Monthly Archives: May 2005

Like a Virgin

I guess this title makes it sound like my 80s childhood is showing.
But really, it's Tasha's fault.   The title of this entry I mean.  Not
anything else — though now that I think about it, I'm sure someone
could find something to blame her for.  Apparently after eight years of
posting, writing erotica, chatting, not to mention my real life
activities, I've reclaimed my spanko virginity.  My pain threshold is
lower than I ever remember it being.

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Bible Thumpers against Domestic Discipline

My vanilla blog is part of the Progressive Christian Bloggers Network, a collection of blogs in which moral values influence our political and theological views in a rather left of center way. I love to wander among the various blogs in our blogroll as there is often a lot of great writing (and, yeah, some bad writing too), as well as a growing sense of community among those of us who often feel somewhat isolated in our conservative churches.

One of the blogs that I tend to click on often had a post reviewing some recent articles on sex written by Evangelicals, including an article on Domestic Discipline in which the blogger dismissed it as giving men the right to beat their wives.

I gulped. Sort of tensed up as if I’d been caught doing something naughty.

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