Pushing an Elephant Up the Stairs

Lately I’ve been ill a lot, and consequently ended up spending lots of time staring into space, arranging and re-arranging various pieces of work in my head into increasingly scary action plans.

I have quite a lot to do, you see. There’s the thesis. There’s my fiction writing. And there’s something Which Must Not Be Named, but alright, as you’re curious I’ll say it once and never say its name again. *motions for the readers to move their heads closer into the circle* Job search! (There. Now you know. My name is Haron, and I’m terrified of applying for jobs.)

Yeah, anyway. You’ll be pleased to know (I think) that since my last update I haven’t earned any new punishments. The draconian regime has been working (that’s when I haven’t been sneezing my nose off). Yet, it hasn’t stopped me from peering at my work load with eyes wide open in terror. Instead of focusing on every day as it comes, I cower in front of the big picture.

And what do you know? Abel has come up with another cunning plan.

What I need, he decided, is to focus on small results. Every day.

And do you know how he’s planning to make this happen?

From now on the default is that I’m getting a caning every weekday, at 6 o’clock. Unless my report manages to convince him that I’ve done enough during the day to merit a pardon.


We’re starting on Thursday. This’ll give me time to see off the remains of the disgusting cold, and to catch up a bit with mountains of neglected mail, blogging and, um, work.

7 thoughts on “Pushing an Elephant Up the Stairs

  1. sparkle

    Oh. My. God.
    sparkle… ducking and running for cover and suddenly very, very glad she is not Haron ’cause she hates J.S. too.
    P.S. You thought I was scared of the canings, didn’t you? Well, that too. 🙂

  2. Wintermute

    Most of us are terrified of applying for jobs. It can
    be a tough process. I speak from experience. I once
    interviewed wtih Microsoft for two days. The horror,
    the horror! After the first day I felt like giving
    up and flying home. The stories I could tell…
    Perhaps I should do a web page on job interviews
    from hell.
    But I’ve had a few good ones too, where I had an
    opportunity to meet some cool people.
    Be brave! Courage is doing the things we are afraid of.
    I know because I’m afraid of lots of things.

  3. Tasha

    ‘The horror, the horror’ expresses my sentiments perfectly as well. At both things. Though the JS is far more terrifying than any punishment! My thoughts are with you in this new cruel regime. *shudder*

  4. domino

    You are a very lucky girl my dear, having a husband so ready to help you focus 🙂
    I can’t wait to hear what happens tonight 🙂
    (and just so you won’t feel you are the only caned girl 🙂 you might find it some consolation to know I spent a considerable amount of time last weekend being caned by possibly the most adept and heavy caner I have ever waggled my derriere at, and there is the distinct possibility of having that repeated tomorrow night
    What? That *didn’t* console you

  5. jamie

    My boyfriend/Dom is 27 years older then me and plays the parts of lover and daddy so well. I realize some people my find that offensive but between to adults who love each other it isn’t a problem.He treats me as his g/f most of the time but when i am feeling the need for some disciplne I know he will fulfill my wishes, also on days when I am bad tempered or out of control he will decide a spanking is necessary to help me focus. He spanks me on the bare, otk and usually with his hard firm hand, occassionally with the paddle. It hurts, I cry, but then its done and I’ve learned from it. I love him, he makes my life complete


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