FAQ Question 1: Why the blog?

It's been quiet here lately, for reasons I'll get to later.  But in the quiet, someone asked:

"How exactly did the 6 of you meet, discover your joint interest in spanking and decide to set up this blog?"

As Haron says, we met on soc.sexuality.spanking (a usenet group)
where we all either post, or have posted at some point in the last 8 or
9 years (it's an old community by internet standards. We're friends and
of course we knew a lot about each other's personal lives from our

The newsgroup is about spanking, but one thing I learned from it is
that a lot of people into spanking are *not* into punishment, either
for real life issues or even as something to play with. This makes it
hard to talk about the idea of discipline and punishment for real life
stuff there. A lot of time ends up being taken up with explaining What
It Is We Do and also defending it as "real" in some fashion or another.
So we never really get around to talking about how to make it work and
how it might work for other people.

When Pablo and I got married this past year, I started thinking
about how hard it is to work real life discipline and punishment into a
relationship and how often over the years we seem to have disappointed
each other. At times, these disappointments have moved us both away
from even trying. Yet on the other hand, this is such a powerful and
such a right part of both our lives and such a good and positive
connection between the two of us, we have continued to try. As I got to
know sparkle, Haron, Tasha, Natty and Angie, I realized that we weren't
the only people struggling with this issue and how to relate to some of
the DD information out there that seemed oh so not us.  All of us are in disciplinary relationships (or have been) that are long term.  Some of us are married, some of us live with our partner.  Some of us are in long distance relationships.  All of us have done long distance at some point or other and know that pain and frustration.

What I wanted was for us to be able to get together every so often
and talk. However, while a couple of us live near each other, for the
most part we're separated by national boundaries, large land masses and
oceans. And then I realized we could have a blog and maybe other people
would want to talk about this too. Plus, with six of us, I figured
someone would have something at least every week or two.

Enter TypePad and the rest is history. I'm sorry we haven't been
posting a lot lately. Some of us have been ill, dealing with school,
traveling or just being too good (??). So there will be ebbs and flows
in the blog, just like in relationships.

A good thing.

There, aren't you glad you asked?

4 thoughts on “FAQ Question 1: Why the blog?

  1. Natty

    Oh, I liked this summary very much, Mija, and I’m glad you posted it. I think it makes it clearer for the casual reader just what this blog is about. As you point out, a number of people are struggling with the issue of DD or WIIWD 😉 and I was excited to be a part of a discussion with thoughtful, rational women who don’t really have bouts of “feminine misbehavior” articulating their voice on the matter.
    And, with my boyfriend coming in a couple of weeks, as well as a bit more time on my hands these days, I’ll probably be posting a bit more regularly in the days ahead. 🙂

  2. terri

    Mija, when I first found this blog I thought maybe it was just a strange coincidence that I recognized alot of the bloggers names. It was a really pleasant surprise to find that I DID know those names and that they belonged to people I’d known on sss!
    I love the blog, and it’s nice to hear a common theme from all the different perspectives.
    Terri (former sss member tbbrattb)
    ps. aol won’t let me into the newsgroups anymore, do you know if it’s still available?


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