Another Spanking

I wish this were a party report about how much fun I had a the Shadow Lane party this weekend.  Or the start of a discussion about how difficult long-distance discipline can be — something I promised a new friend the other day.  It isn’t though.

Instead, yesterday after he’d driven us home from Vegas and returned the rental car, Pablo told me (before spanking me good night hard enough to bring tears to my eyes) that when he got home from a meeting today he was going to wallop me. 

Surprisingly, even with that promise looming in my future, I still managed to sleep.

Before he left for work this morning, he reminded me of our coming "discussion" and that I was to have my two pages of writing and my clothes and such unpacked when he got home from his meeting.  He also told me that he’d changed my computer profile so I was locked off the net.

Okay, okay, I mumbled and then went back to sleep (it had been a long as well as fun weekend).

A couple hours later, I’d only  just gotten up when a friend called.  We hadn’t seen each other in a while and chatted for a bit.  Turned out she wanted to come over for a visit.

Now, I wanted to see her.  But at first couldn’t decide whether to invite her for this evening (I had no idea what Pablo had in mind, but whatever it was, I didn’t want a friend to be there for our little "talk" or anytime soon after, nor did I want to annoy him by either not having my work done or seeming to have put off the discussion by having someone over when he got home).  Still, it was morning and so I figured we could have coffee and chat for a couple hours and I could still get my work done before Pablo got home.

I was right, but only by a couple of minutes. 

He had me change into a clean tee shirt and school knickers and go stand in the corner.  While I was waiting there he asked me to think about why I was there.  Now here’s the funny part.  I’d honestly forgotten.  And so I couldn’t tell him for quite a while, something that didn’t really impress him. 

Why was I there?  Basically for doing something I wasn’t supposed to, not because I was being disobedient, but because I’d acted without thinking.  It probably is getting old, but I swear, that covers most of my spankings.

When I finally was told to turn around, Pablo was sitting on a straight backed chair and holding a ping pong paddle.  I can’t tell you how much I hate that thing, but it’s a lot.  It seems to sting an insane amount, plus reminds me painfully of being spanked as a child (when one was used) and also is (as discussed here) really really loud. 

Anyway, I ended up otk being spanked bare with that thing.  It wasn’t especially hard and fast, but it was long and there was lecturing involved.  I did start whining in the middle that the spanking seemed too hard for how small a thing it was, which apparently revealed that I’d missed the point.  That what was serious was how often I was doing things wrong without any intention to do so, just because I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing and their possible consequences.

I think that spankings even for smaller things that I’m doing carelessly or thoughtlessly are going to be harder now.  At least that was what I took away from this, that I need to be more aware of what I’m doing, that I’m "not going to be able to tell him sweetly and humorously that I did something without thinking and expect him to laugh and forget about it."   I think this is what Pablo told me while I was standing in the corner after wards. 

This is being taken seriously.  And I’m going to have to take things more seriously too.

Oh… and then he took me out to an early dinner.  After stopping by our local Sur La Table for what looks to me like an insanely large spoon.  It’s the big one in this picture.  What’s it for? To remind me to put things away after I’m finished with them and to throw things away "as soon as they become trash."

How embarrassing.  Maybe I can make sure he won’t need it after all.

13 thoughts on “Another Spanking

  1. Haron

    See, this is the problem about having flesh-and-blood friends: you can’t block the temptation by switching profiles on your computer. And you don’t want the friend to feel bad when you can’t hang out, so you end up feeling bad (i.e. in pain) yourself. Life just sucks sometimes.

  2. sparkle

    Oh, dear, Mija.
    *clears throat* Just yesterday, Chris told me he thought we would have to have a ‘discussion’ if I continued to lose things by setting them down somewhere and then forgetting. They are usually small things (noticeably my keys, wedding and engagement rings, bills) but your experience reminds me that small does not correspond to the size of the punishment.
    (So far, in my case, the threat of a punishment has been sufficient. But it’s only been a day.)
    I’ll save explaining it all so that if I do get punished, I’ll have something to write about though!
    The spoon looks terrible. Sometime if we ever get to hang out alone (without any husband-figures around to get any terrible ideas) I’ll show you the first implement I ever bought C, when we were long distance and I was mostly stupid and thought it was romantic. I suppose it was romantic, but even C is hesitant to use it on my bottom and it has worked its way into the basement of the toybox.

