The Typical Domestic Spanking Story: Mija’s Version.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me more than a week to write this entry.  There was nothing especially severe or terrible about this punishment.  Partly I’m embarrassed, but then I’ve written about far more serious and shaming things here.  I guess on some level I had convinced myself that if I just kept delaying I wouldn’t really need to write about it. 

But eight days later, after some gentle reminders, well, here I go.

Last Saturday I got spanked quite hard for something embarrassingly cliche.  As Haron wrote in her entry A Naughty Punished Wife sometime ago, there are certain things that it’s almost too stereotypical to be spanked for.  Laxness in house cleaning is one Tasha’s written about.  Not mailing an important check (or "cheque’ for our British readers) was Haron’s ‘wifely’ downfall.  I supposed I should keep these in mind as I write my version of the typical domestic spanking story.

What for you ask? 

For shopping on eBay (no, I’m not putting up a link, good heavens!).

As the six or seven of you who follow my blog know, I’ve played by myself quite a bit lately with a role play of being a maid.  It’s sort of fun for me and makes it easier for me to clean, something that isn’t usually easy at all.  Doing this over the last month or so on my days off has meant that our house has reached something close to being clean and tidy.  It’s swinging back the other direction now, but still.  Anyway, one consequence of my cleaning has been that we’ve found our storage closets full of things that I intend to be sold on eBay. 

I’m not using the word full lightly here either.  The closet off our living room, which is almost large enough to be a box room (previous tenants used it as an office) is almost completely filled with stuff as is the guest room / study closet and a good portion of the guest room / study itself. 

So bit by bit it’s being taken to charity, thrown out or put up on eBay. 

But as anyone who has used eBay knows, it’s far easier to buy then sell. Especially if, like me, you’re almost programmed to search for certain things and find it hard to resist them when you find them at bargain prices. 

Anyway, normally this would escape Pablo’s notice — he doesn’t much nag me about spending money (I’m sort of frugal by nature) — I have my own eBay account.  Except that he’s been helping me with getting auction listings done.  And then following them on my account. 

Sooo, last Saturday I was barely out of bed when I found myself being spanked quite hard and fast — so much so I was left gasping — for buying rather than selling on eBay.  And warned in no uncertain terms that ten items better be sold before anything else is bought. 

I cried and agreed after first yelling about this being very unfair as we hadn’t really discussed this rule beforehand.  Apparently logic, always my downfall, should have told me that this was a sell rather than buy month.

And what had I bought you ask? 

This makes it so much worse.  An ebony hairbrush.  It’s coming from the UK so it hasn’t arrived yet.  My bruised bottom is so looking forward to seeing it.  Not.

What on earth was I thinking?

9 thoughts on “The Typical Domestic Spanking Story: Mija’s Version.

  1. sparkle

    Oh dear. Mija, Mija…
    You know, if you want to buy spanking implements, I can put some up for sale that you can bid on. Really, I’m only half-teasing. We have half a closet-full, you know.
    That being said, I thought you *had* an ebony hairbrush (or 2) already? Maybe this one will get lost in the mail?

  2. Janey

    I am learning fast on this site. I was just
    wondering whether you actually really did bid for a maid’s outfit. Because I had the good fortune to find a real American School Pinafore (Adult size!) the other day on e-bay (I haven’t told S though yet) and the seller (from Glasgow – would you believe) was also selling an American Diner’s type uniform and English maid sort of outfit. Now the ebony hairbrush wouldn’t be a kind of displacement buy would it!!!
    Janey XXX

  3. Haron

    What *were* you thinking, chica? A *hairbrush*? Wouldn’t you, like, rather keep these things out of the house? Although it’s not totally clear to me how you were supposed to know it was a selling week, not a buying week, I think you should be smacked for being your own backside’s worst enemy who buys hairbrushes. 😛
    (Thumbs up for cleaning in the maid headspace. It’s the perfect way of doing it. You might even end up with a story or two after you’re done.)

  4. Fireman Chris

    I would strongly suggest to my wife that it would be a very bad thing if any implements were to go missing around here. After all, we don’t live that far from Mija and Pablo, and I’m sure Mija would be more than willing to lend out that ebony hairbrush once it arrives (if only to get it out of sight). And even if she’s not, Pablo certainly would.

  5. sparkle

    [Note to Chris… Yikes, you know I would never *permanently* get rid of something you liked. Really.]
    Sorry, Mija, for cluttering up the comments!

  6. Mija

    sparkle: My dear, there’s nothing cluttering about your comments. 🙂
    Janey: definitely a fast learner! So far my maid uniform exists mostly in my imagination — though I do have a nice pinafore apron. I’m not even letting myself look on ebay right now.
    Haron: what was I thinking??? Clearly I wasn’t thinking at all! Seriously, I think what’s happened is I’ve gotten so good at finding these things I’ve not stopped to consider carefully if we actually *need* them.
    Chris: See, until now you’ve always seemed so unselfish with your toys…. :b

  7. Theresa

    I had a friend who had foot surgery. Could could only lie or sit for one week. Her plan was to eat ice cream all week and play on her laptop. In one week she spent $500 on Ebay. I would have been more appalled, but she actually bought quite a few very lovely things for me. Then one day after she had returned to work, her husband called her. He told her the mailman was at the house…..with a HANDTRUCK. Hmmm wonder what her evening was like!

  8. Stuart

    I was given a good caning by my gorgeos wife today. Our domestic worker was outside and heard the thwaks comming down on my backside. I was able to show her the result of my misdemeanor through my shear panties after my wife had left for work. She just laughed and said she wished she could have watched me getting caned and that I deserved every stroke (no simpathy from her) I also thought it would have been nice for someone else see but my wife would not have agreed to it and I must respect her wishes.


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