Needing More

I got spanked yesterday.  Punished, actually.  Last week I’d had a Diet Coke when I wasn’t supposed to, yada yada, and he’d pronounced sentence: a sound hairbrushing.  I didn’t totally agree with the severity of the punishment, but we talked about it and ended up more or less agreeing.  (Mostly he listened to me patiently and then said, "Yes, but you’re still getting spanked.")

So he pulled me over his knee, lifted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties (there’s something much more embarrassing about having a thong pulled down–no idea why).  Gave me a slight warm-up with his hand and moved on to the more serious stuff.  He started with a rice paddle, which stung like the dickens (and I HATE sting).  He even used it on my thighs, though he claims those spanks were "light."  Then he moved to a hairbrush and started spanking hard and fast, with no breaks and no mercy.  I was kicking and bucking like crazy, trying to do anything to get out of the path of the brush, but he held on tight and spanked inside my bottom and thighs when I twisted to get away.  And THEN he took the mean hairbrush and did the same thing all over again.  Needless to say, it was a very thorough hairbrushing.

But when he was done and we were snuggling on the bed, I knew I wasn’t done.

This has happened before, where I still feel guilty about something and know that he hasn’t punished me enough to get rid of all the guilt.  It used to happen more often when he was getting used to my limits and my tolerance (both of which can be incredibly high).  But this particular offense I didn’t feel guilty about.  I accepted the punishment and I was sorry I’d had the stupid Coke, but I wasn’t wracked with guilt.  Not even panged by guilt.  So to get to the end of a very serious hairbrushing and realize that I needed more put me in a bit of a situation.

Fortunately, M is both understanding and attentive.  He was murmuring soothing things like, "You’re my pretty girl, you’re my sweet girl, etc" and when he got to "You’re my good girl" I started shaking my head.  I couldn’t help it–I just didn’t feel "good." 

He said, "Do you need more?"

I nodded and shook my head simultaneously.

"That seems a little confusing."

Nod yes.

"Usually that means you need more.  OK, up you go, I’m getting the paddle."

So I propped myself over four pillows and got paddled.  Probably about 10 hard strokes with one of the serious wooden paddles.  When that was done, he put his hand on my back (amazing what he can tell just by doing that) and said, "Ten more."  Yikes.  They came pretty evenly spaced, except for Seven and Eight, which were right on top of each other.  By Ten I was flying.  But I wasn’t done.

He knelt down in front of the bed to look in my eyes and knew.  Said, "What do you need?" 

And I whispered, ever so softly, "I think you should put me in the corner and then (gulp) cane me."

Caning is a Big Deal for me.  I’ve always been terrified of canes; they seem so painful and formal and distant that they don’t fit into most of my fantasies.  But M really loves canes and has managed to convince me that they can be erotic.  Lately, though, we’ve started talking about them as punishment.  And so this was a very big step.  He nodded in understanding and led me to the corner.

At this point it really crossed a funny line.  I was no longer truly being punished, since I had literally asked for this part.  But it was still a discipline setting and so the same rules applied: "No rubbing, no touching your bottom, and no touching the wall.  And if I see you doing any of those things, I’m going to flip you over my knee and take the hairbrush to your bottom until you’re really sorry."  I was very well behaved, even when he started swishing the canes in the air and brought one down on a pillow with a THWACK that made me jump.

M pulled me out of the corner and into a hug, which surprised me a little, then led me over to the pillows again.  He gave me three hard ones each with two different canes and I was surprised at how little they hurt (at this point I think I was completely flying).  And then he knelt down in front of me and just looked in my eyes.  I said, "Strap, please."

We don’t really have a great strap for me, since I like heavy and thuddy, but he pulled out the heaviest one we have (a big one from The London Tanners, one of these ) and gave me about 20 with it.  It wrapped into some places I’d normally hate, but at that point I was so grateful for the bite because it was the only thing I could feel.

And then I was done.  Finally.  I needed to be pushed hard, past where I really wanted to go, and M took me there.  It was an odd sort of punishment because it turned into something different, but I’m so grateful he was willing and able to go there with me.

Course, today I’m sore like crazy.  It made going to Curves very interesting and it’s made me think twice about sitting anywhere.  But the Arnica’s helping and tomorrow there won’t be anything but twinges.

(P. S. When we went to sparkle and Chris’ house later in the evening for dinner, all they had were wooden chairs.  And by that time all the endorphins were gone.  And do you think there was any sympathy there?  None at all.)  😉

21 thoughts on “Needing More

  1. Abel

    >”all they had were wooden chairs.”
    Did they *really* only have wooden chairs? Or did they just hide away any nice cushions they possess?! (Or would I be the only person who’d think of such a mean trick?!)

