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I have been instructed to write an introduction. This is a good thing — when I’m instructed to write I’m much more likely to do it. I respond well to assignments.

But, I feel kind of dumb trying to start this. Um … I’m Angie. Hence the user name. I live in Raleigh, NC with my boyfriend of almost one year (February 7th marks our anniversary). His name is Dave. I’m not really supposed to call him David, but I love to. It means "beloved" and I find that very fitting.

When he and I met I was at this point in my life where I basically just wanted to give up on the scene.

Truth is, I’ve been at that point several times, but I never actually "give up."  I just whine a lot, generally. But, I’d been through the ringer over a three year period. First with Andrew — my first "real dom" — who I’d been in a pseudo-relationship with for close to two years before that came crashing down around me. With him, though, I learned a lot about myself — what I wanted, what I didn’t want, what my kink entailed, and, ultimately, how resilient my heart really is. Mostly though, I learned about domestic discipline and decided that’s what I truly wanted out of this "scene."   From Andrew I moved on to a rather famous "player" in the scene, and became … obsessed is such an ugly word … let’s just say "enchanted" with him. We were very close friends prior to meeting, spoke every day on the phone, and had very similar desires kink-wise. I flew to California to meet him last November. We barely talk now, though we do consider each other friends. You can fill in the middle however you want. Then there was one experience with a guy who couldn’t have possibly told me more lies if he’d tried. The best one was when his aunt died. Poor lady — according to the obituary online she’d already been through that experience three months before. I guess mountain-folk really do have it bad.

So, I was taking a break. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t trust my heart anymore to know it when it was in front of me. I decided to just play around — go to IRC and laugh at the people who say things like, "Hi E/everyone. How are Y/you all doing?"  And there was this chat room set up for NC/SC/VA Spanking Singles or something to that effect. I wandered in, and there was Dave. His screen name was PadleAndSoap. He sent me a private message and I asked him if he realized his name was spelled wrong or if he meant to do it that way. I was simultaneously chatting with a guy who asked why I liked spanking and I said, "It’s just a part of my psyche at this point." To which the man responded, "Wow … a girl with a psyche. I know we’ll get along."  When I told PadleAndSoap about it and he said, "OMFG what an idiot!" I knew it was meant to be. Hours on the phone over the next two weeks, and then I drove to Raleigh to meet him February 7th. I was going to stay with my brother nearby. A few hours with Dave and I never wanted to leave. We spent that weekend together. Then the next one. Then almost every other one until I moved here two months ago.

And now, I’m living my dream relationship. We have a domestic discipline agreement. There are things I want to work on – – rules I feel I should follow, mostly having to do with taking better care of myself. When they are broken I’m punished. Well, lately I’m not punished very much but I’ve been all over the board with my rules. So, we’re both learning that it’s a give and take situation and sometimes it’s just as hard for him to muster up the gumption to punish me as it is for me to take it. I never really expected it would be that way. I thought he’d be all gung-ho to spank me whenever. I’m learning that he doesn’t really LIKE to see me cry, and now I want to be a good girl for more reasons than just not getting a spanking.

Obviously, there’s a lot more I can say. But, I’m going to leave it here for now. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this. There’s definitely one experience that I *need* to write about and I wasn’t quite sure of the forum I would use. Now, Mija’s made one. 🙂  Sorry if I rambled …

5 thoughts on “All About Angie

  1. Natty

    LOL — I love your description of IRC channels. My boyfriend and I met on one also, but we still have friends we chat with there, giving us plenty of opportunities to laugh at all the silly things people do. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to post a conversation with someone I had on there a couple of weeks ago. Funny as hell.
    Great intro. 🙂

  2. sparkle

    IRC is such a funny place, isn’t it? I frequently spend my online time half-listening to a ‘spanking’ chat room that rarely discusses spanking – probably because most of the people who visit regularly actually have met (and played) and enjoy human (and humane) friendships with each other beyond the channel.
    My personal favorites are the guys who come in a channel and private message every nick with, “Hi I’m nick. r u m or f?”

  3. darcy

    I love these new weblogs. They are a great way to really express the way you feel about our “unusual” life style. The only people I ever communicate with about domestic disciple is over the net and this a great way to learn about other people with similar experiences. Noone that knows me in the real world could fathom that I am disciplined on a regular basis. I was introduced to adult corporal punishment by an elderly woman a few years ago. She was my best friend and “tutor”, so to speak, for several years. It was not long after met that I found out about her unusual way of putting her point across. I spent about 2 years under her tutalage. We are still best friends. Now I am in a serious relationship a great man. He is kind, respectful, but very strict:).
    Please keep writing! I love hearing about others experiences.

  4. Tasha

    Good for you, Angie. It sounds like a long, strange trip, but you’re where you want to be now and that’s all that matters. Bad experiences help shape us as much as good ones.

  5. Abbie

    “To which the man responded, “Wow … a girl with a psyche. I know we’ll get along.”
    BWAHAHA! What a weirdo.


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