Spelling Redux

My previous account hints at an earlier spanking for poor spelling.  Here’s the actual account, finally.

Once upon a time, many many moons ago, in 1997 when Pablo and I first started falling in love via email and posts to ASS, he wrote a story for me called  "Spelling" which was based, in part, on spelling mistakes I’d made in posts and emails to him.

For Christmas the following year he gave me a dictionary.  Though life, mine anyway, sometimes imitates art, the dictionary wasn’t used in the following real life story.

The night before last (okay, it’s been closer to a week… I started
writing this on Wednesday), as we were getting into bed, I somewhat
playfully asked for a spanking, commenting that Jeremy, our small
plushy hedgehog pet (he sleeps at the bottom of the bed under the
covers) had been bored lately and had hoped he’d get to see a spanking
tonight.  I didn’t expect to get one.  Pablo was already in bed (so was
I) plus it was very late *and* I knew we had to get up early the next
day because I had work.

Clearly, I’d forgotten how devoted Pab is to Jeremy’s needs.  As he
came around the bed I quickly commented that it was really too late.
When he took my ear and ‘gently’ pulled me out of bed, I knew I was
getting a smacking, but expected something gentle and fun.  After all,
I’ve been a very good girl lately.

Stop giggling.  I have.

Well, at this point I thought I had anyway. 

Bare bottom and OTK, I felt kind of excited and only a little nervous.  Then Pablo said…

"Spell ‘cappuccino,’ please."

My heart dropped.  I’d asked him how to spell that just the day before. 

He didn’t start smacking, he just waited for me. 

I took and deep breath and launched into an attempt.  And yay!  I got it right.  So no smacks. 

Clearly this was a game.  I swallowed hard.  I’m a terrible speller.
That I’d gotten this word right was a fluke.  And Pablo, well, he’s a
very very good speller.  And ALWAYS notices grammar and spelling
mistakes, though he’s generally too nice ::coff:: to say anything about

"You know, pronouncing a word correctly is half the battle for spelling it right."

Oh god.  This was not going to get easier.  These were to be the words I’ve been mispronouncing and misspelling for a while. 

"Say the world for an amusing story or incident.  It starts with an "A" and ends in "dote."

I said my version of the word. 

The smacks started immediately and I knew I’d gotten it wrong. 

"Wait, wait!"

They slowed.  I tried again.  Wrong again.

"But it has to have the word ‘antic" as its root!"

"Spell it for me."

I tried but was wrong twice more.  My bottom was getting sore.  They
were "only" hand spanks but as I believe I’ve mentioned, Pablo has a
hard and heavy hand.  Finally he said the word for me, slowly and
distinctly.  And I spelled it right.

It’s spelled ANECDOTE in case you were wondering.

"Now spell the word, also beginning with "a" for the star-shaped symbol on the computer keyboard."

Omigod!  I don’t want to bore you, but let’s just say that this one
took even longer than the previous.  I was gasping and starting to cry
a bit by the time my wild guesses coupled with Pab’s ever-so-kind hints
led me to ASTERISK.

"This last one is only four letters.  It starts with the letter "R" and is used in music.  And it isn’t "RIFT."

I was at sea.  The smacks started but I couldn’t think of anything.
They smacking got harder.  Pab would stop if I started trying to spell
something, waiting for my answer,  but now I had none.  Finally, I
blurted something out.

"I don’t *know*!  RISE?"

"No."  The smacking resumed, still harder.

"But I don’t *know*, give me a hint."

"Four letters starting with "R" isn’t enough?  Very well.  The second letter is "I".

And with that he picked up the hairbrush. 


If it had hurt before, it really really hurt now.  And I was running
through random letter combinations in my head as he smacked trying to
find something, anything that made sense.  Not RISE, maybe RISK?  No,
maybe RITE?  I tried everything, finally dissolving into tears.

Pab stopped for a moment. 

"I give up."  I choked out. 

He paused, in a way that *seemed* dramatically, at least to me. 

"The word," he said "which you *mean* to use frequently is RIFF.  Not RIFT, RIFF."

The hairbrush began spanking again, seemingly in great earnestness. 

"Do you think you’ll remember?"

By this time I was crying pretty freely and kicking in a quite serious attempted to escape.

"Oh yes yes yes!  I’ll remember forever."

And I will too.


Normally this wouldn’t seem like the sort of account I’d put up at The
Punishment Book.  But midway through, for me, I suddenly did feel very
badly about how careless I am about spelling when I write.  And how for
people, like Pablo, spelling and grammar mistakes can make reading
something they should be enjoying less enjoyable.  On some level, these
were things that did annoy him because they were things he did notice.

