A New Year

I haven’t been around much since the holidays.  Pablo and I were in the
UK (which was great fun though very cold) and then when I got back I
had some computer problems which seem to be mostly resolved.

of the time in the UK was spent seeing family (and happily some friends
too).  But we did have some time alone and some privacy too.  Much more
privacy than we had at home, thanks to the generosity of some dear (and
delightfully kinky) friends who loaned us their fantastic home while
they were away.

To mark both our anniversary (December 29) and
the start of a new year Pablo and I talked about what we wanted to do
for the coming year.  Um, in terms of me and my goals.  Obviously
looking after me isn’t a full time job.

No really, it isn’t.

The first and most obvious area was my work.  I need to get a chapter of my dissertation done and polished in the next month or two. And I want to be finished by summer 2007.  It’s time for my life to move on from graduate school. 

How it’s been going: I’ve mostly been writing two pages a day 4X a week.  Given that I’d been writing no pages a day for years, that’s pretty good!  Okay, it did take a couple of very painful session with the slipper and wearing my new uniform (more on that later) to get into the routine, but still.  I even wrote longhand when I was computer-less.  Pablo does help by switching me to my "school girl" profile which has parental controls so I can’t get to the internet or any of the fun stuff on my computer until my pages are done.  It’s been great to watch them slowly add up.

The other was to continue asking permission about eating sugar.  See Ivory Woes (all three parts) for more on this.

How it’s been goingIt’s worked both in terms of keeping me healthy and limiting my impulsive sweet tooth.  But man is it hard.  Yesterday my slippage there and (semi) lying about it earned me a very hard hairbrushing at bedtime.  Ouch.

The final is more effort from me in keeping things tidy and organized.  I have a tendency (some might call it a gift) for clutter.  It’s not intentional, but I tend to move on from one thing before picking up the mess from the first.  I also don’t throw away papers and wrappers that should be thrown out.

How it’s been going: I think Pab is easing me/us into this one.  Though I’ve noticed a good deal of increased activity and his mentioning finding stuff and pointing it out to me.  There’s even been talk of a spoon or the like that would be kept in the kitchen just for this issue.  Um, ouch.

We ended up underlining the "discussion" with a caning.  I wore my school uniform (a new one bought just that day at John Lewis in Newcastle) and got caned bent over a school desk (I did mention these friends are kinky, right?).  I’m not sure how many strokes there were but as I hadn’t been caned in almost a year, I definitely felt each one.  Maybe it’s the haze left on my brain from the caning, but I’m not sure if the rather epic over the knee hairbrushing I got in that same place was part of that night. 

So that’s where I’m headed in this new year.

3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Angie

    Mmmmm a school desk. Oh, I wish Dave and I had some kinky friends that were local! With a decked-out fetish friendly house. LOL We’ve already decided that someday we’ll have a house with a secret room. Muahahahaha. 🙂

  2. Haron

    I wonder what it says about me, but the one image left in my head after reading this entry is: “Oooh, Mija has a new uniform! I wonder what it’s like!” Sometimes I feel like such a sicko.
    The idea of creating a schoolgirl profile on your computer seems fruitful. I can’t imagine how you cope, though. 🙁
    I’ve been self-imposing exiles from the Net with the help of Temptation Blocker, but I’ve found that I can very effectively just sit staring into space for hours if I don’t have any other distractions available. And, of course, writing spanking stories requires nothing but pen-and-paper.
    Perhaps, we should have a dissertation race? How much do you have to write in the next little while? We could compete. Just a thought.

  3. Mija

    Why a sicko? That would have been my thought.
    It’s a very simple gray pleated uniform skirt from Lewis’s. Though heavens, those 15 year olds must be getting pretty large. It’s a little too big and hangs down past my knees! We also got some white stiff collared school shirts.
    The thing that works about the new system is that it’s not about how long I spend, it’s about how much I can get done (the switch back to the net doesn’t happen unless I get at least 2 pages written). I can only handle being cut off from e-mail for so long. =8-0
    I need / want to finish a draft of this chapter by the 15th of March.
    What do you need to do and when?


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