Just Splenda

Just great.  No really.

So this morning I was sipping my coffee (trust me, the day doesn’t start for me until I get my caffine fix) and teasing Pab a bit to see if we were going to get to do anything fun today or if he had to work.  He’d just told me that we’d go for a bit of a wander, but I needed to let him finish something he was doing.

I left the room with some sort of comment.  Probably very clever and funny (though of course I can’t remember it) and got a small, shivery threat as my reward. 

So I sat down and started composing a response to some of the replies my last entry got here and on soc.sexuality.spanking.  A few minutes pass and Pab stalks by.  I look suitably startled, but it turns out he’s not annoyed with me (whew!) but rather rolling his eyes at an email he’d just received from our Famous Philosopher Friend. 

I laughed a bit with him.  Until he went into the kitchen.

As soon as he called me to come in, I knew what had happened.  That I’d forgotten and left my empty Splenda packet on the counter.  Not the worst thing in the world, of course, but part of the motivation for the purchase of this delightful spoon (sheesh!).  I immediately started to apologize and thought that perhaps all could be forgiven.  After all, I had been better about not leaving them since that spoon started living on its hook inside the pantry.

I thought that until I got to the kitchen door and was told that Pablo had apparently thrown away two empty packets yesterday without having said anything.  So I was told to fetch the spoon.  Which I did.  And told to take down my jeans and panties.  I did, feeling a good deal of regret that I opted to wear my slightly too small (but very cute) new jeans today.  That made for some wiggling I prefer to do in private.

Pab didn’t pull out a chair but instead tucked me kind of over one of his arms with my feet between his knees.  I don’t know how many smacks there were.  Probably no more than 12 or so.  But they hurt enough to make me dance from foot to foot. I felt embarrassed and cried. 

After, I still felt embarrassed especially wiggling back into my jeans.  Which now definitely feel too small. 

I swear, those little yellow wrappers are the bane of my life.  I’m going to have to learn to take my coffee black. 

2 thoughts on “Just Splenda

  1. SlaveLydia

    I regularly get spanked for bad gramma, so I kind of know how you feel. You try and try to be good but it all ends up going wrong, but in a good way πŸ™‚
    Anyway I thought I’d leave you your own bit of Fetish wisdom here, as a thanks for popping by πŸ˜‰
    For one day, try to be as flexible as a gymnast and have the pain threshold like that of a Goth on valium. This will in turn expand your pleasure four fold as you enjoy experiencing your Master trying to keep up with the β€˜new’ you.

  2. sparkle

    Hey Mija,
    I should have offered you coffee (and Splenda) the other night. What was I thinking? (I was thinking about the baby on my lap, probably.)
    Anyway, my dad has this terrible habit of fixing coffee on the kitchen counter and leaving coffee drops and sugar drying on the counter. This has happened my entire life and has always irritated my mother, who has never been able to convince him to clean up after himself.
    Anyway, having lived with someone who leaves the kitchen counter in terrible condition, I think Paul has the right idea. (No surprise there!)
    Still, I’m sorry it hurt πŸ™


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