  3. Mija

    You’re so right Haron. Though really what surprises me the most is how much I can get done when I’m not able to check my email and surf. It really surprises and amazes me. Because I know I’d never have even finished my work or started unpacking if I’d had my friend plus the ‘net in the morning.
    My dear sparkle, I do think we should have a discussion here for the benefit of those in long distance relationships about the insanity of buying impliments when one is far away from the beloved. I mean, when we only got together a few times a year, nothing seemed terribly severe. (Hmmm… okay well, not much did.) But now that hairbrush that seemed so romantic just seems scary and painful.
    But… well, I would like to see the scary toy. :g:

  4. Haron

    So, Mija, when are you going to tell us how much fun you had at Shadow Lane? Some of us can’t go, you know, and are very envious.

  5. Mija

    I did already tell Sierra — who I met at SL and is every bit as lovely and cute a person as she seems (maybe even moreso!)– that she found me. It’s really hard to believe you’re 19 chica. πŸ™‚
    But but Haron dear… is this really the right place for me to be posting about a spanking party? I’d like to of course but I wouldn’t want to be accused of going off topic by writing for the PB about the rather sexy (imo) caning I got from the insanely graceful Niki Flynn. :b Seriously, before my sieve like brain forgets all the good stuff, I’ll write something. Though after I finish my school work (feh!) and chores for today.
    And wow, I was totally thinking while I was there that it would be mega super cool if we could all be there some year. How long until you can come to the States anyway?
    hugs to all.

  6. Haron

    Oh, PB is totally not for that sort of thing, but isn’t there, like, a whole newsgroup you could post an account on? πŸ™‚

  7. Natty

    Omg – this is how bad I’ve gotten: I’ve never even THOUGHT of Sur la Table as some place to buy pervertables. I always just drool at the Provencal dinnerware when I walk by on my way to Whole Foods…
    (I think I may have just lost my pervert status…)

  8. spankedkitty

    Hi Mija,
    Great to see you have a blog! I’ve been reading your stories for years and years..
    Anyway I wanted to chime in on the *long distance toys* discussion… I had the awfully romantic idea of ordering several heavy bats, crops and dressage whips out of an equestrian catalog…as well as some evilly heavy hairbrushes and the like….Oh the stupidity of the young πŸ™‚
    Anyway – long time fan πŸ™‚

  9. myslippedhalo

    Oh yes, the stupidity of long-distance romanticism of implements…I’ve repented my stupidity at the mercy of two such implements…The first being a oh-so-pretty-i’ve-wanted-one-forever ebony hairbrush eagerly bought from mija off ebay. (no wonder she sells off those things πŸ™‚ ) I find that it is much prettier colleting dust on my vanity as opposed to being in the nefarious hand of a spanker after he takes issue with my simple question of clarification: what? are you the boss of me or something? The second being the vermont bath brush, bought to entice a boyfriend’s waning desire to spank (who never used it) and then actually used by a disciplinarian in a most stingy and distressing manner. He praised the purchase for the ease with which it accomplished an attitude adjustment and it’s being compact enough to carry in my bag as a reminder (how embarrassing) while I debated (seriously) how much trouble I would be in if I “lost” it…

  10. SL Brad

    Where is the proper place for a gentleman to post (privately is fine) about the pleasure of meeting you and mispronouncing your name at Shadow Lane?

  11. Mija

    Sorry I missed this comment before… I really should read through the blog more often.
    Here is a lovely place Brad and it was definitely lots of fun meeting you too. My email address is mijita (at) the treehouse (dot) net. Please excuse the spaces, but I’m trying to avoid it becoming the haven for spam that my previous one was.


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