  2. Bobbi

    Wonderful, delicious story, the contrast between fantasy and discipline is subtle and this story captures both. So nice of you to share this with us!

  3. Iris

    Hidden Flames, you’re exactly right about the point where guilt is quenched and that itch gets scratched. It can be tough to achieve, but well worth it.
    And thank you for the nice compliment, Bobbi! It’s great when real-life is better than fiction, eh?

  4. sparkle

    We have chairs with cushions, but not in the dining room. It *is* true that our dining room chairs have solid oak seats.
    We knew she’d been spanked, of course, but not to what extent. If I’d known, I might have been *slightly* sympathetic, but how to explain to a bunch of spankos and children why I was offerring her a pillow to sit on and no one else?
    No wonder she spent so much time playing in the nursery and outside and helping in the kitchen instead of sitting down in the living room… ;).

  5. Fireman Chris

    Actually, I think the only unpadded wooden chairs we have are the ones at the dining room table (and two others which are pressed into service in the dining room more often than not). But all our couches and other chairs are nicely padded. Still, you can’t exactly pull a couch up to the dining room table, so I won’t accuse Iris of exaggerating…too much. 😉
    As for sympathy, as Sparkle said, we didn’t exactly know the condition of Iris’ backside when we sat down to dinner. In fact, Sparkle’s comment about knowing “she’d been spanked, of course, but not to what extent” was simply based on the fact that she and M had been together for the weekend…a natural conclusion to draw. Or perhaps Sparkle saw and heard more than I did (I was out at the grill, after all). Perhaps next time we should ask for a review of the state of our guests’ bottoms before sitting down. 😉
    In any event, thank you for sharing this with us, Iris, and hopefully our chairs weren’t too much of a distraction.
    And if anyone would care to speculate why I’d buy a table with 8 solid oak straight-back chairs, feel free.

  6. Megs >

    “It used to happen more often when he was getting used to my limits and my tolerance…”
    I definately know that feeling… my bf and I are just getting past that. Which is good, I guess.
    Can somebody please tell me, what is a “rice paddle?”

  7. Fireman Chris

    Its a wide, flat utensil used to serve glutinous, or sticky, rice. Most are fairly flat, without much or a bowl, hence they’re generally called paddles instead of spoons.
    I’ve seen several varities (round, square, plastic, bamboo, etc.). You can see a variety by going to Google, selecting images, and searching for “rice paddle”.

  8. M

    “Rice Paddles” are usually flat or slightly curved spatulas made out a single piece of lightweight wood. They are as you might guess for serving and scraping sticky rice out of rice cookers. Very asian. They vary in size, but the one mentioned in the story is the largest one I’ve run across and is very stingy!
    Punishing Iris for real-life events is not easy for me. Especially since she also wants consistency. But since it is important to her, I work hard to provide it to her. Anyways, this preamble is here just to say that the event that started this was more complicated than just “a diet coke when I wasn’t supposed to…” Althought the following description of events was pretty accurate.
    I must admit it’s a bit strange (albeit entertaining) to read about an event I was there for and helped create.

  9. Iris

    Chris: “We didn’t exactly know the condition of Iris’ backside when we sat down to dinner.”
    (GRIN) That’s true. I didn’t publicize my recent punishment, though I did notice some giggles when I stood up from the table and grimaced. So I guess it’s not entirely their fault. They were lovely, gracious hosts as always and would probably have given me a pillow if I’d asked. (Right, sparkle??) And I *would* like to know just why your dining room chairs are solid oak, Chris…
    Megs: “My bf and I are just getting past that. Which is good, I guess.”
    Yes! It’s not necessarily an easy time to be patient, but all my patience has been rewarded. Doesn’t do any good to push them harder or faster than they’re ready for and in the long run you get what you need. Good luck in the transition and have fun with it!
    M: “The event that started this was more complicated than just ‘a diet coke when I wasn’t supposed to…'”
    Yada, yada. These good folks aren’t interested in all the backstory, honey. ;-D Glad you liked reading my account of events, though.

  10. Mary

    I feel the same about canes. And what is it with these guys? – utter loves, attentive and kind until your bottom is spanked. I have a itsy cute on my foot and he is rubing cream on it, and asking every two seconds if I am comfortable enough to walk accross the street. But I can have welts and bruises with significant swelling to my bottom and nothing but wooden chairs – I could offer to get up and get his drink (anything you stand ya know) and what does he do – “oh just sit there honey (evil grin) I will get it for you” Out of curiosity – how come you cant/couldn’t have a diet coke?

