10 thoughts on “Suggestive?

  1. mollyb

    hee hee. I had “erotic word” magnets on my fridge for over a year, and no one wrote anything with them that’s as suggestive as Sparkle’s creation.

  2. Mija

    What I liked best about it is that it can either be “R” or “NC-17” depending on what’s being used to lick her.
    I’m sorry sparkle. I promised, but I’m afraid I can’t be responsible for Pablo. Though it *can* be a fun thought. 😉

  3. sparkle

    Mija, you might actually be more perverted than I am. The only thing I can possibly think of to *lick* someone with is a tongue, and I think that falls in the R rating.
    I’m thinking you should be in as much trouble as I am for even imagining a NC-17 licker.
    In other words, in for a penny, in for a pound. And no, Chris did *not* laugh. He did, however, make some vague comment about me having the opporutnity to scream that I had the opportunity to momentarily ignore. The baby, bless her little soul, took a nap in our bed today…

  4. MollyB

    Haron: yes, I’m sure that must be it. It was just out of consideration for my delicacy. Except, of course, that these were people who know me.

  5. Mija

    Actually, dear sparkle, I was thinking of the tongue as the “NC-17” rated part.
    The “R” would be “A woman screams when her bare ass is licked… red with a leather strap.”

  6. Jen

    Although my legs are much more ticklish than my butt, there’s a spot right where my butt meets my leg that if it’s goosed, I jump across the bed. LOL Greg found this out by accident, and couldn’t stop laughing. I was in the most vulnerable of positions, pants down, lying at the end of the bed, and he just happens to find the worst spot to grab! Of course, once he saw my reaction, he just HAD to keep doing it! Sheeeesh. Having my butt licked would just drive me absolutely wild. I definitely wouldn’t be screaming!


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