Grandmas can be dangerous

Lordy my grandma is trying to get me in trouble.

I’ve been slowly feeling better the last few weeks (I’ve been pretty sick for the last six months or so – read this or this if you want details). Last week I was feeling really good after I paid a visit to my acupuncturist/massage therapist/Magic Lady (as A. calls her). I walked five blocks home from the bus stop. Did a load of laundry all by myself (haven’t done that since April!). Even made a pumpkin pie. My grandma called me up thrilled to hear I was feeling better and has decided to help pay for me to see the Magic Lady every week.

Of course, she also expressed concern that I not over do it too much. I told her not to worry. I was being careful to do a little bit, then sit and rest for a bit, then do a little bit more, then rest a bit more. "Besides," I explain. "A. has already warned me about over doing it and accompanied that with a look so stern it made it all the way across the Atlantic and the continent to Oregon."

She giggled at that.

So, an hour or so ago she calls me up to discuss arrangments for her to pay for the Magic Lady and when she asks me how I’m feeling, I yawn and say something about being a bit tired as I didn’t get enough sleep last week.
"Now, didn’t you get a very stern look warning you not to over do it? Hmm?"
I hastily explained that it wasn’t because I willfully over did it, just that my brain finally turned on, and I couldn’t get it to turn off when I would try and go to sleep.

But in my mind I’m thinking, "geesh, woman, you’re going to get me thrashed within an inch of my life!"

3 thoughts on “Grandmas can be dangerous

  1. Mija

    Mine sure is.
    And takes special pleasure in getting other people into trouble. Natty knows coz she’s met her. 🙂 A 99 year old brat if there ever was one.
    Of course, Nana also the one that taught me that lying is okay if it either makes life easier or more interesting. 🙂

  2. Natty

    Yeah, my grandma has a bratty streak to her, but more than anything she and my mom seem to revel in the thought of me being sorta “taken in hand” I guess you could say.
    Which means, she’d sooooo tell on me.
    Probably just like Mija’s Nana. She did seem to have a mischevious glint in her eyes when I met her last spring. 😉
    And I probably learned the art of “what someone doesn’t know, won’t hurt them” from my grandma.
    See. Very dangerous I tell ya!


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