Too Sweet

Can I just say that spankings really really hurt?  Not just on my bottom, though that's certainly true, but on my ego.  Especially when the spanking wasn't for something I did deliberately, that is something where I thought "I shouldn't be doing this but I'm going to anyway" but because I'm too spacey to remember what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm sitting rather tenderly just at the moment because I'd promised (after a rather epic-ly painful hair-brushing) not to have any sugar for five days.   How long ago had I tearfully promised that?  Less than forty-eight hours ago. 


How did this all start?  Basically it started with Halloween, time of the tasty candy treats.  You see, I can't have very much sugar.  I like it –in the "love" sense of the word "like" but it doesn't agree with my body very well and, in excess (which isn't very much) makes me sick.  Pab and I had agreed a while back that, as a way of limiting my sugar intake, I was to ask him before I ate sweet treats, otherwise I'd be in trouble.  This had worked for a while, but then we'd drifted away from it and a month or two down the road I was making myself ill with sugar.

Soooo, on Thursday after I'd had two total binge days, Pab brought the Horrible Ebony Brush into action, spanking me hard enough that I almost managed to wiggle away.  (He later said it was like spanking an eel.) And then he put lotion on my bottom.  But not the nice cooling kind, but some with aloe and alcohol, good for the skin but stings me like heck.  Between huge gulping sobs afterward I promised not to have any sugar for five days and then for us to go back to the "ask permission" system. 

So today I went out with a friend for Soon Tubu (that's Korean spicy tofu soup) which is one of my very favorite foods so I was feeling pretty good.  We made our usual trip next door to the Korean bakery for "afters".  I bought some bean cookies and some almond cookies (they're sort of like the ones called "cat's tongues" but with sliced almonds pressed into the top, yummy!).  I was sitting having a latte, half way through my fourth cookie, when I remembered my promise. 


Soooo, I got home and confessed.  I tried to make it casually, but it ended up near-tearfully telling him what had happened.  That I'd done it unawares didn't impress him as he's forever trying to get me to be more aware of what I'm doing.  Anyway, I was led into the other room, worrying about spanking and, well, OTHER things.

Now, I didn't tell him this, but the sugar thing is something where the punishment can vary.  Generally it's been spanking, but the mouth soaping thing has been discussed (and used when we were long-distance). Ugh.  I was worried that this was going to be one of those times.  Now, it's not soap-instead-of-spanking, but rather soap-in-addition-to-spanking.  This is probably because when faced with the reality of it, there's not much I wouldn't agree to in order to avoid a punishment spanking.

Happily there was no soap today.  Nor was there hairbrush.  Instead there was the classic straight backed chair, bared bottom, over-the-knee spanking.  It's hard standing there while he unbuckles my belt then unfastens my jeans and pulls them and my panties down.  He used his hand, but his hand is heavy and hard and this was, I think anyway, a long spanking.  When it seemed like it was over it wasn't.  He was just pausing to pull everything down further so he could resume on my (OUCH) thighs. 

What followed was corner-time for me with my bottom still bare.  How long?  I don't know but it seemed like quite a while.  And then there was comfort and the horrible comment that next time, if there was a next time, would be worse. 

Three more days.  I'm sure I can do three more.

8 thoughts on “Too Sweet

  1. Haron

    Oh, poor wee Mija 🙁 I totally know what you mean about doing stuff unawares, because I spent most of my *life* being unaware of things, and it’s a really good way to live, until you get spanked for it. And then it sucks.
    There’s something really scary about your basic chair-lap-bare-bottom-bare-hand spanking, too. Probably it’s that it’s, well, so basic, and crawles deep inside your phyche…

  2. Abel

    How would Pab know what spanking an eel is like? He should be reported to the animal rights people… (? fish rights ?) (!)
    Wonderful turn of phrase (and image!), though.
    Hope your ego and backside are equally recovered 😉

  3. Mija

    I definitely think there’s something basic and scary. It’s also only being supported by the spanker (and the rung of the chair I hold onto) and so feeling completely under their control.
    Abel, I’ve no idea what Pab gets up to with sea life. Still, even if he spanks eels, he doesn’t eat them. Whereas me? ::burp:: ::blush:: Pass the chopsticks and call me “sushi girl.”
    Day 1 has passed sugar and spank-free.

  4. Haron

    For some odd reason I find myself walking around the house, trying to recite: “For each man eats the thing he spanks.”

  5. domino

    thank you for sharing Mija. Mmmm! how excellent of you to confess (I do love the confession bit – LOL! spot the lapsed catholic!) and how very sweet and comforting to be taken in hand like that.

  6. Natty

    D’oh! I was already feeling naughty for eating candy while I blog surfed and now feel really naughty.
    And yeah, though I have a major sweet tooth, my body doesn’t like it much either. Already feeling bloated and sickly. 🙁


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