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Congratulations Haron OR Years of Caning Pays Off

It’s finally happened.  After being punished for being bad (though she never really is), motivated to be good (and here too), for working too hard, and for reading in the dark, one of our esteemed PB authors, the lovely Haron, is almost a doctor (PhD) of law.  She turned in her dissertation this past week and even had a celebratory dinner / caning, which you can read all about here.  All she has left is her defense.

What a wonderful achievement!

Haron’s an inspiration to me, given that I’ve been stuck ABD (that’s ‘All But Dissertation’ to the innocent) for far too long.  She deserves all sort of congratulations for finally being out of school.   Though I suspect she will, heart of hearts, forever be a schoolgirl.

Lady in Red

I'm a procrastinator.  Often I say things like "Deadlines are good for me" and, "I work well under pressure," and both of those are true.  It's also true that I procrastinate–an awful lot. 

So it's no real surprise that I needed help getting this one last paper done.  (Yes, I'm finished with my degree, but this is something else.  Don't ask.)  And M tried to be helpful by setting a deadline of August 31st, which you'll notice was several days ago.  (discreet cough)  So when it still wasn't done by this past weekend, M decided to take things to a different level.

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Talk Trumps Telepathy

Last Thursday, we went to the beach.  By ‘we’, I mean Mija, Iris, the princess and I.  (I’m including Mija and Iris because they’ve already identified themselves as my companions in comments to Chris’s discussion of this incident.)  I had lots of fun, but we were outside for 3 1/2 hours in the middle of the day.

And when it was over, my back was burnt.  Pretty badly.  Chris even posted a picture of it.

To be honest, I didn’t dream it would be a spankable offense.  I mentioned it to Chris later when he met us for dinner, and was almost immediately informed otherwise.

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Life Imitates Art

I hate writing these
entries. I really do.

Last week I was
spanked for not doing housework. Again. This is the only thing I seem to get
spanked for. Never mind that visitors often remark how clean and lovely the
place is (and I’ll say it again – it’s a huge bloody house!); it’s never clean
enough for his Lordship.

I’ve become Colette.

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