Lady in Red

I'm a procrastinator.  Often I say things like "Deadlines are good for me" and, "I work well under pressure," and both of those are true.  It's also true that I procrastinate–an awful lot. 

So it's no real surprise that I needed help getting this one last paper done.  (Yes, I'm finished with my degree, but this is something else.  Don't ask.)  And M tried to be helpful by setting a deadline of August 31st, which you'll notice was several days ago.  (discreet cough)  So when it still wasn't done by this past weekend, M decided to take things to a different level.

On Sunday morning he laid out the day's schedule: first I had to put on my plaid schoolgirl skirt and one of his white shirts (I don't have any of my own that button), then I went over his knee for a spanking that dealt with not having the paper finished yet.  Then I had to sit on the hard kitchen chairs to work on the paper while he watched football in the living room (though he did provide me with earplugs to drown out the cheering and cursing).  And I got spanked every 30 minutes until the paper was finished.  (M really dislikes creating heavily structured schedules, so this was a pretty big deal by itself.)

After about an hour's work (and three spankings), I started to lose steam.  "M," I wheedled, "I'm hungry."

He looked over at me.  "You do look hungry.  And we haven't had food yet."

Me (surprised he hasn't swatted me and ordered me back to work): "Uh huh.  And I can't do any more until I've eaten something.  Can I go out and get some food and bring it back here?"

M: "Mmm, I don't think so.  I'll go bring some back; you can stay here and keep working."

Me (pouting very slightly and sweetly): "But then I can't come with you and we can't sit down there and do a crossword together."

M (laughing): "OK, you can come with me.  But only if you wear that outfit."

Please understand: there's something cute and a little sexy about pulling back my hair and slipping into a plaid skirt and his shirt to be punished.  If no one else can see me, that is.

Me: "What?!  No way!  I'm not going out in this!"

M (who has now gotten quite attached to the idea): "That's the deal.  Either you come out in that outfit or I go by myself and you stay to do work."

This is how you know I was desperate to get out of the house: I took the deal.  He let me get a bit more ready and presentable, so I put on makeup, curled my hair, put on a bra, etc.  It wasn't a very traditional schoolgirl outfit anyway (with apologies to those who have a fetish around those sorts of details), so I also rolled up the sleeves and tied the ends of the shirt around my midriff.

Which made me look……only slightly less ridiculous.  (OK, the flipflops probably didn't help either.)

But I Really Wanted to go out.  So we did. 

It's an interesting experience, walking half a mile to a popular local eatery on a Sunday morning dressed as a bizarro schoolgirl.  I figured the best way to salvage it was to pretend  I was making a fashion statement, and so I owned that look.  Tried to walk confidently, as if I dress like this outside all the time and actually prefer skirts that only cover half my thighs.  Nonchalantly kept my hands at my sides to keep the (suddenly gusty) wind from lifting said skirt the few inches necessary to flash the world.  Valiantly fought back the blushes.  Oh, and pinched M every time he dropped something and asked me to pick it up.

And yes, I did finish the paper when we got home.  It only took one more spanking to get there.

17 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. Fireman Chris

    Congratulations on getting it done, Iris.
    Having seen this skirt in person, I’d guess Sparkle’s comment about the camera phones isn’t too far off.
    Of course, maybe Sparkle would care to share the time she had to wear her short black mini-skirt in front of my dad.

  2. M

    This particular young lady had been struggling for quite a while on this paper. She needed quite a lot of attention to finish it up. …and yes the kitchen chairs are wooden. No pads.
    I can’t claim to have come up with all of her deadlines nor punishments that were motivating her (eventually), but I did come up with (with great glee I might add) making her continue to wear her schoolgirl outfit to go out to eat. There was no doubt that she desperately wanted to leave the house and take a break from her paper. She wanted it badly enough, that I got to turn the ‘break’ into another (little) punishment that I would get to enjoy. You see, Iris doesn’t particularly like to wear clothes out into public that draw attention to herself in a sexy/flirty manner. Despite the fact that (in my biased opinion) she looks H.O.T!
    So I got to accompany my beautiful girl, with a short skirt on while wearing one of my shirts(yum!) and with a sore bottom out to a nice brunch. Aaaaah! All the while gently teasing her as I let my mostly dormant bratty side point out how gusty the weather had suddenly turned!
    And most importantly, her paper is done.

