Monthly Archives: July 2005

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good

When a girl hasn’t been in trouble since forever, and when she
spends most of her waking time buried between pages of rather dull
academic volumes, her mind naturally turns to mischief.

At least mine does.

So I wonder. What would happen if I:

a) Got the new Harry Potter book
b) Waited just long enough that my friends in less advanced time-zones have their copies, but haven’t got very far in
c) Sent around an email reading (in big, friendly letters): "OMG, have you got to the spanking scene yet?"

Do you think they’d tell?

All This Quiet and Now an Ad?!

ebony-hairbrushI’m going to start by saying I’m sorry.  And yes, I am going to try and sell you an antique hairbrush.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here more. There’s been a lot going on in Pablo and my real lives related to work, immigration frustrations and the like. But the worst is over and I suspect in the next month I’ll have a lot more to say here.

I hope so anyway.

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