Stop-watch Spanking (or nearly)

Sometimes the dispensation of discipline is so swift that, looking
back, I’m not sure: has it really happened, or was it a wild fantasy of
the type I tend to have when I can’t sleep at 4am?

Abel doesn’t like it when I lean against the radiator in the kicthen.
He thinks that there’s a good chance that it’ll break off the wall,
scalding me with hot water and flooding the house. I’ve only recently
became aware of this fear, having spent three and a half years happily
warming my bottom against the kitchen radiator whenever I felt like it.

But what wouldn’t I do for love, and out of desire to avoid punishment? When Abel told me I wasn’t to lean against the radiator any more, I promised to stop this dangerous habit and lean against something else. Like, the wall next to it.

You know, though, how hard it is to break a habit that’s become instinctive. We were making lunch, and chatting about life and all, when suddenly Abel’s face became very grim and scary, and he said to me in his "you’re so busted" voice: "What did I say about leaning against that thing?" Only then did I realise that, without even thinking of it, I’d been committing a Spankable Offence which would be very funny if it wasn’t about to become very painful.

"Upstairs!" Abel commanded. (I’m noticing that it’s become a kind of a catch phrase for him. Is it because I chiefly misbehave downstairs, or because there aren’t any implements there? Odd.)

"I forgot!" I exclaimed, hopping away from the wall. "You can’t punish me now – the bacon will overcook." And I pointed at our future lunch, that was beginning to smell very nice, but would surely turn into cinders if we started going into this whole spanking thing.

"If you do what you’re told, it won’t have time to overcook. Up you go." And he gave me an encouraging push up the stairs.

He told me to bend down with my hands on a chair, and walked into the room not a minute later with a polished wooden paddle about the with of a table tennis bat, only three times as thick. (Ouch, said my inner voice, ouch, ouch, ouch.)

"Six," said Abel. That’s right, that was all he said. He didn’t even make me take down my jeans: he simply wallopped me 6 times with that paddle across my seat, hard enough that each stroke counted, but not so hard that I needed any recovery time between the strokes, or afterwards. As far as punishments go, it was pretty mild, but still, I was in deep shock when, two minutes later we were back in the kitchen, serving our miraculously non-burned lunch onto the plates.

And that was that. The whole scene, from the discovery to the final tight hug, happened in less time than it takes to grill very thinly sliced bacon. Maybe I’ve dreamt the whole thing? Surely nobody gets punished so quickly?

P.S. No, I haven’t dreamt it, definitely.
P.P.S. I’ll thank everybody not to make any comments about my "bacon" being "cooked", thanks.

9 thoughts on “Stop-watch Spanking (or nearly)

  1. Tasha

    ‘Ouch’ is right! And so unfair, too! After all, if the stupid radiator breaks, it’s hardly YOUR fault, is it? That’s a blame-the-landlord scenario if there ever was one. Sheesh.

  2. Terri

    I’ve had a couple of those quickie spankings. If it wasn’t for the toasty feeling to my bacon afterwards I’d have wondered if I didn’t dream the whole thing. (all puns intended lol)

  3. domino

    Tsk!!! And still you didn’t post to the ng to let us know about this blog!!!
    sheesh! anyone would think you didn’t want folk to read it and lau^^^commiserate 🙂

  4. Mija

    Ouch Haron! That hardly seems fair, though I’m glad that your lunch was unharmed of course.
    Um… this made me think of something totally random though. I wonder if this happens to other people who either were in long distance relationships and/or ones where there was a lot of roleplay sorts of scenes.
    What I was thinking was that it seems like it’s only recently that I’ve realized and (perhaps more to the point) Pab’s realized that he can take me into the bedroom, spank me until I’ve been “disciplined,” comfort me and the whole thing can be over in 10 – 15 minutes.
    Maybe because early days the discipline I got from him was over the phone (which is WORSE in most ways than in person) and took lots of time because it takes a while and a lot of convincing to whack youself (or at least it took me lots), I think that he needs like 30 – 60 minutes.
    Maybe that’s just us though. Anyway, that was my thought at the time.
    Clearly the house should be warmer. I mean, kitchens are supposed to be snug, right?

  5. Haron

    It *is* incredible to me how little time a punishment can take. I prefer for it not to happen too fast, because generally I process everything very slowly, and if I’m rushed about, my brain hardly engages with the experience. And I do require a lot of comforting after the most trivial little spanking. So rushing through a punishment borders on abuse for me!
    Luckily, Abel is well aware of my general slow-pokiness, so even when a punishment itself needs to be quick (as in the example above), I still have a healthy dose of comforting, and a lot of fuss made over me. So it’s all good 🙂

  6. Iris

    I just discovered this blog and am in love with it! It’s so nice to find a forum with intelligent, articulate adults discussing punishment in adult relationships.
    The funny thing M has discovered about me is that the longer I need to be comforted, the less effective the punishment was. If I cling to him for a long time and need lots of hugs and snuggling, that usually means I wasn’t punished enough. And darn it all, he’s right. When a spanking has been hard enough to get into my head and clear things out, I bounce back after only a few minutes of snuggling. When I still feel guilty or mad or unrepentant I stay in that space and can’t come back to the “real world” quickly.
    Sigh. So he’s taken to gauging the time and then *asking* me if it was enough (squirm). And since I am a terrible liar in those situations, I can’t get around it and always get spanked more.
    Here’s another question: Do you have rituals or signals to let each other know when the punishment has ended? We fell into one naturally but follow it pretty closely. He spanks me and then immediately snuggles me. I stay snuggled for as long as I need, and when I feel comforted I look up into his eyes and say, “Thank you.” Simple, quiet, and enough. And then we kiss and move on with our day. Does anyone else have a similar thing?

  7. Haron

    Interesting ritual, Iris! (And glad you’re enjoying the site.)
    You question has really made me pause and think about it, but I don’t think Abel and I have any sort of ritual around punishment – at least, not consciously. Can’t think of any key phrases, or gestures, or anything…
    Perhaps, I should get myself punished and check. *g*

  8. Angie

    Oh wow, Iris really hit home with her comment. There are times when I’m punished and, as she put it, I bounce back quickly. I don’t need much comforting and I’m able to smile and joke sooner. There are other times when I’m in a really crappy mood after. Or I’m crying for a really LONG time. Or acting angry towards him (and sometimes I say stuff that I *know* is unfair, and makes him feel bad, but I can’t stop myself). And I think it’s starting to dawn on me that those are the times when it wasn’t “enough.” The punishment wasn’t cathartic and cleansing, I kept my guard up and he wasn’t able to really get through to me, or I’m still just feeling very guilty and mad at myself. I never thought that maybe there wasn’t enough to it — maybe it wasn’t drawn out enough for me to get in a properly-pentitent frame of mind.

  9. Iris

    Careful, Angie! Don’t let him read this or you might be getting more than you bargained for. 🙂
    No, actually, I’ve found that it doesn’t take much extra to get me into the right place: five or ten with the wooden paddle or a bit more with the hairbrush, and I’m only too happy to give up my anger, guilt, or frustration. There’s something about thinking it’s over and having to take still more that makes me submissive and pliant in a hurry.
    Oh and, Haron? Let us know how your fact-finding mission with the punishment rituals turned out, will you? 😉


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