I recently moved into an apartment with very thin walls. The other day, I was treated to the details of my upstairs neighbor's 12:15 am booty call. (Oh yes, it was lovely. Twelve minutes of hard banging on a squeaky bed. I was simultaneously jealous and pissed off.) Anyway, This has me REALLY worried about the Sounds of Spanking.

I need some ideas for quiet toys. I've heard that Loopy Johnnies are quiet. Are they not also deathly painful? Is there anything else that's relatively quiet? Please throw me your ideas. My apartment is so convenient to D's work so while heavy-duty type of punishments need to be reserved for his house, where the neighbors are pretty far away, we'll still be doing stuff at my place and he and I both tend to be kind of shy about people hearing us.

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  1. Bessie Granger

    Well, canes are quiet. You may not be when you get whacked with them, however. Also, things like belts can be spaced out enough that while someone might hear the blows they probably wouldn’t be able to put them together and figure out what they are. Of course there is always the old trusty, “Oh we watch a lot of horror movies”.

  2. Francis Spakowiak

    My Dearest Angie –
    Angela and I have found that a wooden rod about 18 inches long and an inch or so in diameter works very well. A broomstick cut down to size, for example. Or the handle from a toilet plunger.
    Enjoy the spanking,

  3. Dyke Grrl

    Well, we’ve got a few toys that are surprisingly quiet, but I mostly don’t recommend them because, so far as I’m concerned, they are altogether too painful.
    We have the “loopy toy,” ( modeled slightly after the “Loopy Johnny.” W. likes this because the toy itself is virtually silent. I, on the other hand, am not silent when it’s being used.
    Also, the bristle side of our bath brush is pretty quiet, but you add some serious sting to the thud of the bath brush.
    And our good wooden spoon (heavy for its size) is also surprisingly quiet.
    Congratulations on the move, by the way, even if the walls are a little too thin for comfort.

  4. anonymous

    I have a leather Loopy Johnny that I bought from London Tanners. It’s painful but nearly silent. I suggest a ball gag too. The Loopy Johnny itself may be quiet, but the receiver is usually anything but!

  5. Matt Anglen

    Hi, Angie,
    I hope it isn’t inappropriate to post a link, but I know someone will remove it if it is. This question’s come up a number of times and I do have some suggestions that range from the “quieter” to the really quiet. Not all of them are quite as awful as a long session with the Loopy Johnny used wet. They’re pretty long, though, so I posted them on a blog of my own:
    If you’re convenient to his work, one suggestion is that if you can both be there at lunchtime, not as many people will be around to hear anything, and he can really blister your bottom – especially during the school year when the neighborhood kids are gone. Even once a week could keep you caught up with your own “punishment book.”
    Good luck!

  6. Megs

    Um this is kinda brutal, but supposedly an untwisted coat hanger is silent and extremely effective, used sorta like a switch or a cane I guess. Big NOTE… the only way I’ve heard of this is that my b/f took a forensics class and they mentioned the marks left as typically left on whores by their pimps… so… kinda mentally sticky if you ask me… hence why I haven’t let it be tested on ME. Silent though. As a less horrific option, aren’t switches fairly quiet?

  7. Iris

    I can vouch for how painful (and yet remarkably quiet) wire coat hangers are. We tried one once when I was going through a similar paranoid-about-the-neighbors-hearing phase. I hated the sting/bite/meanness of it. And not in a good way. Ultimately we found a few other tricks: shutting all doors, running something with a noisy fan, playing music, and stopping worrying. I mean, unless you’re screaming your head off and they suspect abuse, they probably won’t care either. I’d worry more about human-type noises (cries, screams, etc) than thwacks and smacks. The latter can sound like a variety of normal things in vanilla ears (“Our new neighbors must really have a lot of new furniture to put together!”). Get some good pillows or other smothering things and let the neighbors mind their own business. 🙂

  8. Dyke Grrl

    Tee hee. Yesterday, we had some music playing in the bedroom. W. looked up, and with a gleam in her eye, said, “Great beat, and you can spank to it!”
    We definitely play music during spankings. There’s a particular recording of They Might Be Giants that we Tivo’d last summer, and which I’ve never actually seen, although I’ve heard snippets of it for the past year (W. may have heard much more than I have, since my attention usually moves elsewhere pretty quickly!) We have, however, discovered that playing music during corner time is rather counter-productive, since it really distracts me.

  9. Tom

    One good solution is an eighteen inch length of rubber tubing. The best is the black rubber hose used for brakes on cars; it is about three eighths inch thick, hollow, and very flexible and tough. We put a quarter inch dowel about six inches long in one end for a handle. These give only a quiet dull thud not heard outside the room, sting nicely, leave a parallel track like a cane, do not damage the skin, and you can take a couple dozen if the intensity is low and builds. Highly recommended for motels and apartments.
    Try your local auto parts store and just ask for two feet of brake hose. They will be happy to give it to you and it is cheap. Do not go for plastic or vinyl tubing, however; they are much harder and hurt a lot more.

  10. Adrian

    I recommend spanking during the day, or early in the evening. Play loud music with a strong backbeat, and spank with the beat. (And don’t *only* play that kind of music for spankings.) I like Peter Gabriel, particularly. *squirm*
    Close your windows, even if it’s hot. Thick rugs will reduce sound transmission towards your downstairs neighbors. A ceiling fan will help keep your upstairs neighbors from hearing you (and when you’re not getting spanked, you can open the windows and get really good air circulation.) Pay attention to the floor plan of your apartment and that of your neighbors on both sides. My neighbors’ living room is on the other side of my (thin) bedroom wall. I consider that a good reason to get spanked in the living room. When my top wants to spank me in bed, he moves the mattress to the living room floor.


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