Unexpectedly Upturned

As Pablo and I were getting ready to leave today, him for work and me for a day of studying with a friend in her new office at a nearby university, I started searching for a book.  Not just any book but Methodology of the Oppressed by Chela Sandoval.  It had been recommended as vital to my research by two different people last year.  So naturally I’d ordered it from Amazon and then put it out of my mind.  But today I knew I needed to start outlining it. 

It was missing.  I looked and looked for at least 10 minutes before finally and frantically telling Pablo that my book wasn’t anywhere.  So he started looking too.  We don’t have a very big apartment, but there are many places a book can hide.  Of course when we moved 18 months ago, Pablo spent a long afternoon helping me organize my academic books by a combination of subject and author (I have a LOT of books) so exactly this sort of situation would be avoided.

And yet here I was searching high and low for my book.

As time wore on I started wondering if I’d loaned it to someone and forgotten about doing it.  Or maybe I’d taken it to a coffee house to read and forgotten it. 

Finally Pab found it stuck in the lower corner of the wrong shelf.  I felt so excited and happy (I’d started wondering about having to buy another copy) that I didn’t notice the look he was giving me.  At least not right away.  As I looked up at him in thanks, he nodded and then asked (told!) me to bring him a chair. 


I was shocked.  How shocked?  I did as I was told.  I felt dazed.

It seemed like no time and all and he was seated and unfastening my jeans and pulling down my panties.  And then I was across his lap, my hand gripping the bar of the chair rail for dear life.  My sandals fell off with two quick thuds as the smacking started.  Deprived of the comfort of the floor, my feet kicked in midair and I tried, for a few moments, to be brave.  But then it really started to sting.

This was just with his hand mind you.  But two nights before I’d gotten a rather hard hairbrush spanking for poor spelling (long story, I blame the newsgroup).  This hurt.  There’s something about the otk position that really hurts a lot more.  I feel both silly and small and punished.  I doubt there were many more than 100 smacks.  Still, it hurt and I found myself sniffling when I stood up again, panties at my knees, jeans at my ankles. 

There wasn’t much time for comforting, though I did get hugged, of course.  And a reminder for Pablo as to why this merited a spanking (because books are too important to be treated like that in case you were wondering). 

Last of all was a very strong suggestion that this be written up tonight and posted on the PB.  So here it is. 

11 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Upturned

  1. Haron

    I oughta say that spanking you for bad spelling is, like, a totally transparent excuse to get some action.
    Just sayin’. *whistles innocently*

  2. Mija

    Okay, okay. I know my spelling is terrible. :b~~
    The spelling spanking was a bit involved in that I’d sort of asked for a spanking (though certainly not hard, with a hairbrush or for it to involve spelling in ANY fashion). I’m writing about it because my reaction surprised me. However, it may take another couple of days to get it up here.
    Though this spanking happened AFTER, my post was a command performance and so had to go up last night.

  3. sparkle

    I do sympathize, Mija (really I do!), but I got the paddle *and* the f*cking walnut hairbrush last night for no other reason than I hadn’t been spanked in a couple of weeks.
    It was no punishment, unless it was a punishment just because he could do it. But it still bloody well hurt.
    Still rubbing,

  4. Mija

    Clearly it’s the price you have to pay, sparkle, for being so darn adorable.
    Sorry you’re feeling ouchie though. Since you’re such a good girl, maybe he should give you an extra nice lotioning? (And is lotioning a word? Does it take a verb form?)

  5. Owl

    Aww, poor you, Mija.
    I think Pablo doesn’t understand that you probably put the book on the wrong shelf while you were in a hurry to finish something that he would have spanked you for not doing. 😛 (I hope that sentence made sense… I’m sooo tired!)

  6. sparkle

    Hmm… Mija, and (as Haron implied), spanking you for misspelling must be because you’re so sweet and helpless when you get spanked. Not to mention spanking you for putting a book on the wrong shelf…
    Sheesh. You know I’m an organized freak, but if I got upset everytime a book was misplaced, Chris would spend every other day with his ass up in the air, and *that* is an altogether funny notion.
    Besides, what evidence is there that *you* put the book in the wrong place? Sheesh – even my little girl could have re-arranged them for you!

  7. Molly

    I’ve only met Chris once or twice, but the idea of him spending every other day with his ass in the air struck me as very funny. I think you should sell tickets. (And wouldn’t the blood rush to his, um, head?)

  8. Pablo

    As Mija knows, it wasn’t *exactly* about misspelling. But I do realise that as contributors to this blog you’re somewhat contractually obliged to leap to the defence of the indefensible. Even so, take a moment before buying the propaganda quite so easily.
    (Agree with Molly about Chris, BTW. Though I’m sure he’d find some reason why it was patently unsafe and come over all professional.)

  9. Chris

    I had no idea my butt was so popular. 😉
    And lest you think I’m responsible for every lost book in this house, my dear sparkle oh so casually informed me earlier that she’d “found” two sci-fi anthologies of mine that I wasn’t even aware were lost. Perhaps someone else ought to be in the upturned position.

  10. sparkle

    As you well know, I adore your butt :).
    As far as the missing sci-fi books go, I discovered them on *your* bookshelf, amidst HAZWOP presentations and first aid training binders. They fit in rather well there, of course.
    sparkle :*P


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