Bloody housework

Bloody housework. Did I mention that this place is huge?

So today Q asked, ‘Where is the vacuum cleaner and when was the last time you used it?’


‘That’s what I thought. Has it been used in the last two weeks?’

I looked at the floor.

‘It looks like you’re going to have something to post to the Punishment Book today, doesn’t it?’

(This always seems to happen when we’ve just been to Abel and Haron’s place.)

‘Yes, sir.’

So after scolding me and making me feel very little and vulnerable, he put me over his knee and gave
me a long, hard spanking. I was howling and crying into the duvet and kicking and trying to put my hands back, but he was merciless. We’re having vanilla company today, you see, and I guess the furry tabletops would offend them or something. Like they’d say anything! I mean, how rude would that be?

Anyway, after my bottom was sore and glowing red he said, ‘Now, go stand with your nose against the door while I think about the second half of your punishment.’

I heard him open the wardrobe and there was the clack of the canes that hang in there like hungry vampire bats. I shuddered, especially since I’d been let off a caning last night (and I’m very grateful to Haron, my whipping girl!). But he said, ‘I know you hate the strap, but since this is a punishment I think it’s more appropriate.’

Shudder. I’d rather have the cane any day.

He positioned a chair in the centre of the room and made me bend over it. Ten hard strokes later, I
was crying in his arms like the little girl he’d regressed me to. I wonder what it would cost to hire a maid? Or at least a whipping girl…

3 thoughts on “Bloody housework

  1. Bessie Granger

    You know where to turn if you need a maid… of course I can’t promise perfect work. I suck at waxing furniture. Dusting however, I rock at. I’m sorry to hear about your misadventure, though. *hugs*

  2. Mija

    Ouch! I’ve seen that strap. And you’re right, it is a really big house. With lots of stairs and corners and places where dust can hide. 🙁
    Did I ever mention that I used to have a maid every other week BP (Before Pablo)? He made me feel ashamed and convinced me that two adults could keep an apartment clean on their own.
    Um, yeah. Right. Anyway, I’m cringing a bit at the thought of that strapping.


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