  11. Iris

    I know! M loves asking me about the state of my bottom in public, but in subtle ways. He’ll say things like, “So are you sore today?” which could be interpreted as soreness from exercising. Or look at me when I’m fidgeting and say, “You just can’t sit still, can you?” All with wicked grins, of course. 🙂
    I have to be very careful about monitoring my caffeine intake, especially around certain times. So it’s ok to have Diet Coke or iced tea sometimes, but not always. That particular day we were out having lunch with his parents and I ordered the pop. He shot me a look and asked, very politely, “Are you sure you want that today?” And I really *did* want it, so I said, “Yes.” Turns out I shouldn’t have done that. And perhaps I didn’t want it as much as I thought I did.
    I realize that sounds like a small thing to incur even just the hairbrushing he gave me initially, but it’s a health and safety issue, which he is pretty firm about enforcing. Also, sadly, it’s a recurring issue. Sigh.

  12. Mary

    Thanks for answering. – I figured it might be something like that – health and mood issues. From your posts M doesn’t seem like he just is bossy for the sake of being bossy.
    Although it makes us blush – isn’t it fun to hear those oh so subtle comments – knowing exactly what it is about?

  13. Natty

    “I didn’t totally agree with the severity of the punishment, but we talked about it and ended up more or less agreeing. (Mostly he listened to me patiently and then said, “Yes, but you’re still getting spanked.”)”
    Okay, I had to giggle there because that’s sooo what happens between A. and I.
    I find, though, that when I disagree and get the “you’re still getting spanked” bit that it’s very hard to get me to a point where I feel sorry — at first. It’ll be like a part of me wants to be sorry, but a part of me is far more defiant and all the whacking in the world isn’t going to drive that defiance from me. Only time does.
    You’re a brave girl. I’d NEVER ask for a paddle and then a caning.

  14. nyght.kitten

    I have a question please no offense to anyone 🙂 I am wondering if the man in the relationships gets in trouble? I mean if he does something that is not right does he get punished or do you if you say something about it? No disrespect meant.

  15. sparkle

    Chris doesn’t get spanked when we have a disagreement. That doesn’t mean he isn’t occasionally in the proverbial dog house. However, the method by which the events leading to that doghouse are rectified and forgotten is different, partly because I am not capable of being an effective top. (Nor would he want me to be.)
    Some men are punished by spanking, however. That’s a decision to be made on a relationship-by-relationship basis, depending on the personalities involved.

  16. Iris

    M doesn’t get spanked for punishment either. It’s not something he needs or wants, whereas I definitely need and want the security from punishment.
    The relationship I was in before M worked differently, though. In that case, anyone (there were three of us) was subject to punishment if they needed or deserved it. And Yoni (the man) definitely deserved it sometimes! 🙂
    Having been at this from both sides I can see that it works each way. Like sparkle said, I think it very much depends on the individuals and how they work things out in the relationship. Hope that helps.

  17. Janey

    Hi again!
    On ‘needing more’.
    I am new to all this and this is my first relationship with spanking and punishment. So it is early days for me! But your post felt so close to what happened to me recently that I had to write to you.
    I have never cried when S spanks me and just got to the point of feeling well if I don’t say anything then nothing will change.
    I think I was afraid that if I did let go and tears flowed then he would stop.
    But I need not have worried. For when I broached the subject and on what seems along similar lines to you – in a little girl whisper of a voice – please can I have a longer punishment spanking. His response was just what I wanted! What a brave girl you are he said for asking. And straightaway decided that I should have a ‘special spanking’ once a month when I was to do exactly as told, with no cosy touching or snuggles or anything. A very strict, traditional spanking over his knee which would stop when he decided and not when I wanted it to!
    A few days later he informed me that a parcel would soon be arriving at my home and that on no account was I to open it without him being there.
    We now have a tan leather spanking paddle for such special spankings.
    Well they do say if you don’t ask you don’t get!!!
    Lots of love and hugs to you all
    Janey XXX

  18. Iris

    Bravo to you for asking and bravo to S for responding so well! Both are hard things to do (though being biased, I think the asking is just a *little* harder ;-)).
    Congratulations on getting what you need!

  19. Dyke Grrl

    Congratulations, indeed, to Janey. It’s hard to ask for these things. I’ve got some things to write about, probably on my own blog, on this very topic right now; life is, as usual, in negotiation.
    For me, the first time I cried during a spanking was way back, when spankings were just for “fun.” W was somewhat uncomfortable, but I was able to communicate how much better it was making me feel. Handily, I’d written a story ( about a similar situation before I even met W, and she’d read it, so the ideas were floating around in her subconscious before they became real in our relationship.
    I think it can be difficult for the provider of the spanking to cope with responses; more specifically, I *know* that it’s difficult for W to cope with the process of giving me a spanking that isn’t done as foreplay. On the other hand, she can see quite clearly how very much it helps me… and the more she sees this, the easier it can be for her to help me out.


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