I knew it was play on some level, that he wasn’t doing this with the
intent of embarrassing me or because he was disappointed in me.  And
yet, as he comforted me afterward, I started crying — not from the
pain (that was earlier) but because I felt careless and embarrassed and
(I hate to admit this) relieved that I’d already been spanked for this
now and didn’t need to feel guilty. 

And, of course, it made the spanking less than 36 hours later for misplacing my book all the more painful.

8 thoughts on “Spelling Redux

  1. Wintermute

    Thanks for the nice story, Mija. I’m sorry, but I always
    love reading about you getting spanked with a hairbrush. The
    hairbrush spanking you took at my instigation I will never
    forget (I suggested a product test of the first ebony brush
    you sold on eBay). I seem to recall that it was ten smacks
    on each cheek over the panties and ten on each bare buttock.
    You wrote that you were almost crying at the end.
    I am also a terrible speller. My spelling has improved over
    the years from the use of the Emacs spelling checker which
    suggests words to replace the mispelled one. This has the
    effect of reinforcing the correct spelling. But there are
    still some words that I have a terrible time with, like
    renaissance (I just looked it up with Google, one of the
    great tools for poor spellers). If my bare bottom depended
    on my ability to spell to escape a spanking, I’d just have to
    give up and take my punishment.
    Of course it could be worse: rather than spelling, Pablo could
    do mathematics. I just imagine you, bare bottom over Pablo’s
    knee, trying to remember the formula for the area of a
    circle as the evil hairbrush punishes your bottom.

  2. Dyke Grrl

    Ouch! It’s amazing to me how even a “play” punishment will change my perspective on my behavior.
    As for the spelling: I am a good speller because I’m a kinesthetic learner, and feel how the words are supposed to go in my body. And it does throw me off when there are a lot of misspellings in a post. I’ve come to recognize that spelling isn’t as innate for other people–for me, the word calls up not just itself, but its etymology and cognates, and so it’s *especially* hard when someone uses a homonym, because it calls up the wrong set of meanings in my brain.
    Having said this, now I’m going to be writing all kinds of things rife with misspelled and misused words, naturally. ;p

  3. sparkle

    I’m not sure I could have come up with a four-letter word used in music that starts with an R *without* the hairbrush, let alone with it anywhere near my bottom. I think you did very well for such pressure. πŸ™‚

  4. Haron

    Poor Mija! So wrong of mean ol’ Pab to spank you so hard when all you wanted was a playful spanking. I think “overspanking” should be a spankable offence in itself.

  5. Kendra

    When I first read that question a four letter word that starts with R for music, I thought Rest, but then the second letter was I so I was totally lost πŸ˜›
    That is a creative idea though.

  6. alyse

    wow – ok, i guess, if it was a game..but it seems sorta mean and humiliating (in the bad sense), given that proper language use connotes power, class, and intelligence. i’m a doctoral candidate in english lit, and i know it drives me crazy when people misuse words. BUT (and yes, i am beginning a sentence w/ “but”), it doesn’t mean i should go around making others feel ashamed for being less linguistically savvy – not unless i want to alienate people and come across as a self-important, rigid elitist. people have different strengths – i wonder if you would ever denigrate him for the things he does accidentally that irriate you…

  7. Mija

    First, thanks for your comment and I hope you find reason to hang out here and enjoy. For whatever odd reason there’s a number of us currently writing thesis / dissertations of various sorts. πŸ™‚
    I’ve thought about what you’ve written a lot alyse. Like you, I’m a doctoral candidate in English (though in American lit.). And I can understand why the context of this scene is important to understand.
    The spelling thing (as I was trying to show by pointing to an early bit of fiction by P) has been a playful tease between us since the very earliest part of our relationship. What was partly odd about this scene was that by the end of it I did care about the mistakes I’d made. Normally I just accept that I can’t spell very well without a spell check and leave it at that.
    But the fact is, I can spell better than I do. Sometimes I just don’t bother. And realizing that a lot of people don’t just look past the mistakes was where my embarrassment came from. How long it’s lasted is another question.
    Your comment struck a chord for me because another friend of mine finds P’s tendency to correct my spelling / grammar mistakes to be degrading to me — even if he’s just teasing. Me? I don’t find this sort of thing degrading (unlike say comments about my weight or body *would* be). Mostly I find it playful and just edgy enough to be fun — embarrassing without being humiliating if you like. There is enough guilt in me about my carelessness to make that the right balance and leave me feeling okay with it. So no, I wouldn’t denegrate him, nor would he denigrate me. Not at all and certainly not in scene.
    Would he ever use something I’ve very sensitive about in a play scene? Probably not unless I’d asked (I did do that once in a scene with someone else). What I found interesting about this scene was something that I’m not generally very sensitive about became sensitive for that scene and just afterward.
    Hope this made some sense.


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