  3. Haron

    Iris, forgive me, but instead of sympathy I’m rolling about laughing here. I’m sure it felt annoying at the time, but hey, if he let you curl your hair and update the look with rolled-up sleeves and such, he couldn’t be *that* mean.
    A spanking every half an hour? Hmmm, that’s a little scary.

  4. Janey

    Oh wow Iris! How exciting. We wear tartan skirts here too in England and today by sheer coincidence I bought a St Margaret’s red school tie to match mine. Like yours mine is not too ‘traditional’ but I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams being told to wear it out. I hope S doesn’t read this!

  5. Iris

    sparkle, I hadn’t even thought about people snapping surreptitious pics of me! But, um, thanks for pointing that out.
    Chris, did you really have nothing better to do that wait for this post? Surely there were some Scooby Doo or Little People movies that were keeping you glued to the television. (g)
    M, my love, you are VERY sweet (and a little devious). Thank you for all your help getting this paper done. And you’re right, I don’t like wearing outfits that call attention to me.
    Haron, I completely forgive you. I have to laugh at myself when I think about it–and it truly wasn’t a horrible punishment. Just a mildly embarrassing one. The spankings every half hour, on the other hand, are to be avoided at all costs. No fun at all.
    Janey, I’ll hope for your sake that S doesn’t read this either. But it’s really not so bad (which I can say because I’ve gone through it and don’t plan to do it again!).

  6. Natty

    I’m so glad A. is at least as squeamish about outlandish outfits as I am, even if he jokes about it at home. And I’m glad you were able to get your paper done! Yay! 🙂

  7. Mija

    Very cute entry! Wish I could have seen you.
    And Iris? My confession, which should be part of a longer entry one of these days, is that I pretty much do my school work in my uniform the three days a week I’m not at the university. And while I haven’t had to wear it out in a while (a combination of my having been ever so good *and* my needing to have my only fitting uniform skirt altered — English 13 year olds being amazingly tall these days!) I’ve been seen in it even in (shivering at the memory) classes and pretty much all over Los Angeles.
    Aside: How do you know you’re just back from SL? You see a cute young thing in a short pleated black skirt, white shirt and knee socks and think “hmm, must be with us” *before* thinking “local catholic school girl.” Soooo pervvy. 😉
    Glad your paper’s done. Are we almost healed enough for another beach day?

  8. Iris

    Oooh, Mija! Does Pablo make you wear your uniform or do you do it because it makes you feel like a good girl who has to get things accomplished *or else*? You’re much braver than I am, to wear it to class. Also, knowing Pab, you’d be in a much more traditional and detail-oriented outfit than I was.
    As for another beach day, that’d be lovely. I’ll bring the sandwiches, you bring the forks, and sparkle will bring the sunscreen.

  9. sparkle

    Check. Got the sunscreen. Also a t-shirt to wear over my swimsuit. And the sun & beach-loving princess.
    Also bought a sand-resistant blanket(spread?) to put down on the sand. I washed the one we had last time, it hung in the garage for days, then it sat around in Chris’s office for a couple *more* days, and when he picked it up to roll it up, sand fell out all over the couch and carpet.
    I think I’m glad I wasn’t home to see it. I probably would have gotten in trouble for laughing or something.

  10. Janey

    Actually S DID read this and part of my punishment is to write and apologise for not being sympathetic to your receiving the 30 minute spankings.
    I hope that the spankings were not TOO severe and that sitting wasn’t too much of a task in itself.
    The other part of my punishment (probably not surprising to you) was being caned whilst wearing my school uniform.

  11. Iris

    Awww, Janey, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble! (That’s the trouble with tops, you know. They get ideas…)
    But you didn’t have to apologize for not sympathizing. I survived just fine and am sitting beautifully now. 🙂

  12. Mija

    I sure hope she does. 🙂 Sluttishness is so freaking attractive and Iris is already almost unbearably so.
    Now here’s a question for you: Jealous much?

  13. Emilie

    This is the first time I’ve visited here and I love it!!!
    I’m going back to school next week, so this has totally put me in good spirits about it!!! How fun is that? Getting spanked in a school girl outfit when related to school misbehavior!
    See, John…I need a new plaid skirt!
    Great job, Iris!


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