next time round I’ll catch you up enough that it will take a least a month for any evidence to show! That might get Colette off the hook for a while!
    It truly *is* a giant house. I don’t blame you for struggling at all. Get rid of that hairbrush though, it’s not worth it.

  7. Megs

    Note 1: You know, if you get involved in the larger BDSM community (sorry if classifying this as bdsm offends anyone) I’ll bet you can find someone who’s whole kink is cleaning other people’s houses. I’ve got a friend who has several people who tag team her house… lucky woman… my b/f and I have yet to meet any such useful people.
    Note 2: I was always under the impression that… historicly… a “Punishment Book” was the log in which the person handing out the discipline recorded the offence, punishment, underwear worn by offender… any relivant details. Although I enjoy following and participating in the discussions on this page, I do have to comment that it’s struck me before as entirely unfair that the people who’ve been punished have taken up that duty as well… but then, you’re all such lovely writers so…

  8. Q

    Haron wrote:
    “If His Lordship isn’t happy with the state of the house, I’m sure he knows where the vacuum cleaner is!”
    Well, yes, you’ve identified the problem here. I _do_ know where the vacuum cleaner is. It’s nearly always where I left it after the last time I used it.

  9. Mija

    I’ve loved reading the replies in this (and the other) entries going. More than 18 months since the blog started, it seems so odd to remember that before I posted my first “punishment” entry I wrote to the other authors asking if they thought that would be okay. As Abel said, it does rather seem like an obvious spin on what punishment books traditionally were / are.
    As to housework? Well, I admit that to the degree it gets done in our house, I tend to be the one that does the vacuuming and mopping (or rather Swiffering) — though Paul does have to empty the vac as we sadly do NOT *yet* have a very kewl Dyson and my dust allergy keeps me from being able to empty our lamely designed model.
    But the odd thing is that I actually associate mopping and vacuuming with “male” work rather the same way that I tend to think of gardening as “female” probably because that was the breakdown between my parents. My mom has a bad back and has never been able to carry the vac about (though my dad cleverly solved this when they moved the last time by buying a house with a central vac system) and, for the same reason, really shouldn’t mop.
    This has wandered a bit (as my replies tend to, especially when I’m at work), but I’m struck by the fact that the jobs I hate most: washing dishes and folding clothes (both of which Paul does) are ones I associate with either my having to do when growing up or watching my mom do. Cooking, scrubbing bathrooms and the like I tend to like to do.
    Anyway, my dad’s coming this weekend, so it may be time to pretend to be a maid again.


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